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- I cry all the time, it's really good.
I love crying.
I'm surprised I haven't cried yet today,
but it's only 10 a.m. (laughing)
(bass music)
- [Interviewer] When's the last time you cried?
- When is the last time I cried?
- Um. - Um.
- Gosh. - Trying to think.
- It was recently, I cry a lot.
- I cry more than I care to admit.
- [Interviewer] Last time you cried?
- Yesterday. - Earlier today.
- Literally on the way over here.
- [Interviewer] What made you cry?
- I was just overwhelmed.
- Angry. - Paranoid.
- I was just feeling really sorry for myself.
- [Interviewer] When's the last time you cried?
- Probably when my daughter was born, about a year ago.
- [Interviewer] Where were you?
- I was in the hospital,
like that's where babies are born, Blaine.
- [Interviewer] Where did you cry?
- In my car. - I cried in therapy.
- At work, woo!
- I was crying on the couch.
- On my bed. - In the elevator.
- With my dog. - Alone in a bathroom.
- Flying to San Francisco.
- Cried the whole plane ride.
- [Interviewer] Let me see your crying face.
- No! (laughing)
- I'd be like this, ah!
- Kinda ugly, probably.
- [Interviewer] Tell me about the last time you cried.
- Last time I cried when I was watching
a motivational Muay Thai compilation on YouTube.
- I was watching a movie.
- "Stranger Things". - "How I Met Your Mother".
- "This Is Us". - "Toy Story 4".
- Watching "Euphoria", during the last episode--
- [Interviewer] Don't spoil it!
Tell me about the last time you cried.
- I was in the fitting room
and I couldn't get the jeans and button them.
And so I just was defeated and sad
because I don't know how I got to this point.
- This is supposed to be a funny question or sad question?
(all laughing)
- It can be whatever! - Either one.
- I cried yesterday 'cause I spent $47 on Uber.
- 'Cause of the Hong Kong protests.
- Fought with my boyfriend.
- My coworker passed away.
- Get drunk, black out, sleep through work.
- [Interviewer] When was the moment you cried?
- In the office when they said I got suspended.
- My best friend passed away.
- After having a really intense miscarriage.
- When my husband died four months ago.
- [Interviewer] Tell me about the last time you cried.
- Got in a car accident. - Break up.
- Existential crisis. - Started my period.
- When you have a child, your chemistry changes.
- I cried because we were outta hot chocolate.
- My best friend broke up with her boyfriend
and I was sitting with my boyfriend,
so I just turned to him and I was like, "Love is dead!"
- [Interviewer] Last time you cried?
- Um. (swooshing)
- I don't remember. - It was recent.
- Three and a half weeks ago. - Two days ago.
- Three years ago. - I cry a lot.
- I'm not a big crier.
- I'm an emotional person. - I cry every day.
- [Interviewer] When's the last time you cried?
- When I was 16.
- That was the last time? - Yeah.
- Generally I don't, like stuff doesn't phase me,
or maybe I don't express it when it phases me.
- I cry a lot when I'm by myself.
- I think that a lot of men feel
a lot of pressure and stigma around crying.
- [Interviewer] Is it okay for me to cry?
- No, it's perfectly fine.
- [Interviewer] Tell me about the last time you cried.
Like how long ago was it?
- Maybe like 14 years. - Okay.
- Now if you're a man, you don't cry.
I'm like, I'm about to cry my ass off.
- I'm not a water sign, but I'm emotional.
- I'm a Capricorn. - Yeah, I'm a crybaby.
- [Interviewer] Last time you cried?
- Just last week 'cause it was gonna be the first time
I ever got to meet my dad,
only to find out I was two months too late.
I didn't even get a chance to say hello or goodbye.
- [Interviewer] I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
- [Interviewer] Last time you cried?
- Last time I cried was when I got
into an argument with my parents.
- I think I was just feeling really emotional
about me and my dad having an argument.
- Last time you cried? - Yesterday.
I miss my mom and we don't really have a good relationship.
- [Interviewer] What made you cry?
- I had this dream where my mom was dying
and I woke up shaking and crying.
- One family that I'm really close to,
their mom is dying of cancer
and so I cry about that a lot.
- My kids won't stop talking about like,
"I saw you crying, Mom.
"Your eyes were kinda weeping."
I was like shut up.
- [Interviewer] When's the last time you cried?
- Like a year and a half ago.
- I don't really know. - I don't cry super often.
- I try not to cry. - I don't like crying.
- 'Cause it makes me tired.
- I go through seasons where I cry at everything
and then I don't cry at all.
- [Interviewer] Tell me about the last time you cried.
- I was working a double shift, so it was like back to back,
just a really awful day and then my mom gave me a call
and (sighing) it really warmed my heart.
- I cry a lot when I'm happy.
- [Interviewer] What do you do when you're sad?
Do you laugh?
- Yeah, I laugh in uncomfortable situations
and that's normally when I'm sad.
- For me, it's easier to just not cry,
but I was like, let me try to cry and it felt good.
- And I just sat there like (groaning), you know, bawling.
- It was a lot of tears. - Pretty gnarly.
- Ugly, snotty, gross crying.
- It was one of those cries
where you feel really good after.
- Oh my gosh, want me to cry on cue?
Nah, I can't do it, I'm too funny.
(all laughing)
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When's the Last Time You Cried? | Keep it 100 | Cut

34 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on January 20, 2020
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