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Argh! Come on!
You stupid...
Theres little wonder why you keep missing, completely out of shape.
No, you're out of shape, and one day I will be better than you.
In your dreams, little boy.
It's a good job I'm here or we'd starve, wouldn't we?
Get off me!
Father's back! Father!
Woah boy.
Ah, woah.
[laughs] Oh, look how big you've grown!
It's good to see you!
Father. - Wade.
Who made the kill?
Atelic. - Wade.
[Father laughs]
Everything alright here?
Yes. How was the journey?
The markets were slow, Son...
Here, take this.
Look, maybe next year, eh?
Uh-huh. Yes. Father...
Come on, Son.
Do you think you're ready?
Ready for what?
To die.
I'm not going to die. - No?
How can you be so sure?
You didn't. - I was lucky.
You have such faith in me, Father.
Faith is for the weak.
These are dangerous times. The Norse have blocked all the trade routes.
To survive we need to stay together.
You said I could go. I've waited all these weeks and for what?
I mean, I want to go. I need to go.
War is not some game for you and your friends to play.
People die, boy.
If we don't stand and fight, there'll be nothing left to stay for!
No! The Saxon army is no place for a boy. That's my final word!
Maybe you've got nothing left to fight for, but I still do!
Don't you defy me, damn you!
Damn you, boy. I miss her too.
All I wanted was to butcher every last one of them for what they did to her...
But there's been enough death.
What are we fighting for?
What are we fighting for?
I am ready. I am.
Then go.
I won't stop you.
Control yourself.
Control your enemy.
[Man screams]
[Father shouts] Run!
[Father shouts] Atelic!
Let the boy go!
No! Ah! Father!
[Boy shouts] No! No! He'll kill you!
[Boy cries] Ahh! No!
No, Father!
No! No! He'll kill you...!
[Shouts] No!
Atelic, run!
I am Ingwald...
...of Jarrow.
What is your name?
I am Ingwald... - Ingwald.
Yeah, I heard.
What is your name?
You alright?
Am I alright? No... no, I'm not.
I have to go.
Brother, please...
Has anyone seen Atelic? Atelic?
Anyone seen my brother Atelic?
Brother, you have... - No, no, no!
I need to find Atelic... to find Atelic!
Be quiet! - No! Atelic!
Atelic! Atelic!
Anyone! Anyone seen Atelic?!
Are you trying to get us killed? Are you?!
Greeg, get off of him!
[Hits her]
If you wnat to live, then keep your mouth shut and don't draw attention to us.
Are you alright?
What is your name?
I am Ingwald...
...of Jarrow.
My monastery was sacked, my Brothers were murdered.
So why didn't they kill you?
I'm sorry?
Why didn't they kill any of us?
We are the innocent.
What do you mean?
We are pure of body...
If not of heart...
I told you to shut your mouth! - Let her go...
[Whispers] Pater noster, qui es in caelis
sanctificetur nomen tuum.
Adveniat regnum tuum.
Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra.
Panem nostrum quotidianem da nobis hodie
et dimmitte nobis debita nostra
sicut et nos dimmitimus debitoribus nostris.
Et ne nos inducas in tentationem
sed libera nos a malo.
[Tapping noise]
[grunts] You.
Please! - No!
[Rolling thunder]
[Rolling thunder]
[Thunder clap]
Heill Dagr.
Heilir Dags synir.
Heill Nott og nift.
Ore erth um augum líti eth okkur thorn inig!
Og gefi eth sitjondum sigur!
Heilir sir! Heilar Asynjur!
No! - Heil sjá in fjolnyta fold!
Wade! - Mál...
Wade! - Atelic! anvit gefi eth okkur mrum tveim.
Og lknishendur me eth an lifum.
[Suspenseful music builds]
[Shouts] Run!
[Thunder clap]
You have fire in your blood.
Odin will feast on your soul.
I'm coming back for you, yeah? I am.
[Shouts] Wade!
