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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,230 Do you know that Dax Shepard has a crush on you?
I have a bit of a crush on Dax Shepard.
Take a look at this clip of how obsessed he is with Brad.
Let's talk about Brad Pitt, because you love him.
I sure do.
I've actually changed-- look at this son of a gun.
00:00:18,450 --> 00:00:20,730 Let's be clear, you're not gay, OK.
I am not, with the exception of him.
I see.
He's on it.
I see.
He is an angel.
He's not a-- he's not.
This is someone that has fallen from the stars.
Let's give Dax his gift.
That--Oh my god.
00:00:43,880 --> 00:00:45,060 I would take that painting.
All right.
We'll get one for you, too.
So this is a rumor, and I need you to clear this up
If this is true.
You used to-- I know you started as an extra, right?
Before you started acting you were an extra.
But did you-- were you one of those like mascots
outside of El Pollo Loco dressed as a chicken?
Yes, I was.
For the grand opening on Sunset, and La Brea, yeah?
Yes, I was.
A man's gotta eat.
How did you feel in that thing?
It was a chicken.
No shame.
It was like that kind of outfit.
Yeah, yeah.
OK, that could actually be you, for all we know.
No, I would have to wave the sign.
Grand opening.
What did you get paid for that.
I don't know, but I got flipped off a lot.
So the bird got the bird?
The bird--
Yeah, this is why you got the show.
See, that's how I do it.
Because I guess in the tour buses,
they tell people that that's what you did.
And I thought that can't be true.
And yet--
That is true.
I did not know that about you.
All right, so you go from that to a-- see you never know.
I think everybody should start dressed as a chicken
outside of a restaurant.
And then you achieve things like Brad's career.
I just want to wave at Sean up there.
I want to catch your wave, and I put it in my pocket.
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Brad Pitt Responds to Dax Shepard's Huge Crush

241 Folder Collection
wonderfulguy published on January 12, 2020
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