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Do you have a passcode?
Yes, and I'm never telling you.
Is the passcode a long one?
Why, are you trying to hack?
I'm Brian.
Nice to meet you, Brian.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you. - I'm Nolan.
What are we gonna do today?
Well, I'm a computer hacker.
Computer hacker.
You're a hacker? - Mmhmm.
No more information.
Tell me one of the things you hacked.
Banks are really cool.
Did you get in trouble for that?
I don't get in trouble for that, people pay me to do that.
Even cooler, right?
Are you a good hacker or a bad hacker?
I'm a good hacker who pretends to be a bad hacker.
Uh, how does that work?
In order to defend against bad hackers, you have to sometimes think like a bad hacker.
So we emulate what Russia or China would do if they wanted to try and get into an oil rig.
I see.
Other countries was trying to hack into oil rigs?
Yeah, so they can cause some catastrophic explosion and change the prices of oil globally.
That's very sneaky. - Mmhmm.
Can you hack into anything?
Anything that has a computer in it.
Can you hack into that camera?
Yeah, I could.
Cellphones, printers.
So you pretty much have access to everything.
Pretty much, yeah.
That's so crazy.
Isn't it?
Hey, you could also hack into other peoples card, and then you'll steal all their money from their cards.
So that is actually called credit card skimming.
How much money did you get?
I've never done this.
I get paid to do this from other companies, and so they come to me and say, "Hey, will you hack us? So that we can stop bad guys from doing it?""
How would you get into an internet device?
People are always the first point of entry because they are the weakest link, really.
Secretary computers generally don't have the strongest security, and once we're in, then we have access to Everything. - The rest of the network.
So if I wanted to target a bank, I don't target the CEO.
You start low and work your way up.
In our house we have this iPad that my sister always plays on, I'd be tempted to hack into that and see what's she's been up to.
I wanna hack in my PS4 so I can be unstoppable.
You can definitely hack that.
Give yourself any weapon.
Any weapon.
I'd be hard to try to not show people that I hack.
That's something that a hacker might do.
What is the easiest thing to hack?
For Ethan. - For Ethan?
Moi, me.
If you wanted to start hacking?
Do you know how to write code?
That'd be the first step, is to write code and then take your own code apart and hack it.
Without making the computer bop.
Exactly. - Explode.
Don't wanna do that.
What do you think would be the worst case scenario if our enemies were able to...?
So, you could take down an entire nation's financial infrastructure.
Do you take any precautions to make sure that your information is secure?
Yeah, like I don't tell anybody my password or anything.
That's good.
I don't even know my password anymore.
Do you have a passcode?
Yes, and I'm never telling you.
Trying to help ensure that your data is secure from hackers.
So you wanna protect my information from yourself?
Mmhmm, yeah.
That's why I'm not telling you!
I know her password.
He got in my computer once and then downloaded boy games on my computer.
That's not good, right?
Did you change your password then?
No. - Nope.
I want mine says my favorite emojis.
Ethan doesn't know my emojis.
Happy face party hat.
I can hack into my moms account.
So if a bad guy figured out that passcode, what might happen?
He has the ability to text her friend.
He'd be like never mind, I don't wanna be your friend anymore.
That would be terrible.
It would be terrible, wouldn't it?
I don't think anybody would just randomly type in a password and get into someones bank account.
You don't think so?
What if I told you that I could have a computer try different passwords over and over and over.
If that was real everybody would have zero dollars by now.
I think it happens a lot more than you might expect.
So what if somebody hacked into your PlayStation 4?
Probably have access to all the games I have, over 30 games.
What if they removed them all?
That'd be pretty bad, huh?
Yeah, well, good thing I have some of them I have cases for them.
What if they prevented the discs from being read, saying you can't use your PlayStation until you pay us money.
That'd be useless because I have barely any money.
How would you prevent something like that?
By breaking the computers.
Throw it out? - I'd get a hammer, smash it.
Smash it, yeah.
Finger scan, eye scan, face scan.
That would be very hard.
That's a lot of steps.
You'll never get in.
I basically have a password app I use to keep track of my passwords.
Okay, good.
So using a password vault with unique passwords for everything, and strong passwords for everything, is really important.
Audrey, what do you think a good password would be?
Eight-eight-one-eight-five-comma-five-question mark-z-b
That would be a much better password.-period
That's good. -One-one-one-one-one-one-one-one-2000.
Is that better?
That's better, and don't use it because now I know it.
You can't remember it.
The camera can.
All right, all right.
So, what do we need to do?
Call Brian.
Hey, I'm Brian, thanks for watching Kids Meet A Hacker.
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Kids Meet a Hacker | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

62 Folder Collection
Helena published on January 15, 2020
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