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(lively jazzy music)
- [Narrator] Welcome to Rochester, New York.
The home of Kodak Eastman,
(camera clicks)
situated on Lake Ontario,
and creator of the finest delicacy
in all the land.
(phone rings)
- [On Phone] Hey, can I have a plate
with all the garbage on it, please?
- [Narrator] That my friends is the Garbage Plate
and let me tell you,
it is glorious.
- My name is Alex Tahou.
My grandfather invented the original Garbage Plate,
called Hots and Potatoes,
and my father perfected the real Garbage Plate.
- [Narrator] At this point, you're probably wondering,
what this so-called Garbage Plate is.
And I'll tell you.
A garbage plate is--
- Let me handle this.
The Garbage Plate starts with your choice of sides,
from home fries, french fries,
macaroni salad or beans.
Then you pick your meat,
hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers,
whatever's on the menu.
Then you add your toppings,
from mustard, onions and hot sauce,
ketchup and Red Hot is optional.
Then add two pieces of Italian bread and butter,
and you're all set to go.
Over the years, we've had a lot
of different kind of Garbage Plates.
We actually had our sardine plate years ago.
I don't think you can get much crazier than sardines.
(sizzling) (enchanting music)
The best part of this business is, of course, the customers.
Without them, we'd be nothing.
The place was established to give people a lot of food
at a reasonable price.
For years people have come in here hungry
and didn't have any money.
My father always fed them.
- [Narrator] That's really sweet Alex,
but let's get back to the garbage,
because I'm really wondering,
how many calories are in a plate?
- [Alex] I really don't know.
Some people have said 3,000.
I don't think it's that high,
but I guess I'd have to be a nutritionalist to tell ya.
But I will say this is the only place
you can get a Garbage Plate.
Any other plate in Rochester is a copycat.
We trademarked it, so now, it's world famous.
- [Narrator] Trademarking garbage?
(digital jingle)
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Have a Bite of the Garbage Plate

63 Folder Collection
published on February 8, 2020
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