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- Let's just say I spend 1000, but let's not tell anybody.
(soft upbeat music)
- My name's Ryan and I go to a public university.
- I'm Dylan, I go to a private university.
I study finance.
- Strategic communications.
- I am going to be a medical assistant.
- I'm trying to be an actor.
I'm going to college because my parents require that.
- After having my daughter, that's what really pushed me
to continue with my education.
- I live in a house with 60 men,
otherwise called a fraternity.
- Right now I live with my mom, my boyfriend
and my daughter in mom's house.
- I live in a house with eight girls.
I currently share a room.
- Yes.
I just buy little snacks that I can add
to my school day.
- Usually I spend about $50 on groceries.
So I had a little leeway, so I could have some fun with it.
So I splurged on the Honeycomb cereal.
- I like to cook fresh foods so we got greens.
- Trojan Bare Skin Premium Lubricant Condoms.
- We spent about a quarter of the $100's on baby formula.
- Honeycomb.
It was a fourth of my budget.
- I love Honeycomb.
- My room consists of a mini fridge,
a toaster over to cook pizza rolls in specifically.
- I always cook dinner for me and my boyfriend
and my daughter.
- I get Uber Eats and stuff sometimes.
- Per month?
Maybe 150, 200, I don't know.
- I don't cook.
I eat out almost everyday.
Nope, nope.
- I don't come from a family that has a ton of money.
So that kinda sucks when everyone else is going out to eat
and you just have to stay home to save money.
- Let's just say I spend 1000, but let's not tell anybody.
- I probably spend around 150 on groceries per month.
- Never.
- Parties are thrown two times a week.
I don't, wait.
- I like gin.
I feel fancy when I drink gin.
- So these are (mumbling), if you don't already know.
I'll definitely share with all my roommates.
- No, not at all.
Everyone that I went to high school with
did go off to college, off to university.
I don't see much of them anymore.
Sometimes I do wonder what my life would be like
if I didn't have her.
- I work about 30 to 35 hours a week.
- I take care of her in the morning,
go to school in the afternoon, go to work at night
and then sometimes I'm up until one or two doing homework.
- Sometimes I'll walk dogs.
So usually, most.
Okay, (laughing).
My parents pay for my rent.
This is gettin' personal.
- I have.
- Yes.
This summer for example, I didn't get two of my grants.
- I spent all my money in New York City.
- I had to raise 6000.
- I had the best time of my life
but I was not future thinking.
It was hard, I cried a lot and my mom helped me.
- Money is kind of the only thing
I've really gotten into fights with my parents about
or really just felt, really scared at times honestly.
- I'll be around $15,000 in debt.
- About $15,000.
- $25,000.
- 30 to 35,000 in debt.
But you know, I'm about to be done.
So I don't really wanna think about it anymore.
- To be honest, I don't really look at debt
as a huge thing because everyone has it.
Hopefully I'll just get a really cool job acting
in a big movie, like Marvel, maybe, will pay it off.
But, maybe a coffee shop.
(soft upbeat music)
- Here.
- You guys watch YouTube?
- [Interviewer] Yeah we have a YouTube channel.
(soft upbeat music)
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How College Students Spend $100 on Groceries | Cut

89 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on January 14, 2020
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