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- Aw, you got me tearing up.
[pop music]
It's very Elle Woods today.
Hey it's Tiffany Young here.
1,638 of you took a survey about me.
This is the Tiffany Young fan survey
[bin drops]
I am nervous.
My fans have been with me for a long time.
The bond is real which is why I know
they're gonna crack some jokes too so
bring on the humor.
They're just gonna keep it real.
My fans are real.
I'm ready.
Fan breakdown.
How old are the fans who took this survey?
I had a fan who got a tattoo that said the oldest sone,
I think he was a gentleman in his like 60s.
So maybe,
in your 60s?
The youngest I think...
Maybe 10.
The average age I think 18 to 25.
The most common I'd have to say
would be my demo [laughter]
The oldest was 50.
I was close.
The youngest was 11.
The average age was 23 and the most common was 22.
I think that was pretty close.
It's very important to know your demo.
[paper crumpling]
Thank you, next.
- [Interviewer] How many countries have you performed in?
- Ooh, I lost count.
I mean all over Asia, North America, at least...
I can count at least like nine or ten.
I have not been to South America yet.
I'd love to go South of the Boarder.
I started out in K-pop so I am, for sure,
the majority of my fans are in Asia,
but hoping to take over the world
and take it to the moon.
The United States 378 people,
Australia 24 people,
Indonesia 192 people,
South Korea 42 people,
Malaysia 132,
Philippines 285,
Taiwan 18,
Thailand 87,
Vietnam 30.
I guess collectively, it is Asia but like,
the United States and the Philippines have a pretty good
similarity of numbers so...
This one I'm gonna safely tuck underneath my chair.
Inside Tiffany's mind.
Ooh, I've had way too many colors.
I would dye my hair for every new album era.
When I feel like I've graduated this kind of mood,
or time, or fashion that I am kind of into at the moment
and I went from platinum blonde earlier this year
to going back to my roots.
It is a lot more convenient.
My favorite?
Platinum blonde.
I had a lot of fun being blonde.
I would love to try pink hair but I am a little scared
that it's too much 'cause I do like pink in general
and like I don't wanna look like the wall right now.
But I did love Gwen Stefani's No Doubt era,
where she had like the fuschia hair at the ends
and things like that so I'm thinkin about it.
They're very open.
There are times where they're like wow you did that
but I think they're actually just like
recognizing that like I wanna change, and grow,
and show different sides of me so thanks. [kiss]
519 of you said pink.
Yes [whispered] [snapping]
306 said brown slash dark brown,
216 people said red, 111 said purple,
and 21 of you said rainbow.
Seems like everybody is rooting for pink.
And I had this one time where I was red
for about a good year and a half.
Yeah it was a lot.
So I don't know if I would go back to red
but I am open to pink and the rainbow.
[paper crumpling]
Music break.
My favorite video would have to be
the Run for Your Life video.
There was something so magical about the energy
when writing the song,
and then putting the visuals together,
and mood-boarding,
and then coming together with the choreographer
and the dancers.
Just the whole process of that song
is really really dear to my heart
and it is the opening number to the tour.
That song immediately just changes the way I walk
and the way I stare at the camera so
that would be my favorite song
and I hope anybody listening to it does the same thing.
I think they're gonna say Into the New World
because that was like the beginning, the first song ever
and just baby Tiffany's in that video.
I don't really know her anymore.
But yeah we still love her
and I think they're gonna choose that one.
Magnetic Moon 285 of you, Lips on Lips 263,
Teach You 252, Born Again 237,
I just Wanna Dance 123.
We need to talk more music.
[paper crumpling]
- [Interviewer] And then we'll show you
what they thought you would say.
- Oh this is their favorite.
- [Interviewer] This is their favorite.
- I'm just kidding.
I need to keep this in consideration.
Here I am thinking you don't know my favorites.
What you like.
Born Again 240, Magnetic Moon 228 people,
Run for Your Life 201, Runaway 141,
and Teach You 132 people.
My second favorite would be Born Again
so that's relatively close.
I'm learning new things today.
Let's see.
Compare and contrast.
I can give you more Moon energy.
