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hello and welcome back to real English with real teachers today I'm in my
hometown Bedford I'm walking around by the river and today we are asking the
British public is youtubing a real job
do you think youtubing is a real job yes because I think companies are interested
in people who are like the trendsetters and young people use YouTube as one
channel of communication and we should have a full range of communication
channels and my gut instinct says no but my practical modern hat says yes okay
okay well I don't know anything about it really but you know I would never clue
anywhere so technology is beyond me like you know yeah of course it is, what a
stupid question. Well you asked it! Actually putting things on YouTube
probably not no more a hobby thing information finding research not a job as
such I wouldn't have thought no. Well I know people make money at it and have success but it's kind of
strange sometimes yeah I think it can be but like people
put a lot of time into it. I think teaching but when it's just sort of like
Instagram type thing can be quite informative with blogs like yeah travel
blogs are quite good but sometimes they're just stunts
do you consider YouTube to be a proper job hey guys hope you're enjoying the
video I'm just chilling out with a couple of swans and I thought good
opportunity to tell you a couple of things firstly you'll see loads of vocab
is popping up in this video so that you can understand these native speakers
while they're talking what I've done is put all of that vocabulary into a lovely
list of flashcards so that you can revise this vocabulary in your spare
time just click the link in the description box which says flashcards
and you'll get free access to that vocabulary second thing I want to
mention it's a sponsor of this video which is a called cambly so if you get
your your dog and bone out your mobile phone and you download this app it
allows you to connect with native English teachers instantly so if you're
a busy person you don't have time to schedule classes online or face-to-face
it's an amazingly convenient option for you it's easy to use and all of the
teachers are fully qualified to give you feedback on your English and help you
work towards your goals whatever they may be if you'd like to give cambly a go
for free just download the app and use our code real teachers to get 15
minutes of cambly credits to use for free you might as well give it a go and then
if you really like it we have an amazing Christmas or New Year present to give
you kamilly have told us that as one of our fans if you use our code real
teachers 10 you can get 42 percent discount on their annual plans which is
a crazy offer it's bonkers it's absolutely insane in a good way but
let's get back to the video do you consider YouTube
to be a proper job yes yep maybe it's a millennial thing I don't know but yeah I
think it is, you know, I think people it's just a different way of making content it's
still still a form of entertainment so you know people do all sorts of
challenges or stories and things like that that can be very helpful so all
sorts of things it's just a new sort of entertainment that people aren't used to
but yeah I'd consider it a proper job. No I don't know I'm old and wrinkly. That innovation
passed me by when I was a kid I used to work on a phone like you know so you
know your well behind the times like you know all you thought of
farm things like, you know, one year for the next like, you know. And then
when I come to England like you know was.. opened my eyes like you know what a
world different world like, you know. I YouTube when I don't know how to do
something and somebody does know how to do something and it's got a like 'this
is how you do this' like yesterday when my sky remote didn't work there was a
youtuber who showed me how to put that right I'd use whichever whatever popped
up so if it was the internet or YouTube or whatever that would be where I would
go you know I'm not an aficionado of YouTube yeah I remember coming out of a
tube station in East London like and I looked and I could see all these buses
flying about and i thought 'where the blooming hell are all these people are going then?' when I was a kid
there used to be one bus a week like you know
so that's all for today but I hope you found this video useful hope you've
learned something new let me know what new expressions you learned today down in
the comments and tell me what questions would you like me to ask Bedfordians
next time see you later
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Learn Real English on the Street || Is Youtube a Real Job?

65 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 20, 2020
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