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  • [How to win at rock paper scissors with expert advice from Dr. Ben Dyson]

  • Rock, paper, scissors is an ancient game of cunning and chance.

  • If only there was a way to improve those chances.

  • Turns out there are a few key strategies.

  • The game is mainly about predicting and reading your opponent.

  • So, what if you could predict their first hand?

  • Research has shown that there is a slight preference for people to begin by playing rock.

  • There are different theories about why.

  • It could be because it is mentioned first in the name of the game, or it could be because rock is similar to a fist which seems powerful.

  • So if we know that, it gives us an edgejust play paper.

  • Research shows that people who lose a hand tend to change.

  • So there is a reasonable chance that our opponent will change to scissors or paper.

  • That gives us our second edgejust play scissors and we should either win or draw.

  • But this isn't an exact science.

  • What if it doesn't go to plan and your opponent wins?

  • Perhaps they know a bit of game strategy, too.

  • If we lost the previous hand then our opponent might reasonably expect us to switch to something else.

  • This gives us our final edgesurprise them by sticking with our previous choice.

  • Hopefully they'll switch, expecting us to switch, and it should improve our chances.

  • The less predictable you are, the better chance you have of winning.

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[How to win at rock paper scissors with expert advice from Dr. Ben Dyson]

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How to win at rock-paper-scissors: 3 simple strategies | BBC Ideas

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