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After the success in the
Last Eurocup, Spain attends the World Cup of South Africa 2010 as one of the
Big favorites The team led by Vicente del Bosque made his debut in front
to the selection of Switzerland. That day Spain had a possession of
scandalous ball but remained inaccurate when defining.
Shortly after the resumption, in one of the few approximations of the picture
Helvetic, Gelson Fernández was able to score after
A series of rejections.
Spain continued without specifying its domain, and a shot of Xabi Alonso shook
The crossbar.
However, Switzerland was able to make the 0-2 in a good Derdiyok action that ended
crashing on the stick. The Spanish team was on the edge
of the abyss, and was forced to win the next two games if they wanted
Maintain your survival.
In the next match against Honduras, the crash started with a shot of
Vlla to the crossbar.
The guaje would open the scoreboard shortly after with a great definition to
Valladares squad.
The Spanish striker would score after the rest 2 to 0 on a shot from the
edge of the area that Chavez diverted to network background.
A penalty committed on Jesús Navas, put Villa in a position to achieve a
'hat-trick', but his shot would go away out for a little
The scoreboard no longer moved, and Spain He achieved his first victory in the
In the last match of the group, the Spanish team would play their
classification for the next phase against the Chilean combined.
Midway through the first half, a long pass from Xabi Alonso to Torres went wrong
cleared by Bravo, and Villa, with a precise touch from about 35 meters put
to Spain in advantage. Twelve minutes later, a placed shot
Iniesta increased the Spanish advantage. The play would have consequences
devastating for Chileans, since in the start of it, a fortuitous
Estrada's stomp on Torres, it was interpreted as aggression by the
collegiate Despite being inferior, at the beginning of the second half a
Millar's shot hits Piqué, completely relocating Casillas. That
result classified both teams for the eighths, so the match
would end up dying in the last few minutes of total tranquility.
Once the first objective of reach the next phase,
Spain will now have to measure itself with Portugal. A shot by Fernando Torres
He had Eduardo employed thoroughly. Boxes would respond in two times by taking out a
Tiago's poisoned shot. The second part began with a
against lusa that Puyol is about to enter in your own goal,
Half an hour later, Spain touches the goal in a header from Llorente.
Shortly after, Iniesta invents a pass on the front of the area that Xavi extends
Heel, the first auction of Villa is rejected by Eduardo, but in the second
try, the guaje gets introduced finally the ball in the goal.
With the score in favor, Sergio Ramos first, and David Villa later, they are at
point of sentencing the encounter but that 1-0 would end up being enough, and
Vicente del Bosque's team was already in the quarterfinals.
Spain and Paraguay look for a historic Go to semifinals. The Guarani set
made a perfect defensive deployment, with a pressure and a trade that
destabilized the creation game of the Spanish. Shortly after arriving on time
Piqué made a clear match penalty on cardozo. Old
ghosts of the historical fatality of Spain in the quarters of a World Cup
they appeared suddenly, but Casillas commissioned to scare them guessing the
Paraguayan forward launch.
Practically on the next play, a Demolition of Alcaraz on Villa is signaled
as a penalty Xabi Alonso scored it, but the referee
He ordered the repetition. The second launch was intercepted by Villar,
who after the rejection would knock down Cesc, but that third penalty went to
In the 82nd minute, a raid by Iniesta he finished with a shot from Pedro to the stick, the
reject picks up Villa, and his shot with great drama hits on both posts and
the goal just entered.
One minute to ninety, Casillas reacted with great reflexes to a shot
mortal of Santa Cruz. Spain suffered as never, but for the first time since
60 years managed to be among the four Best World Cup selections.
Spain will look for a place in the final before Germany Joachim's selection
Löw came as the most fit team of the Championship until that moment, after
paths thrashed to England and Argentina, however the spanish team
that day he would recover his best football, dominating and sending with authority the
encounter, and enclosing a selection German who would only have one chance
in a Kross shot that would be cleared by Casillas.
Just under 20 minutes left, after a corner taken by Xavi, Puyol
would appear to connect a powerful unstoppable header for Neuer.
With the game already open, Pedro se would show excessively individualistic,
but it didn't take a second goal, Spain for the first time in its history, I was going to
Play the final of a World Cup.
On July 11, 2010, Holland and Spain They look for their first champion star. The
Spanish team began warning with a header from Sergio Ramos that
was diverted by Stekelenburg. During the first part we attended the brutal
De Jong's kick to Xabi's chest Alonso At the time of the game, Holland had
his big occasion in a hand in hand of Robben that Casillas miraculously saved.
Villa would also have a clear chance,
and again Robben, he would bump again with boxes.
Already in the extension, Cesc failed to resolve before Stekelenburg. Holland is
would be 10 for expulsion of Heitinga, and 4 minutes to go,
Iniesta scored the goal that changed the Spanish football history.
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Sudáfrica 2010 ? Cuando ESPAÑA ?? fue CAMPEONA DEL MUNDO

26 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on January 25, 2020
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