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I just got off the train.
Hello? Who's that?
It's me. I'm at the station.
Where are you?
Home. You?
We agreed to meet at the station.
Something came up.
I was gonna pick up the suit then catch the 12:40 train back to London Waterloo East.
Don't worry, you'll still make it.
Just come to my place.
So, where is it?
Walk down the main road for a bit, then up that street that goes to the left-ish, it's where the buses always go.
Turn at the roundabout.
And you'll soon be at my place.
Which one is the main road?
I'm on the corner of Brickley Street and Leahurst Road, the southwest corner.
Yeah, down the main road.
It's the one with the kebab shops on it.
Okay, down Brickley Street.
Which direction?
Away from the station.
So, I come out of the station, through the main exit, and one of the ticket offices, so I come onto the main road.
Do I turn left or right?
Let me think.
Do I turn towards the kebab center or the city grill?
Yes, the one with the red sign.
So, walk for about five minutes, turn left-ish at the new house they built last year, the one with the big round thingies on it.
And call me once you're past the roundabout.
Just tell me the post code.
I already missed the 12:40 train.
It's SE6 7PP.
Thanks. I'll see you in... eight minutes.
Please walk to the Southwest corner of Brickley Street and Leahurst Road.
Now walk down the main road for a bit, then up that street that goes kind of left-ish.
It's where the buses always go.
Take a turn at the roundabout, and you'll soon be at your destination.
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Directions (Short Comedy Sketch)

294 Folder Collection
Mayu Okuuchi published on February 4, 2020
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