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[police radio chatter]
OFFICER CUTE: Well, it sounds like these two
vehicles were racing.
The Sergeant has one of those vehicles stopped.
We have the other one right here in front of us.
I'm going to be doing a traffic stop in a second here.
OFFICER CUTE: Turn the car off.
Turn it off.
Hop out for me now.
I asked you to hop out.
No, I can pull you out if you want me to do that.
Hop out of the car for me.
Put your phone down.
Step over here.
Just walk over here.
You can turn this way.
Take your hands out of your-- - OK.
Put your hands on top of your car.
No, it's not, oh, my god. - What's-- what's the reason.
I'm telling you to do something.
You just got to do it. - OK--
And then we'll figure it out.
[interposing voices]
I will explain that to you.
I need to know the reason for it.
You're going to turn away from me.
I have the right to know the reason
why I'm being pulled over.
You absolutely do.
And I'm going to tell you in one second.
So be quiet. - No, I need to know first.
That's the first thing you got to tell me.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Really? - I know my rights.
Apparently, you don't.
Yes, I do.
Apparently, you don't.
[police radio chatter]
And you're treating me like a criminal.
I'm not treating you like a criminal.
You are.
Why did you pull me out of the car for?
Put your hands on the car.
Let's both relax, OK?
Turn around.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm good.
Just do me a favor.
Keep your hands out of your pockets, all right?
Just the thing I have.
You don't have to--
- I have no criminal record. - OK.
I'm not--
And that's beside--
that's besides the point, all right?
Were you involved possibly in some drag racing back there?
I was just coming from [inaudible]..
Well, I have someone-- another vehicle that stopped,
and this exact vehicle description given out,
including your registration, stating that you were
racing with another vehicle.
I wasn't racing nobody.
Well, I'm-- I'm telling you that's what I have.
And that's why you're being stopped.
And that's why I'm talking to you right now.
There are so many cars like-- there's so many
Subarus in East Providence.
OFFICER CUTE: Are there so many Subarus with WZ 173?
No, there's not.
No. OK.
But I wasn't street racing.
I'm on my way back to [inaudible]..
So I didn't just happen to stop you.
I didn't just see your car and say, oh,
I want to pull this kid out of his and talk to him, all right?
It's for a reason.
Do you understand?
I'm not trying to bust your balls
or anything like that, OK?
All right, the Sergeant is going
to come down and talk to you.
He's the one that observed whatever violation he observed.
He just didn't think he-- we-- we
had the right to just get him out of the car and talk to him
and start patting him down and stuff like that.
So I-- I don't know what you did with the other one.
- There you go. - Ticket?
All right? Drive safely.
- All right, man. - Have a good day.
Take care.
Drive safe, man.
He was a little upset when I pulled him out of the car.
There is oftentimes some confusion as to
whether or not we have to tell people
what they were pulled over for.
Until we know that the scene is safe,
and we'll tell them later on, we don't have
to tell them that right away.
He could have been arrested and charged with eluding.
Instead, he was given a break and was only
issued a ticket for speeding.
[music playing]
SERGEANT RAPOZA: So we're, uh, going to a business that
reported that there was couple of people shooting up heroin
in the businesses parking lot.
So we're going to head over there and see
if we can locate the party.
It's, like, one of the officers is
out with a male part and maybe a female that's involved as well.
Where'd she go?
She goes this way, walking.
She's, like, oh, I'm leaving, you know?
I already brung this for you to get your car.
And then she just bounce, you know?
Do you-- do you have your car here?
I'm just looking at this car to see if I could buy it,
you know? - All right.
You weren't-- you weren't using heroin, though?
You could look at my eyes, you know?
You could see when a person just finished shooting.
Can you stick your hands out that for me?
Yeah, I use heroin.
You use?
OK, you see some marks.
[inaudible] outside.
I saw-- she was here sitting sitting down.
You pat him down?
She's like, you know--
Yeah, I already patted him down.
I took the [muted] from her, like, I grabbed, and I'm like,
yo, what the [muted] you doing? Sit down.
And she came she like, oh, I'm not.
Just check the area. [interposing voices]
No, she-- just see if--
All right.
- A what? - A bag.
Put on the ground.
Put-- spit that out.
Was there heroin in it?
Put-- put your hands behind your back.
Do you have any other bags on you?
I don't got nothing on me, sir.
All right, but--
You got a heroin in your mouth.
You got a bag of heroin in your mouth, though, right?
Yeah, OK.
All right, but--
SUSPECT: Like, for real, like, [inaudible]
I came over here to look at the car.
You got anything in the--
That's heroin right there.
You got--
I just asked you if you had heroin though.
