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- All right, buddy. - Oh, good.
- Here's how... - Good, I love doing things with you.
- Here we go, here we go. - Okay.
All right, I don't like this, either.
Here's how it works, we're gonna have a number of mystery objects brought out in front of us, and our job is to guess what each one is.
The catch is that we have to figure it out by touch alone.
- We can never see what's in the box. - Okay.
- Oh, gosh. - I know, I'm gonna freak out.
I thought I smelled an animal backstage.
- I think I did. - Was that you?
All right, so, Selena, since I'm the host, I'll go first?
- Okay. - Wait, what?
All right, let's get to our first object.
Can I see what's...?
Yeah, you can see it, but don't lie to me and make it if it's crazier than it is.
Go for it.
Here we go.
What, go for it!
No, but he said something weird.
Aah, gross! Ew!
What the heck?
It's... an egg?
That was a lot.
This is the first one, it's kind of easy.
You barely touched it.
I touched it enough.
I touched it enough to know what it was.
- I didn't like its viscosity. - Okay.
I feel like it's hair.
Yes, it is hair.
How did you... you have guts, man.
I don't even want to see it, just go away.
That's so gross.
All right, my turn again.
Oh, no!
I feel like the rounds get crazier.
I don't...
No, I didn't feel anything, I'm just freaking out.
Gosh, oh, gosh, oh, gosh.
Come on.
All right.
Is it like a tongue or something?
Is it like a chicken or a tongue or something?
Ew, what the...
Wait, what in the what?
Is it real?
- No, it's not real. - Is that a real brain?
Cow brain, it's a cow brain.
It was cow brain?
Get Purell right now, this is insane.
What's wrong with people, okay, get this out of the way.
This is good, all right.
- The final round. - Is this the final?
-Well, it is for me, sure
That was the final round right there.
Cow brain, all right, this is up to you.
What do I do?
That's sad, what do I do?
All right, you do the same thing.
I do it?
Yes, you do it.
Is it my dog?
I don't know what the...
Hey, hey, come on.
-I'm sorry. -It's a family show.
You see what you made her do?
You see what you made her do, you see what you...
That's so cute.
Wait, I get cow brain, and she gets a stuffed animal?
- I'm so sorry. - Get this thing out of here.
- I can't believe it. - I'm sorry.
All right, it's time for the final round.
For this one, we're both gonna get the same item.
And the first person to guess it wins.
- Okay. - Alright, let's do this.
Do you smell that?
What, it's like food.
Smells like...
I think it's food for, like, a duck.
- Oh, my God! - What, what?
It is so gross.
It's, like, maggots or something.
What are they?
- No! - Oh, my gosh!
- Oh, my God. - What were they?
Those are mealworms.
Judges, who is the winner?
Audience, what do you think, who won?
Selena Gomez, champion.
Stick around, we're talking to Selena after the break, everybody!
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Can You Feel It? with Selena Gomez

1296 Folder Collection
Annie Chien published on January 15, 2020    Annie Chien translated    adam reviewed
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