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Ok. His bio is just his height and his weight.
Are you like a beef stock that I'm gonna buy?
[upbeat music]
- I'm a big fan of dating apps.
- If you're bored, it's fun, you know?
It passes the time.
- I am currently dating the guy that I met on Tinder.
- I feel like they're a necessary evil.
- A lot of times I would use dating apps
like late at night if I'm bored.
- So the fact that I can lay in bed, while dating,
is really appealing to me.
(buzzer sound)
- Don't even think about messaging me
if this, this, this, this.
- Just want to [censored] you
or just wanna, you know, ride that pony.
- Anything about your dick. I don't care about your dick.
- He was attractive, but then, in his self-summary,
it just says extrovert. What the [censored]?
- I pick you up in my boss-ass Kia Sorento...
- If it's like a dorky math joke, or something nerdy
I'm kinda... I dig.
- You go, "Is that dangerous?"
and I go, "yes, but I like danger."
I'm gonna like this profile!
I think he's so funny!
- I wish guys had more personality in their profiles.
Just be who you are.
- I like people that are like
straight forward with their intentions.
If you're here just to do the nasty,
then say that so that I know.
(buzzer sound)
Guys that have photos of them like
hugging up with like two chicks...
- I feel like you're trying to say like,
"See! Women like me! I am approved by women!"
- If every single one of your pictures is like in a group,
and you don't actually show yourself.
- Especially when it's your first profile picture,
like it's the first one that pops up. And it's just like
a goup of guys. What the [censored]?
- I'm not about to sit here and figure out which one you are
- And what are you hiding?
- Is this guy gonna make me laugh?
If you have a funny face picture. That's cool.
Or a picture of you doing something that you love is cool.
- Hiking and walking. Whatever.
Jogging, running, tennis, basketball.
- If the pictures are clear. If the pictures look like
you have a lot of interests or hobbies...
- Like mixing up the photos, and showing that like
there's versatility in your life.
- Pictures and bios that can start conversation
I wish guys had more of that.
- I need to know that you don't think you're too cool.
Cause we're all in the same shitty boat.
- It's globalization, man. Like we can meet people
all over the World, that we never would've met before.
- Just like ride the wave, it's fun.
- Love is out there!
(blows kiss and laughs)
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Girls Talk About Guys’ Dating Profiles

29 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 20, 2020
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