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RWBY chibi
Yang: Ah, I love this time of year
Ruby: Me to, everything feels so festive
Floyd: What's that smell
Smells like evil plaaan!!
A-ha hahaha
Floyd: Not the face
Ruby: Aaah, The perfect pumpkin pie
Yang: I call first slice
Floyd: AAAH!!!
Pyrrha: Heey nora, what are you doing
Jaune: Yeah what is all this
Nora: Oh just making a little love potion, with someone special in mind
*Pyrrha and Jaune laugh*
Jaune: Nora you are never going to trick Ren into drinking it
Pyrrha: Will just leave you to it.
Nora: OKAY see you later
Ren: Nora i cant
Ruby: Its october 31th
Ruby: Do you know what today is?
Weiss: Hallow-
Weiss: What? Your birthday?
Yang: Eeyup
Detective Pyrrha, Nurse Nora, Undercover Ren and Huntsman: Trick or treat!!!
Ruby: Its my birthday!
Yang: Alright everyone buy there costume for tonights party?
Ruby: I mean i was kinda hoping you guys would buy mine for me
cause you know eh it is my birthday
Nora: Nice costume ruby
Ruby: Please help, its my birthday
Nora: Happy birthday
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RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 21 - Happy BirthdayWeen

235 Folder Collection
祈祈 published on January 16, 2020
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