B1 Intermediate US 34 Folder Collection
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the Berenstain Bears
we like kites the Berenstain
Windy Hill summer sky
a perfect day
for kites to fly running
running running down the hill
Will our kite flying .Yes! it will
more string more string
let out more stream
we catch the wind! our kites take wing!
kites of every shape and size
dance across the summer skies
some spin
some swoop some loop de loop sad kite
glad kite, bad kite, cat kite
A kite with stripes
kite with stars account that wants to go to mars
fire-breathing dragon kite
gives the other kites a fright the setting
Sun says goodbye we
really in our kites from up on high
we head for home
but that's okay the hill
and sky are here to stay and tomorrow here good day
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We Like Kites

34 Folder Collection
Chang Jing published on January 25, 2020
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