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(upbeat electronic music)
- [Narrator] Welcome to Lima,
the only Latin American capital facing the ocean,
a culinary North Star in South America.
The cuisine draws influence from both the land and the sea.
And we're here to explore, of course, the street food.
In the neighborhood of Surquillo you'll find
a one-man band cooking some of the best seafood in town,
it's a dish with a serious kick.
(exciting music)
(speaks in a foreign language)
Head toward the neighborhood of La Punta in Callao
and meet Juan Hernandez,
a fishmonger turned sandwich-maker-extraordinaire.
(speaks in a foreign language)
Back in Surquillo we're at the stand of Mrs. Chinén
who makes a Peruvian classic you cannot afford to miss.
(speaks in a foreign language)
For those with a sweet tooth we head to eat
a dessert made from corn, purple corn.
(speaks in a foreign language)
Finally, we're in the traditional neighborhood of Magdalena,
at a hidden stand serving a dish
that might might you rethink the humble potato.
(speaks in a foreign language)
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5 of the Best Street Food Finds in Lima

50 Folder Collection
published on February 8, 2020
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