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Rock, paper, scissors is an ancient game of cunning and chance.
If only there was a way to improve those chances.
Turns out there are a few key strategies.
The game is mainly about predicting and reading your opponent.
So, what if you could predict their first hand?
Research has shown that there is a slight preference for people to begin by playing rock.
There are different theories about why.
It could be because it is mentioned first in the name of the game, or it could be because rock is similar to a fist which seems powerful.
So if we know that, it gives us an edge—just play paper.
Research shows that people who lose a hand tend to change.
So there is a reasonable chance that our opponent will change to scissors or paper.
That gives us our second edge—just play scissors and we should either win or draw.
But this isn't an exact science.
What if it doesn't go to plan and your opponent wins?
Perhaps they know a bit of game strategy, too.
If we lost the previous hand then our opponent might reasonably expect us to switch to something else.
This gives us our final edge—surprise them by sticking with our previous choice.
Hopefully they'll switch, expecting us to switch, and it should improve our chances.
The less predictable you are, the better chance you have of winning.
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How to win at rock-paper-scissors: 3 simple strategies | BBC Ideas

2526 Folder Collection
Annie Huang published on January 30, 2020    Annie Huang translated    Yukiko reviewed
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