I like all of these but if I had to pick a favorite,
Run for Your Life is my current favorite
but I think they're into all the,
the dancing and the moon phases so...
I will find time to channel more moon energy.
I think if I was a plant, I would be a lotus flower.
Put me through any mud
and lake and I'll still bloom.
I do a lot of visualization before I go on stage
and the animal I've been channeling these days are
a lioness or a panther.
Like strong, and sleek, and always in their element,
and just very smooth, and fierce eyes.
And food?
I don't know.
I'd like to be ice cream.
Loved by all.
I think they're gonna know that I'm gonna say ice cream.
456 of you said rose or a flower,
414 of you said dog or puppy,
Mmm I've upgraded.
108 of you have said ice cream,
30 of you said kimchi.
"She would be a rainbow eucalyptus tree.
Not only do they have a beautiful rainbow bark
which matches Tiffany's vibrant personality and work,
but they also give a nice fragrance.
They are primarily found either in the Philippines
or parts of Hawaii, California, or Florida.
Like Tiffany, they are very distinct, rare,
and memorable to all who encounter her."
That's so sweet, and that's so descriptive,
and detailed, and specific.
I love when they give so much detail. [kiss]
I am now a eucalyptus tree.
[papers fall to the floor]
In the clouds.
I love Kacey Musgraves's album and Miley Cyrus's album.
I would love to kind of explore country music.
I would love to collaborate
with a Latin artists if possible.
There's lots of pop and K-pop collaborations happening
and I would love to actually collaborate
with a Latin artists as well so
K-pop and Latin pop coming together I think would be
such an amazing moment.
They're gonna snap for me.
They're gonna yell yes!
K-pop and Latin pop come together!
It says Indie, R&B, Rap, Jazz, Rock,
Blues, Regge, Funk, Country, EDM, Hip Hop,
you know I was actually gonna say rock in the beginning,
that was my instinctual answer
because on tour, I felt like I would love to rock out to
like a Queen song maybe.
I've done a lot of like choreography
and like very very blocked choreography
throughout different tours,
but this show was really really letting the emotions
and the instruments take over
and I moved in a different way
and I think my fans saw it.
But Rock, Country, Funk, Regge, EDM, Hip Hop, Indie.
I mean I'm down for anything.
I love to experiment with sounds.
I hope my music makes them feel...
I think that's what music was for me
whether it was finding a way to smile,
or finding a way to just fight through a moment,
or just feel good.
I really hope to do the same
the way music has touched my soul so,
I hope my fans are feeling empowered these days.
Right in the middle.
It says, Loved, Alive, Proud, Empowered,
Happy, Inspired, Confident, Comforting, Euphoric,
Motivated, Uplifted.
Okay I'm doing my job right.
This has definitely been
the most important part of creating for me.
Especially in this new chapter here,
on my solo career, that I write music for all moods,
and all ages and for all emotions.
[whispered] Good bye.
Hopes, dreams, and fears.
Oh no.
The one that immediately comes to mind,
I have a fish eye phobia.
When I was growing up,
I had both of my grandparents living with me
and one of my grandparents made it a thing,
I don't know if it's Korean or Asian, probably,
but he was also a doctor so he'd be like you can trust me,
you have to eat the fish eyes.
It's good for you.
And that traumatized me.
And for me, what's ironic is
my favorite Disney princess is Ariel
so I can't really watch the scenes when she's under the sea
which is when she uses her voice, I know it's weird.
And then I just don't like anything that's like
side-eying me.
- [Interviewer] The fish eye thing
something your fans would know about you?
- Oh yeah.
They've pranked me so many times.
- [Interviewer] No.
- I've said this so many times,
do not mess with somebody's phobia, it's serious.
They made a gigantic fish pillow and threw it on stage.
I screamed.
I got a kick out of it but
karma's gonna get you.
I'm gonna do this upside down.
Ooh, good thing I put these down.
723 of you, which are correct,
I do not need to see this.
And can you like...
- [Interviewer] You can crumple it up
and throw it away if you want.
- And you can like, what's it called,
blur it out on the video
so when I'm watching I don't start screaming again.