[Suspenseful music]
[Shouts] Greeg!
Let me go with you.
You're on your own!
[Shouts] Greeg!
Help! Help me with this!
We need to cross!
We need more!
Here's one!
Take this!
...et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianem da nobis hodie
et dimmitte...
[Drum beating]
[Primal shouting]
But you... - Go! We don't have time!
[Primal shouting]
[Shouts] No!
[Whispers] Ert ú búin...
Here! Here!
Go! Don't look down.
Help me please!
[Screams] Run!
I am Ingwald of Jarrow.
May God have mercy on your soul.
Hrafnar vilja bora ig! Byrja!
The heart has been taken...
Same here.
Come on.
[Distant thunder]
What is to become of us?
Answer me!
[Laughs] - [Shouts]
You're going to get yourself killed.
Please, help me!
Where's Leah?
She's dead.
She didn't stand a chance with you!
You don't understand, she was one of them!
She was my sister!
In the invasion, my mother was raped by them.
She had the blood of the Devil himself in her.
She's not one of us.
She's not one of us?
Leah had more good in her than you'll ever know.
You're the coward.
Come on let's leave him.
No, please! Help me.
Bite down on this.
You think he'd do the same for us?
Just help.
You'd best tell us what's going on, or I will leave you to the wolves.
All I know is, if it's five hearts they want, it's five hearts they get.
[Cries in pain]
I have to go back.
Are you crazy? You'll die! - You've seen what they've done.
We have to get out of here.
Yeah, but where?
Look, I'm sorry for your brother.
But go back now and we all die.
[Running water]
Thú ert minn!
You want me?
That's right, come on.
Burn in hell.
[Animalistic shouts]
Wait here.
Did I get him?
Yeah, you got him.
My brother... - Shh.
Greeg, we know. He's with us.
To beat the wolf, you have to become the wolf.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry.
She can't hear you now.
Come on!
Get up! Get up, go!
[Cries out]
[Cries out]
[Bird screeching]
My turn.
I thought you were dead!
You ok?
Look at me.
Oh... what are you doing?
Listen, whatever they are, they can't track us with this.
The blood hides our scent.
It's just us now.
Listen, I have to go back.
Come, get up.
Have you got me?
[Cries out] - Are you ok?
Ok. - We have to go.
Come on. -Yeah.
[Angry cry]
Still alive.
Give me your knife.
What are you doing?
My father was an archer.
One of the best in these lands.
So were you in the Saxon army?
No, my Father wouldn't allow it. He said it was no place for a girl.
Father said the same.
You want to sit? - Ok.
It's just something Leah said...
She said, the reason we were captured, um...
Was because we were innocent and um...
... pure of body.
Can I not make it any clearer?
Oh, I see.
So with Leah saying... - Shh.
So you think he picked up our scent?
He heard us.
Come on.
I can make it.
I can make the jump.
I have to.
[Suspenseful music]
[Shout and laughter]
Are you ok?
I told you I'd come back for you. -Yeah.
Take these.
Where are you going?
Stay here. When I give you the sign, get everyone out.
[Screams] Nei!
[Grunts] [Kicks]
[Thunder] [Suspenseful music]
Come on!
Heill Dagr! [Groans]
Heilir Dags synir! Heill Nott...
...og nift. [Groans]
...gefi eth og...
...sitjondum sigur!
[Animalistic screams]
Aelle: All I wanted was to butcher every last them for what they did to her...
[Screams in agony]
Leah: To beat the wolf, you have to become the wolf.
Aelle: Control. Control yourself, control your enemy.
[Cries out]
Wade: Father, I am ready.
Aelle: Then go.
[Cries out]
Wade, stop! [Screams]
Wade! Stop! Wade!
Wade, it's me.
Am I dead?
No, it's over.
Wade: The Devils of the North raided our lands and killed our people.
War is about survival.
The right to live.
My father once asked if I was ready to die.
I wasn't.
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Viking: The Berserkers

35 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on January 20, 2020
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