SUSPECT: Huh? - Is there heroin in here?
SUSPECT: It's heroin.
It's a little bit of heroin.
I use heroin, you know, like--
Well, that's what I asked you.
You know, like--
is it heroin or fentanyl?
No, not fentanyl. It's heroin.
No, you know, I use heroin.
Do you got-- do you have anything will--
oh, it doesn't matter.
Once you come to the station [inaudible]..
Do you have anything tucked in you?
- No, I don't have nothing. - You sure?
Huh? You sure?
No, I don't have--
No nothing-- nothing in your cheeks?
No. No.
I don't have nothing.
All right, well, we'll check later.
So-- OFFICER: Anything in your shoes?
All right, well, let's-- let's take--
OFFICER: We'll bring over to my car.
All right.
Well, we're going to-- we're going to go over here.
We're going to grab whatever is in your shoe.
And then we'll talk about it. - All right.
All right?
All right.
[police radio chatter]
All right, just turn around and put your butt
right on the seat, OK?
Which shoe is it in?
- This one? - OK.
Which one? Left?
That one there?
[police radio chatter]
In your sock?
Relax, bud, relax.
[police radio chatter]
There's more in here too.
OFFICER: What's you just pick up?
OFFICER: Oh, yeah.
SERGEANT RAPOZA: Is that heroin?
Is that all crack?
All right.
How many bags you have in here?
Two bags? OK.
Were they 40 piece?
All right, so it looks like he had a couple bags,
like, two 40 bags of crack in his sock.
So we seized that.
We're going to be bringing in this gentleman for possession
of heroin, possession cocaine.
And we're going to try to see if we can still find the female
involved in the disturbance.
[music playing]
OFFICER MOUNT: This is just a report
of an intoxicated male outside of his house
yelling obscenities.
But it looks like this could be an ongoing neighbor issue.
How's it going?
This guy over here, he's been--
I've-- I've got--
I've got a couple of complaints in the last couple of years.
I've got-- I've got a no-trespass on him.
He just pulled up loaded with something in his car.
All right.
What's up, man?
All right.
Take it easy.
Why don't you put your phone on the tailgate for me
because I don't like people having stuff in their hands.
What's going on?
What's happening?
No, this [muted] over here.
He [inaudible].
He broke up two families.
That's fine.
He's a cop calling, a [muted] homewrecking piece [muted]..
- He broke up two families. - That's fine.
What's going on with you today?
Oh, nothing.
I just got home from work.
I walked a long [muted] day.
I'm tired.
I come home, and this piece of [muted] said something smart.
Lower your voice.
He's a piece of [muted],, this kid.
Do me a favor and go sit up on the porch over there.
Have you been drinking today?
Is there anybody else here?
There's no-- you live here by yourself?
So you live here with your mom?
You were born--
how old are you?
You're 56?
MAN: I mean, it's it's very, very, very uncomfortable.
No, absolutely.
MAN: And he just keeps calling me out to fight him.
He just keeps calling out to fight him.
And they call me-- and I'm just-- you know, I'm--
I'm-- - Yeah.
- --50. - Yep.
I'm a single dad. You know--
No, I hear you. I hear you.
[interposing voices]
I mean, you guys have put up with a lot--
No, I hear you.
No, you can-- you can keep your shirt on, or you
can take it off if you want to.
OK, so what exactly happened today?
You went over there to say hi?
Oh, no, I was-- I was [muted] driving home.
So they keep calling every--
And I said, hey, how you doing, Mark?
And he made a--
a-- he started this garbage.
Yeah, OK.
So you went over there--
so hang on.
If we come back here again because you're
yelling out-- out the window.
You're yelling from your driveway.
No, I'm going in the house. I'm going in my room.
SERGEANT RAPOZA: Let me explain.
You're going to go to jail tonight.
Do you understand? - I understand.
OK. Everybody's--
What's your first name?
Mike, I'm Steve, man.
Steve, I met you a couple of times last year.
But you probably don't remember. - No, I don't.
I don't.
I meet a lot of people.
In my line of work, I meet people--
No, we met-- we met, like--
[interposing voices]
We met like this.
Why don't you just go back in the house--
- I am. - --and hang out for the night.
I'm going in there right now.
Because we don't want to come back.
I know that.
I [inaudible].
I got a job--
I got a big job I'm working now.
SERGEANT RAPOZA: All right, you got a big job.
When's your mom get home?
I don't know.
All right.
So he's warned.
If it continues again.
If he starts off with a-- with the smarting off again--
Give us a call back.
He's been warned plenty of times.
I mean, he's-- this isn't-- this isn't his first time.
