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I did end up going back to Sanrio Puroland
This is what happened
Almost we seeing the lights are on this time
I see the giant Gudetama you see the things this is so exciting. There are a lot of children around
We are all going to
Sanrio Puroland
Do you see it in the distance
It is our destination
Follow the children follow them don't follow them. That's creepy. Please don't follow the children
the day has come
It looks so open this time
Smells so good
You not *laugh*
Am in Gudetama Land like
you literally get your passport to go and visit Gudetama Land and
Everything is Gudetama whole lot of photo spots like this little spot here
Which is my favorite it so far, and I'm basically having the time of my life
I didn't realize that Sanrio Puroland and was like so intensely theme park perfectly cool
Like it's really brilliant. I really like this place
Help me.
This is my new favorite part is the Gudetama cafe
and it's cafe alley
It's so cute Oh my Gosh
Why do they not make this at the real cafe
Hey, I'm here for this I am here for this, but I can't find any of the goods, they have a Gudetama
tamagotchi is here
Oh, there's no way
I'm gonna buy them because I would kill it and feel really sad
Not on purpose just because I'm me
Gudetama toilet paper just what we need
we finally found the Yuri on ice corner
and this is
This is all that's left
This is the store and this is Yuri on ice section, I am so sad
So it turns out a lot of the items are sold out became a bit too late.
Oh man like almost all of them are sold out
so in this huge Sanrio goods store
There's only a tiny little bit of Yuri on ice stuff and in this huge amazing theme park is amazing
There's only a character you can meet wearing Yuri on ice t-shirt
So I think we missed the best of the stuff so this is kind of a repeat of last time except
I mean this place is really gorgeous. It's really wonderful. It's just really really crowded
It's really great for kids so if you have kids
Like 100% if you have kids come to this place because it is
So good for kids they have amazing games and photo spots and stuff like that, but I think
Since I've already seen the Gudetama and Gudetama world.
I don't feel like I need to see everything
Because I really came for Yuri on ice, and there was not much
But it's okay.
This expresses how I'm feeling at the moment
I'm ready to go home
creepy tunnel of the day #creepytunneloftheday
in Japan hashtag, Japan #japan
Japanese Street over the day with car
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visiting gudetama land

46 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on February 5, 2020
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