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I'm a traveler
with ten years of experience.
EUNHYUK: You can count on me on this trip.
Guide EUNHYUK'S recommendations
EUNHYUK: Borobudur Temple.
Borobudur Temple: One of the three greatest Buddhist historic sites
It was listed as a World Heritage Site in 1991 by UNESCO.
EUNHYUK: It's in pagoda-style with ten stories.
That bell-shaped structure is called a stupa,
and there are stupas from the seventh floor to the tenth floor.
There are statues of Buddha inside the stupas.
EUNHYUK: In the old days, people would put their arms inside the stupa
and touch the statue of Buddha to make a wish.
It is illegal to put your arm inside the stupa.
EUNHYUK: Don't put your hand inside the stupa.
EUNHYUK: If wearing shorts is prohibited,
you can borrow a skirt at the entrance.
Opening hours: 6:00 - 17:00 Entrance Fee: 350,000 rupiahs
Adult - IDR 350,000
Tip: If you want a comfortable tour, hop on a mini-train!
Tip: Get a free welcome drink at the ticket office!
EUNHYUK: The Borobudur Temple is famous for its sunrise.
U-KNOW: Is it still being restored?
EUNHYUK: Yes, but the restoration is not 100% complete.
(cheerful background music)
An active volcano, Mount Merapi
EUNHYUK: (enunciating) Mount Merapi.
EUNHYUK: The volcano is still active.
Mount Merapi: It means mountain of fire, and it exhumes hot clouds all year long.
You can crisscross the volcano with a jeep tour.
DONGHAE: I like this. MAX: 900,000 for two cars.
MAX: Discount, please. Staff: No!
EUNHYUK: We visited a lot of places, did this and that...
EUNHYUK: We went up and down... LEETEUK: Hey! This is the most fun!
(SHINDONG screaming)
Tip: Wear a raincoat, as your clothes may get covered with volcanic ash and water.
Try the jeep tour if you'd like to experience the volcano from up close!
(fun background music) EUNHYUK: Goa Jomblang.
EUNHYUK: You can see "the light of heaven." (members exclaiming)
Goa Jomblang: A cave in a tropical rainforest
where you can see a mystical light
EUNHYUK: We were going to enter the cave.
Rappelling down was the first crisis.
(members screaming)
Enjoy the thrill before seeing the light of heaven!
EUNHYUK: It's so slippery. SHINDONG: Gosh!
Once you pass the muddy road,
you get to witness the light of heaven at the end of the cave.
The best time to see the light is 8am - 10am.
(members exclaiming) SHINDONG: It looks cool.
Goa Jomblang Fee: 500,000 rupiahs
This fee includes the experience, guide, insurance, and meal.
Tip: Boots and helmets are provided for free.
Socks are sold at the site.
EUNHYUK: 15 minutes away from Goa Jomblang...
EUNHYUK: We have to go cave tubing in Goa Kali Suci.
A cave tubing spot, Goa Kali Suci
(members exclaiming)
(members exclaiming)
It's twice as fun if you go cave tubing after the cave tour.
EUNHYUK: This isn't a penalty game, is it?
Warning: You have to climb these stairs after cave tubing.
MAX: 80,000? Staff: Yes.
Fee: 80,000 rupiahs Includes safety equipment and guards
MAX: 80,000...
After playing in the water, satiate your hunger at a cafeteria in Goa Kali Suci.
Tip: You can eat local cup noodles, or bring your own Korean noodles.
Hot water is provided at a small price.
LEETEUK: I'm nervous. MAX: Wow.
EUNHYUK: Lunch box and cup noodles.
(slurping sound)
Choose the Goa Jomblang and Kali Suci package if you love activities!
(sound of waves)
Parangtritis Beach
(members exclaiming) (cheerful background music)
EUNHYUK: Shiny like that...
Enjoy the vast beach and various activities here!
EUNHYUK: We're going to paraglide over there.
Paragliding alongside the ocean is a must!
Paragliding fee: 800,000 rupiahs
Tip: Check the weather beforehand!
U-KNOW: I believe I can fly! EUNHYUK: We can fly! We can do it!
(sound of waves) EUNHYUK: Parangtritis Beach was where
I thought was really nice.
Wrapping up the trip while watching the sunset...
A perfect way to end the trip by watching the sunset.
"Analog Trip in Indonesia"
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AnalogTrip (아날로그 트립) | [미공개영상] 은혁의 인도네시아 여행지 소개

17 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on January 22, 2020
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