So any other issues, feel free give us a ring.
All right?
All righty?
All right, you got it.
Have a good night.
(SINGING) Because I'm a cowboy, baby.
Steve, why don't you take it inside, bud?
I am. OFFICER MOUNT: All right.
That's where I'm going, man.
(SINGING) Because I'm a cowboy, baby.
SERGEANT RAPOZA: This is an ongoing issue.
It's been going on for probably a year and a half.
So he'll be going in for the night.
If he comes back out and starts screaming obscenities again,
we'll come back, and we'll give him
a place to stay for the night.
[music playing]
We are headed to a call where there's a verbal disturbance
at this time.
The son's girlfriend is causing a scene.
What-- what's going on?
Mom called.
His mom.
What's up, bud?
What's going on?
I don't know.
You guys were having an argument?
What happened?
I just told you.
You have the report.
So tell me what's going on. - Sir--
Why did you guys get called?
We got a call here because there's an argument going on.
That's all.
Then you-- and you pulled up, and there's nobody arguing,
OK, so I started-- come on--
That's what I'm saying.
Let's-- let's lose the attitude.
I'm just here--
I didn't come here and decided to stop.
[inaudible] [muted].
No he retired years ago.
I don't got attitude.
Are you mom?
All right, I'm not going anywhere with him?
MAN: [inaudible]
Ms.-- who-- who rents-- who rents this household.
So I own the house.
You own the house, yeah.
INSPECTOR SROKA: You want her gone?
All right.
Just a mutual friend?
All right.
This is his car.
This is his car.
Well, you can--
whose car?
It's his car?
[police radio chatter]
Grandma doesn't want you hear tonight
because of the argument.
All right.
It's just someone is just going to have to escort me home
because I don't have a ride.
Where do you live?
Well, we can't give you a ride to Pawtucket.
Well, I know--
I know you guys can't help.
INSPECTOR SROKA: How often do yo guys argue?
WOMAN: We argue all the time.
How long you guy's been dating.
We've been dating for like a year and a half.
JARROD: [inaudible]
More good than bad times.
More bad than good.
What's keeping you together?
Um, hope.
How long are you going to hold onto that hope?
Probably not much longer.
All right, well, you can't stay here today.
We'll give you a ride to Dunkin' Donuts.
Sir? WOMAN: Don't forget--
Let's go. Come on.
Come on. - Oh, that's you!
That's-- no, no, no. - OK.
I'm getting my [muted].
This is how it's going to work.
I'm getting my things. JARROD: Listen--
Now you're starting to cause a disturbance, the both of you.
So knock it off.
Don't-- don't get my [muted].
What do you need?
JARROD: [muted]
[interposing voices]
Stop yelling.
You're causing a disorderly conduct.
You see that [muted].
I'm done.
What-- what is going on in this car?
Jarrod, very close, you keep yelling,
you're going for disorderly conduct.
Then we don't have to worry about coming back here.
JARROD: [inaudible]
Is that macaroni and cheese?
[police radio chatter]
Do-- do you mind I give her a--
an escort to DND so she's not carrying
all that stuff [inaudible]?
OFFICER: That's fine.
That's fine. - [inaudible]
- You good with this? - Yeah.
Let me talk to you for a minute.
What's your name, miss?
Is it your grandmother or your mother?
OK, so if you and your mom want her trespassed from here,
it starts today.
She'll be warned.
She'll sign a form.
And then you're going to sign it, and mom's going to sign it.
If she has to come back here, she will
be arrested for trespassing.
JARROD: But I don't want to put in no trespassing order
because I might be sitting in my driveway with her.
Later on?
Not today.
Hopefully in the next couple of days because--
You guys went together for a year and a half, she said.
And it was my best friend before this.
MAN: A couple of years, right?
All right. All right.
So I'll tell him not to sign--
I'll tell her void that no-trespass order.
You don't need it.
You guys just need a little space for now to cool down.
That's-- yep.
INSPECTOR SROKA: That went from hot to cold.
So at the end of the day, he does not want her trespassed.
And they'll be together tomorrow.
[music playing]
OFFICER GRAVES: So we're going to go check
an area just south of here.
Dispatch reported that a--
a woman was walking in the lane of travel on Dugan Avenue.
How are you?
Were you walking-- were you just walking down this way?
Where you headed?
To the Terrace?
All right, were you walking in the road. by any chance?
Um, yeah.
You were walking in the road?
Well, not directly.
All right, just kind of walking in and out?
What's that?
- I might have. - You might have?
All right, we just got a call because somebody said
that a female was walking in the road
and traffic was having to go around her,
you know what I mean?
Let's do-- let's give you a ride, all right?
