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  • RWBY chibi

  • Yang: Ah, I love this time of year

  • Ruby: Me to, everything feels so festive

  • Floyd: What's that smell

  • Smells like evil plaaan!!

  • Haaa!!!

  • A-ha hahaha

  • Floyd: Not the face

  • Ruby: Aaah, The perfect pumpkin pie

  • Yang: I call first slice

  • Floyd: AAAH!!!

  • Ouchie!!!

  • Pyrrha: Heey nora, what are you doing

  • Jaune: Yeah what is all this

  • Nora: Oh just making a little love potion, with someone special in mind

  • *Pyrrha and Jaune laugh*

  • Jaune: Nora you are never going to trick Ren into drinking it

  • Pyrrha: Will just leave you to it.

  • Nora: OKAY see you later

  • Ren: Nora i cant

  • Ruby: Its october 31th

  • Ruby: Do you know what today is?

  • Weiss: Hallow-

  • Ruby: ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  • Weiss: What? Your birthday?

  • Yang: Eeyup

  • Detective Pyrrha, Nurse Nora, Undercover Ren and Huntsman: Trick or treat!!!

  • Ruby: Its my birthday!

  • Yang: Alright everyone buy there costume for tonights party?

  • Ruby: I mean i was kinda hoping you guys would buy mine for me

  • cause you know eh it is my birthday

  • Nora: Nice costume ruby

  • Ruby: I DIDN'T PICK THIS!!!


  • Ruby: Please help, its my birthday

  • Nora: Happy birthday

RWBY chibi

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