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- I've had an absolute fascination with sharks
since I was a little kid.
I knew I wanted to be a marine biologist
by the time I was five,
and I got to snorkel with my first shark
when I was about eight years old,
and I was literally hooked on these awesome animals.
I'm Jillian Morris, I am a shark conservationist,
a shark diver, and an underwater videographer.
I've traveled all over the world,
and I have to say that Bimini has some of the bluest
waters I've ever seen.
All different shades, some people joke about
the 50 shades of blue in Bimini.
The island is really, really small,
it's about six miles long,
but the world just below the surface
is really what's incredible.
That blue, crystal clear water is teeming
with marine life, and is the reason why we live
on this tiny little island.
The great hammerhead dive site
is about a quarter of a mile offshore.
It's a place where in very shallow water,
you're able to get in and see these very large sharks
up close and personal.
It's very rare to actually be able to be in the water
with so many of them like we can here in Bimini,
especially in crystal clear, shallow water.
Unfortunately, sharks get a really bad reputation.
They're not man-eating monsters,
they're not mindless eating machines.
They're actually really intelligent,
social, incredible animals.
They're also really incredible for the health of our oceans,
which all of us rely on every single day.
There's something really special about hammerheads.
I have been in the water with some very big sharks,
including great whites and tiger sharks,
but nothing compares to the great hammerhead.
The way they move, their power, their grace,
they can turn on a dime, and they have those wide-set eyes.
They're my favorite animal on the planet,
and being able to dive with them as much as we do,
I feel really, really lucky.
(gentle music)
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Braving the Waters of Bimini with Shark Girl

103 Folder Collection
許大善 published on January 25, 2020
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