Here we go.
[music playing]
Stop it.
I can't-- who can ride in that?
What's up?
You want to sit in a a bigger one?
OK. All right.
All right.
Have a seat.
It's a little-- little more spacious for you.
Why's that?
Well, listen here, ma'am. Come here.
Hold on. Hold on.
- [inaudible] - Yeah.
You can't walk.
So you either going to get a ride from us,
or I'm going to bring you to the hospital
because you almost just walked in the road right now.
We're trying to help you out.
No, it doesn't-- it doesn't move.
I wish I could too.
How do you think I feel driving around
in that thing for 16 hours.
Why am I busting your balls?
Do you want to ride with her?
She does.
We all do.
Same size.
OFFICER: Is there anything on you in your pockets?
We already-- we already--
She's-- yeah.
All right, let's do it.
We're going to put the window [inaudible]..
- Listen, Andrea. - No.
Come here. Come here.
Come here. Come here.
No. I can't do bars, please.
OK, then you're going to go to the hospital.
Then-- then we're going to call you a rescue.
Come here. Come here.
Come here. Stay right here.
- I can walk. - Stay right here.
- You cannot hold me. - Yes, we can.
[interposing voices]
Unfort-- listen, unfortunately,
we can, all right?
We have to make the decision for you because you're
not making it for yourself.
So our decision is that you're going to go get evaluated
at the hospital, all right?
We gave you more than enough chances,
you know, to make that decision.
So let's stay right here.
So-- so you want to walk in the back of the rescue with us?
Are we going to have to put the cuffs on you?
No? No.
Oh, no, no.
All right. All right.
All right.
Other arm, please.
No, no, no.
All right, I'll go- I'll go in the--
- Other arm. - Other arm.
I'm going in the rescue.
OK, thank you.
I'm going in the rescue.
OK, you are going to go on the rescue.
- You will. - Come on.
You got a car?
Yes, I do.
Taking her.
All right, so kind of a strange call.
I mean, she couldn't make up her mind, obviously,
about if she wanted a ride from us
or she wanted to go to the hospital.
So, unfortunately, in those situations, we have to make--
make decisions for people and what they do.
We had a rescue come that's going to evaluate her.
And they're actually going to take her to the hospital
to get some medical treatment.
[music playing]
I'm going to go to this disturbance.
Unfortunately, we've been here so many times it's--
we're on a first-name basis with everybody.
[police radio chatter]
So you-- so you called?
MAN: I called the cops, yes. - OK.
- I asked her to leave - About what?
She's been drinking all [muted] day since [muted]
2:00 in the [muted] afternoon.
Relax, relax.
And-- and-- and I asked her to [muted] leave.
And she [muted] threatened to leave.
And, finally, it came to a point where, um--
it came to the point where she had to leave.
So I called the cops, and I says, I want her out.
And she was already packing her [muted]..
And she-- she--
she-- she-- she-- you know, whatever.
She started doing [muted].
How much have you had today-- to drink today, Mike?
- I had [muted] two cocktails. - OK.
I just got home.
- I-- I worked a double today. - OK.
I worked double [muted] all week long.
OK, all right.
Relax, relax.
I can't relax.
I mean, she's [muted].
Are you letting-- are you still-- are you
letting her stay here still? Or--
No. [muted]
I want her out. SERGEANT RAPOZA: OK.
All right.
So what exactly happened tonight?
What started this whole--
- He's been drinking all night? - [inaudible] [muted].
Was there anything in particular
that happened that caused it?
Doesn't sound like it's going that well.
- No, it's not. - No?
It's been-- it's been back and forth like this.
But I love her.
She loves me, you know?
[muted] together?
Like, four or five months, you know?
It's [muted] crazy.
Sounds like you're in love.
I-- in the wash machine, I have a few things.
And that's it.
Let's grab-- let's grab a bag and get that so we can--
[interposing voices] - --get this moving.
She's going to grab her stuff.
Better come with me.
OK, she's not going to grab that.
MAN: Whatever.
I ain't got no space [inaudible] deal with you guys.
That's for damn sure.
I work [muted] 60 hours a [muted] week.
Gail's all set to go.
All right.
Hopefully, we took care of this situation for tonight, right?
- Yes, sir. - All right.
So no--
I appreciate your help.
I don't-- don't have Gail back.
That's your best bet, right?
I appreciate it, sir.
All right.
It's a sad situation here.
I mean, there's two toxic people,
both with addiction issues.
Hopefully, both of them can get some help
and avoid these issues in the future.
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Live PD: Best of 1 Providence, Rhode Island | A&E

20 Folder Collection
Go Ai published on January 11, 2020
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