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Do you enjoy classical music?
Perhaps classical music is very...
It might evoke certain connotations
of luxury,
high class.
And that is exactly why
brands will use classical music
to convince you to pay a lot of money!
Ching ching!
(both) Ching ching!
Today we will be watching
some interesting ads and other
that we have found from
luxurious brands that have tried to use classical music
in order to...
I don't know, I guess portray this sense of classiness?
- Except they've kind of just failed really badly. - I know, right?
- Not to say classical music isn't classy, - Yeah.
but if you're going to use music to promote your brand,
you should probably do it right.
- So let's have a look, and get right into it. - Okay.
Was that supposed to be clever or something? Like...
No, I actually, I...
I should find the, um...
The caption.
It makes more sense.
I don't know how to pronounce it, don't roast me.
First of all, it's one note.
That's like saying...
you paint a artwork and it's just black,
and be like, "It's colorful."
'Cause black is a color.
Apart from the kind of,
overly cheesy, I get it.
Copyrighters are trying to sell
- this thing, make it sound like a symphony. - Yeah, it makes sense.
I mean...
It's freaking 20 seconds.
- No symphony is 20 seconds. - Yeah.
That aside...
They're trying to— What was it?
"Pay tribute to the sound of two glasses,"
which is a G sharp.
Let's just all listen to it again, shall we?
That's flat.
The piano and the glass weren't in tune!
And not to mention, the note that is generated
is determined.
Determined by the shape of the glass
- and how much water is inside it. - Yeah.
- It's got nothing to do with cognac. - To do with the...
- It could be any note! - It could've been any note!
Oh, they put a bit more,
If they want a G sharp, they should've tuned it properly,
by putting a bit more, or put a bit less.
Guys, I'm gonna tune the A sharp.
- The A sharp, uh... - Bubble tea.
Alright guys, welcome to the uh...
Hello guys, this is the newest...
symphonic melody...
artisanal design.
For bubble tea.
B sharp. So...
It goes to a C.
Look, if you're gonna make a
one-note prelude, leading up to the final note of G sharp,
you better make sure that G sharp's in tune!
Oh nice melody there, Brett!
Okay, we're going a bit hard, but!
Get it right!!
I wanna look at the comments.
Cognac, you underestimated
- the musical education of people on Instagram. - Yeah, come on guys.
Look, they just shouldn't have used that, to be honest.
All right, next one.
Oh, god!
Eddy: What is that?!
Hey, Ben Lee.
If you can have a 1.5 million dollar karat violin...
Why not spend an extra $2250 on a...
Brett: 2054 crew...
Dude, this looks so wrong!
Dude, it looks pixelated.
Dude, why is it so pixelated? Is this a joke?
Brett: Let's go through the actual—
Where is the other photo?
- Dude... - Dude that's so pi...
The B flat! F sh... F flat!
It's supposed to be an E flat!
Who designed this?
- There's so many things wrong with it. - Louis Vuitton, who did you get to design this?
It's not sound design,
and it's not a record club,
'cause this would not go on any recording in history.
Eddy: Dude, why is there a rest above the stave
in the back of this shirt?
It looks horrible.
If you see anyone wearing this,
- they're definitely not a musician. - Why is there a vivace
- between the first and second stave? - Yeah.
- Brett: Dude... - Eddy: In the end of a bar?
Brett: Why is there a rest there,
quaver rest, and two semiquavers,
and below it's just a crochet?
It's not even aligned properly.
- Theory 101, I think... - Music alignment.
Whoever designed this needs to go to music class.
Get it right!
Eddy: Dude, why is the bass clef B flat and A flat??
- I know, it's so bad. - No no, is that a B flat and A flat?
Yeah, it's A flat. It's A flat.
- Brett: Oh no, that's a D flat and A flat. - Eddy: D flat, D flat and A flat.
Oh, that F flat is so bad.
Why is it so pixelated??
It looks like someone just, um...
Went on Avid Sibelius composer,
- like the software, - Yeah, and went like...
- pressed a bunch of buttons, - Yeah.
- and then screenshot it, - Yeah.
- realized the screenshot is low resolution, and went, - Yeah.
- Eddy: And then just enlarged it and like, - Brett: Yeah, it's just like,
- printed it on the shirt. - "Hmm..."
"Classy. I like it."
"Psh, they won't know!"
- Dude... - Dude, this is not good.
They don't know how to make musical merch.
If you want real music fashion,
- go to TwoSet Apparel. - Yeah!
Don't be fooled by this and pay 20...
- 54... - Whatever.
Look, if it was done really well and proper, maybe,
but holy crap.
Maybe not.
Eddy: What does it say? It says...
- Eddy: "Pia..." "Optional piano"? - Brett: "Optional," "cinderbells," "chimes," and "piano."
Can I try and play it?
Oh wait, I can't 'cause it's like, four semiquavers in 12/8.
It doesn't even make sense.
- Dude, the second, the second... - Compound time.
- It's 12/6. - line has two semiquavers,
- the first one has three. - That's what I mean.
- But then it looks like it's connecting to a triplet. - Yeah.
And then bottom line has a crochet and a quaver already,
- as rests, so that it's just... - And then...
- It's not aligned! - And then... It's so many things.
The staves on the bottom line should be going down, not up.
- Yeah. - Excuse me, thank you very much.
Everyone has studied music and theory.
Grade 2— Grade 1,
- when you begin, you learn that... - Wait, is that true?
You learn that the stave goes down.
- You sure? - Yes.
- Oh yeah, that's right. - That's right, yeah.
Sorry, I had a moment of blank...
- That's so... - "mp" is like, at half a beat before the next bar.
And why is it at the bottom?
It should be between the stave, if it's a two-lined stave.
- "Sound design and record club." - Come on.
- Yo... - There's a correlation between
fastest playing, sacrilegious, and...
this jumper right here.
Alright, last one.
Apple Watch ad!
- I think you showed me this one. - Yeah, I know. It's so bad.
It's so bad.
You ready?
I'm not ready.
So even the internet's not ready.
Yeah, the internet's like, "No guys,
are you sure you want to watch this?"
- Eddy: Dude, look at how curled his pinky is! - Brett: Ohh, it's like...
That's like, playing on the note!
- Ohh... - Oh, wow.
- I don't think you're meant to do that - - Oh, that's enough!
We already know what's gonna happen.
But let's just watch it anyway.
- "Timing is everything!" - "Timing"—!
The irony!!
Wow, wow.
Oh, let's just let that sink in!
Timing is everything, guys.
When he was checking, the beat was so off.
It was so uncoordinated.
In case you didn't hear, it was uncoordinated,
The rhythm was off.
Talk about multitasking at its worst.
Alright, like, if you went like...
Whatever. But he was like...
This is art, guys.
And then...
- Why is his middle finger...? - It's like, stuck.
- Guys, I'm... He's like... - Dude, he's giving us a rude finger.
He gave us a rude finger while playing the piano,
he was like...
I know!
(both) Oh, man.
Alright guys, thank you so much for watching.
Thank you for the support.
We'll see you guys next time.
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When Luxury Brands Try Using Classical Music To Look Classy (but fail horribly)

38 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on February 4, 2020
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