You were correct.
327 of you said bugs.
You're right, I hate bugs.
I start saying bugs like I'm rapping or something
when I see a bug.
I'm like bug bug bug bug bug bug
and that turned into a meme early on in my career.
They called me the bug rapper.
Every time I see a bug now
I'll just sing in different scales,
bug bug bug bug bug bug bug bug bug.
63 of you said spiders.
I do not like spiders but when there is a moment
when somebody needs help and you need to show courage,
I can kill it for you.
I had an episode recently with my stylist
where she had gigantic spiders in her house
and they all just came, like sprawling out
and I still killed it.
- [Interviewer] So you overcame it.
So maybe you can overcome the fish one.
- Mm I tried.
I tried the fish one and it's still not working
but spiders I've gotten better.
Maybe it's 'cause of all the Spiderman I've been watching.
Okay the next one is babies.
I am not afraid of babies.
I just don't like to step in when I'm not needed
or bother anybody's energy, including angelic babies.
I'm not afraid of babies.
I know there's just only one of you.
So cute.
One of you said a-
oh ooh that one's scary.
Somebody said a pear.
- [Interviewer] Do you like pears?
- Yes I do, I like Korean pears.
It's more like round, and beige, and like matte.
Very chic.
What does Tiffany mean to you?
What my fans mean to me.
I just finished my show yesterday
and I saw them and I'm just,
wherever I go, they make it feel like home.
So they are home to me.
I feel like we're always connected
and that no matter what it is,
where we are, we still connect
and we just know each other without even saying anything.
Like it goes beyond the language and the way we-
like we've come together throughout the years.
My fans have definitely been home for me.
Every time I see them.
"She's like a friend that's studying
at a University out of state.
Even though she's far away at times,
you hear from her often and are happy she's happy.
She's loyal and will try her best to be there
as an artist for fans even though she herself
has so much on her plate."
I was in Korea full time but now I'm in the US full time.
So I think some of my fans feel like
we're in a long distance relationship.
But I think we're at a wonderful time
where we're communicating 24 hours on a day,
sometimes way too much on social media,
but I'm just so thankful that
we are at a time like that you know.
I'm never too far.
Another fan said, "an inspritation.
Especially as a rising name in not just the Asian community,
but in the Asian-American community.
I grew up in such a homogenous place,
where the only Asian women icons I had
were Milan or Maggie Q.
Tiffany has stepped fully into the role
of someone who embraces both the Asian and American
sides of her identity without shedding either one."
That's beautiful and it is an honor.
And yeah, I take a lot of
pride in that.
Growing up, I felt the same way.
And I hope it's not just, it isn't just me,
there's so many amazing Asain-American artists
who are really really trailblazing the way right now
and I hope we empower one another from here.
Another fan said, "she's the biggest, brightest star
to someone's really dark, cold, and scary night."
Aw you got me tearing up.
I botched so many of these,
like we were laughing and things like that,
but thank you so much for choosing such special things.
I had so many fans travel across from Asia
for this North American tour
and then so many American fans travel across
when I was on tour in Asia.
I mean that's just been my goal since the beginning,
bringing worlds together
and just embracing all the differences
and all the different sides of you.
I'm just happy to be able to share and do that.
This is making me emotional.
[papers hit the floor]
- [Interviewer] What surprised you the most
out of everything we went over.
- Their favorite videos
and what they thought my favorite video was gonna be
was a little surprising.
But then again, Run for Your Life,
it hasn't been that long since it's been out
so I feel like they're still used to
and they did get my second favorite video
which is Born Again right.
So we're getting there.
I think we're learning new things about each other.
I would've not guessed that
Magnetic Moon was their favorite video.
Learn new things everyday.
Thank you to all the fans from all over the world
who have taken the survey
and have just been through everything
on this journey with me.
I think we are just getting started
and we are doing some amazing things together
and I can't wait to create more magical memories
and take our hopes and dreams to the moon.
Until next time.
I'm gonna go cry now.
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Tiffany Young Guesses How 1,638 Fans Responded to a Survey About Her | Teen Vogue

36 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 31, 2020
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