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  • new Clint Barton Hawkeye story.

  • It's about Clint realizing that things aren't quite working

  • the way he wants them to.

  • Meanwhile, there's a brand new Ronin in New York

  • who's terrorizing the streets.

  • And no one knows who it is, and all of Clint's friends

  • think it's him.

  • It's just making his life much more difficult.

  • And both of them are kind of going

  • after The Hood, who is a very dangerous

  • crime lord in New York City.

  • So it's kind of the collision of all three of them

  • as they all come at these problems in the city

  • from different directions.

  • It was very important to me to get Bucky back in the book,

  • so Bucky's in it, the Falcon, Black Widow, Spider-Man.

  • They're his friends and co-workers.

  • So Otto Schmidt is drawing and coloring the book.

  • He's amazing.

  • His characters are so expressive and so full of life and energy

  • and so cool looking.

  • We were really looking for an artist who would capture

  • the personality of Clint and just the characters

  • in his orbit in a really engaging way,

  • and he does that really, really well.

  • I think he is the selling point of the book honestly.

  • I think Otto's work when people see it,

  • their minds are going to be blown.

  • He's sort of a great entry point into the Marvel universe

  • in a lot of ways because he is the every man.

  • It's the classic Hawkeye shoot first

  • and figure out what you're going to do later kind of story.

  • It's an action book, and there's a big mystery of who Ronin is.

  • We're giving you more Hawkeye content

  • that you'll hopefully love.


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