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  • My name is Mark Waid, writer of Doctor Strange: Surgeon

  • Supreme, and here are five reasons

  • why you should be reading it.

  • Reason number one, Doc suddenly has no use of his hands again

  • he can be a surgeon, but he also has

  • to continue to be the sorcerer supreme of the earth.

  • So while one thing is happening in the hospital demands

  • attention, other things are happening all around the world

  • that only he can deal with.

  • He has to make these and death decisions

  • every single moment of every day.

  • Reason too we get to see doc be a real surgeon,

  • the best in the world.

  • He has one ironclad rule, no magic because magic always

  • comes at a cost, and there's no way

  • he's going to risk having that patient perhaps having to pay

  • some of that cost himself.

  • Reason three, the jealous doctor who

  • decides that he's going to learn magic to use in the operating

  • theater because that'll put him one up on Doctor Strange,

  • therefore ignoring reason number two.

  • Reason for Doc's administrative assistant Kermit who Doc learns

  • is the world's greatest Doctor Strange nerd.

  • They have an arrangement.

  • Doc lets him ask one question a day.

  • Did you, did you meet the enchantress?

  • Yes.

  • Did you sleep with her?

  • Two questions.

  • Reason five, Kev Walker, the artist.

  • He brings the scary.

  • He brings the Gothic.

  • It's not just a medical drama, it is a horror book as well.

  • And he's a joy to collaborate with you're

  • going to love his work.



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DOCTOR STRANGE: SURGEON SUPREME — 5 Reasons to Read It! | Marvel Comics

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/01/25
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