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Ooh, that was so risky.
Welcome back, to another e—
Welcome back, to another episode of Twoset Violin.
Today we have another sight-reading challenge video,
but this time, it's very special.
Many of you probably know right now, in Australia,
there's one of the worst bushfires in...
...uh, the longest time.
The fire has spread throughout regions of Australia,
lots of animals are dying, and natural habitats.
We are going to be playing water music,
to help put out the fires.
How does water music help?
- Well, we have 5 levels in our sight-reading videos, - Mm-hmm.
And for every bar we play,
we're donating $1 for the first level,
$2 for the second level,
$3 for the third level,
$4, $5, but like, you guys get the point.
We'll try to get as far as we can.
And of course, the tally will be the amount of donations
we give away, to all these foundations here.
Should we make it that uh......
We each keep tally of how much we donate.
- Sure. - Yeah.
Yeah, that's competition.
- Yeah, see who can donate more... - Who can donate the most.
Alright, we've got level 1 in my cap.
- Alright, scissors, paper, rock? - Yeah.
(both) Scissors, paper, rock!
I'll go first.
The first one is...
...Telemann Water Music Overture.
(both) Noooooooooooo!!!!
Keep going.
- Ohhhh! - No! You distracted me!
Dude, that's the wrong rhythm.
- No? Did I? - Oh really?
Oh really...okay man, whatever, my bad. Oh shi...
- Nah, doesn't count. I got distracted. - Okay, keep going, keep going.
Dude, this is not easy!
- It's the rhythm! 'Cause you gotta focus... - Yeah.
- Speed(-up)...? - Yeah, keep going.
How is this level 1?!
How is this level 1...?!
- Rhythmically, very confusing to start off. - It's a weird rhythm.
34 successful bars.
- Woo! - Let's count 35.
- $35 donation. - Yeah, $35 in.
So obviously I will have to do...
Saint-Saëns: The Carnival of the Animals.
(both) Aquarium!
There's a lot of water in an aquarium.
But it's not fair, I only have 34 bars!
Oh, luck of the draw, mate.
Dude, yours is so much easier!
Save the koalas!
No harmonics!
That's a harmonic.
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
Oh, good luck.
- Oh! - 37!
Oh! More bars!
$37! Ching-ching!
We should write this down.
- Händel Water Music Suite No. 1, Andante. - Ooh, we got the actual Water Music!
So this is $2 for every bar.
Dude, the rhythm's weird.
False start!
- I mean we have $2. - It's not even 1 bar.
- We didn't even make it $1. - Um, you didn't do the trill.
Nah nah, false start, the trill caught me off guard.
That was right!
I thought it was a C sharp, and I played a C natural,
and I was like, "I did it wrong."
It's alright, you can redeem yourself with
- level 3, 4 and 5. - ...level 3. Okay, okay, fine.
- Strauss. - Strauss Blue Danube. Oh, easy.
Oh wow. Dang.
- Oh...okay, okay, okay! - *laughs*
Ohh. Fa...
Did I play a wrong note?
No. It's alright.
- I thought... - It was close!
- *nervous chuckle* - Dude, that was risky!
Did I screw up?
Ahh! I played it, I just didn't play it well.
Oh, really...okay.
Well that's anti-climatic.
85 times 2, $170 donation!
Brett, gotta help the koalas out more.
Debussy La Mer.
- Ooh! - Ohh!!!
Okay! Let's see how it is!
- Dude, I'm so scared. - Dude, it's so scary.
'Cause I'm scared of playing out of tune.
What is this?!
I think we can skip over that.
Alright, let's skip, that doesn't count.
- That's not even sightreading. - That doesn't count.
Oh my god!
E...F flat!
Oh, one second.
Dude, that's nasty.
That's a lot of milk teas.
Next one is Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake.
- Oh that's easy!!! - Really?
6 flats?!
*evil chuckle*
Dude, that's not easy.
No, you gotta do it for the koalas.
Nah nah nah, that's a false start.
- C flat! - *groans*
C, that's so annoying!
- 21, times, 3. - *sigh*
- 63! - $63.
Sorry koalas, I'm trying my best.
- Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony! - Sea Symphony!
'Cause of your "sea" flat!
- *snickers* - Le'ts do uh...
That looks fast!
$4, per bar!
Uh...questionable rhythm but right notes!
- Woo! Modulation! - 2, 3.
Nah!!! That's not right!
D natural.
13 bars times 4, for $48!
Wait, what?
13 times 4.
It's 52, man.
Oh, you're right.
Got maths!
If only your sight-reading was as good as your maths!
(both) OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Ohh! Die...
- "Die Moldau"! - Smetana!
The Moldau is a river, which is why it's water music,
'cause the river will...
...put out the fires.
I hesitated!
- It's the same! - I know!
- "There's no way you'll do the same thing 3 times!" - Noooooooo!!!
- I was thinking, "Oh, you got the pattern!" - Ugh!!!
- 16. - 16 times 4 equals...
Dvořák: The Water Goblin!
- Oh my—dude... - I think I might get like, 1 bar, in this.
Okay, off you go.
Oh, it's allegro vivo.
No, bro!
*evil chuckle*
That is messed up.
- 17. - 17 times 5!
Respighi: Fountains of Rome.
Gotta bring that Fountains of Rome.
"The Trevi Fountain at Noon."
Bring it to Australia!
Dude, what is that...
Bruh, it's too high.
That hurts my eyes.
Second chance for the koalas!
- Ffff... - Nah, I'm pretty sure you—
I don't know if you played the wrong notes
but I'm pretty sure you played the wrong notes.
Alright guys!
Tally it up!
Eddy got $459,
and I obviously lost, I got $190,
but that's okay!
The total combined effort, is $649!
$649 to help the koalas!
Thank you all, um,
We'll put some links in the description below,
for encouraging you guys to help out if you can,
- would be much appreciated. - Yeah.
- Try this at home, sight-read with your friends. - Yeah.
It's uh, good practice.
Lots of water music for you guys.
Please hit like-like,
smash the subscribe button,
and we'll see you guys next time.
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SIGHTREADING Water Music to Save Australia from bushfires!

50 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on January 28, 2020
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