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  • Wuhan is on lockdown.

  • It's a city of 11 million people

  • and the epicenter of a deadly coronavirus outbreak.

  • Chinese authorities have also sealed off other parts

  • of surrounding Hubei Province,

  • all in the hope of preventing the virus

  • from spreading further.

  • The Washington Post spoke to two residents inside the city.

  • They asked that we identify them using only their family names.

  • Along with many residents, they chose to play it safe.

  • -We just follow the instruction of [what] the government said.

  • We try not to go outside.

  • If we go outside we need to wear the mask.

  • We stopped the party.

  • Or any activity with other people.

  • Actually, I haven't been out of my apartment

  • for like more than 24 hours.

  • It's too dangerous outside.

  • We don't know exactly how many patients are there.

  • And they're ready for the long haul.

  • In the supermarket, a lot of people

  • go to buy the fruit, the vegetable,

  • and the meat to prepare.

  • We think it's going to be

  • not a short time to end this situation.

  • We are not getting any information on how long at all.

  • We don't know.

  • I can stay here for more than a week, at least, we thought.

  • They both thought the government

  • should've acted sooner.

  • Do you think this was the right move by the government,

  • to lock down Wuhan?

  • Yeah. This is excellent.

  • But I think it should have been earlier.

  • Oh, really? -It happened in December.

  • That would be much more better, the situation right now.

  • -Before the January the 1st, the virus was first out.

  • For some reason, they choose to hide this information

  • from the public, and tell us it is not serious at all.

  • Chinese authorities haven't said

  • when the lockdown would be lifted.

  • But they are scrambled to build a 1,000-bed hospital

  • in under a week to ease the burden

  • on the city's stressed healthcare system.

Wuhan is on lockdown.

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