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Five Nights at Freddy's Series (Episode 3)
This is the place.
You know what is required of you. Go on!
Good morning.
No... NO! Don't come any closer!
Oh, come on, stop whining with fear!
If I wanted to kill you, wouldn't I have already done that?
Eh... Wha... Then what do you want from me?!
Look at yourself... You work at construction sites for peanuts.
Do you think something will change in your life?
Do you think someone will help you to achieve something bigger?
No! Because everyone doesn't care about you.
Those people in the city are looking down on people like us.
They throw stones at you, if they suddenly want to have fun.
But... Very soon...
You and me will show them which of us is really helpless and weak.
I think you will like your new look.
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463 Folder Collection
stormbreaker443 published on February 2, 2020
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