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  • You finished a project with a team member, and they were outstanding.

  • And as the good manager you are, you give them this compliment,

  • "I appreciate how collaborative you were on that project!"

  • First, I want to acknowledge you for acknowledging them.

  • I want to offer you just a slight change in language to make that compliment even more powerful.

  • Instead of complimenting from a place of your opinion, "I think," or "I appreciate this about you,"

  • I want you to make it a statement of fact. "You are..."

  • Here's how it works: Instead of, "I appreciate how collaborative you are," try, "You are collaborative," or better yet, "You are a powerful partner."

  • Big difference, right?

  • Not only will you make that person feel amazing, but you will help them see a truth in them that they may not have seen themselves.

  • And who doesn't want to give a gift like that?

  • Here's your challenge: Today - yes, today - I want you to powerfully acknowledge somebody in your life using "You are..." statements and then talk about it in the comments below.

  • How did they respond, and how did it make you feel?

  • Acknowledgement doesn't cost a thing, but the impact is so great.

  • And now it's my turn.

  • For those of you who are watching right now, you are worth it.

  • You are a learner.

  • You matter.

  • And remember, play fully brave!

You finished a project with a team member, and they were outstanding.

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Manager Minute or Two! - Powerful Compliments

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    Courtney Shih posted on 2022/05/24
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