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Dear girls, you are not pretty enough.
That's the message you hear every day.
They may not say it like that, but low-key they do in their own way.
So, I don't know if it's my place to say, but I want to tell you something as a man.
You may not be pretty enough, but you are beautiful.
See, being pretty is cool, but it don't last.
The more you obsess over the body you have, the more you will feel pain.
Cuz (Beause) see one day the prettiness that you cherish, oh so, much will fade.
And you won't be able to use Juno, Largo, Valencia to filter it away, because this is what happens naturally with age, and that's okay
So as you scroll down the page comparing yourself to her and her and her, subconsciously driving yourself insane.
I got a secret to tell you.
Come closer
You're being played.
See, the stress and anxiety you feel was exactly what these companies intend to do to your brain.
I mean think about it.
What do you suppose they call it Instagram?
Because it gives you an instant Graham.
See every like is like a hit, and the more you get the more it takes to keep the feeling rushing back.
So it is no coincidence that you then double tap.
Like a digital drug dealer.
They constantly lower your self esteem, and then supply you with the fix you need.
Every day you scroll through dirt.
They treat you like a pig.
Why do you think they call it a feeb?
Let me catch you up to speed.
It's the same reason banks give out a sucker when you leave.
They laugh right in your face because they know you can't stop them.
They're in the business of addiction and they know they got you.
2617, you know what that number means?
That's the number of times a day the average person touches their phone.
Millions of people every minute come down with it: "Did somebody like my post syndrome?"
You had all these followers, but you can't shake the being alone open your eyes. It's all by design
They want you to feel not enough like you have to constantly prove your worth
From the movies you watch to the songs on your radio down to the magazines placed ever
So neatly in the grocery house, you know the ones with the movie stars
Since they wouldn't make any money if you already loved who you are see
There is no profit in saying you're already perfect and beautiful, too
So I don't expect this video to get too many views
But I got a do what I gotta do and tell the truth and the truth is you don't need perfect
Eyebrows or a thigh gap you are already so lit. Hey, you don't need a large number of people
You don't know to confirm that you don't need the latest detox program
teeth whitener on flat abs
Gel worth is not determined by the price tag on a dress pair of shoes or a new bag. I
Wish I could show you what you have deep in yourself. It is truly a beauty that the words cannot describe
But ironically it speaks for itself
See when you smile you shine and bright in the darkest place
So it is your duty to keep smiling to make this whole world a better place
You are enough and knowing that is something nobody can ever take
Whether you do or don't have blush on your face
You have him but I'm serious. So who cares about being pretty enough?
You are already so
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93 Folder Collection
seraya.chen published on January 24, 2020
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