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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,760 So you talk about, in the book, also the night
that gay marriage passed.
And this is a great story.
One of the interesting things--
I bring it up to talk about just how vastly different
one day could be in the White House
during our administration.
And the day that Barack and I went to the funeral
where he famously sang Amazing Grace.
We were at that funeral, but we flew back.
In that same day, marriage equality was passed.
that same day.
00:00:43,420 --> 00:00:46,600 And we're in the White House.
And when you're in the residence,
there's so much bullet-proof glass
that sometimes you don't hear what's going on outside.
And we were having dinner.
And we were listen-- we knew that there was celebration
happening, but we didn't realize that thousands of people
were gathering in front of the White House
at that time to celebrate.
And my staff was calling me.
Everybody was celebrating and people were crying.
And I thought, I want to be in that.
Also, we had worked to make sure that the White House was lit up
in the LGBT colors.
So the White House was--
It was so beautiful.
--in whole rainbow.
It was beautiful.
So we had made that plan and I was sitting and watching it
on TV, and realizing, I'm living this.
I said, I have to break out of this.
I want to go outside and I want to be
a part of that celebration.
So I had the bright idea, I'm going outside.
So I tried to find some partners.
So I went to Barack's office and I said, we should go outside.
And he was like, babe, I've got too much stuff to do.
I can't go out.
And he's like, you know I can't walk outside.
Come on.
Get out of my office.
00:02:01,710 --> 00:02:02,410 I go to Sasha.
I said, you want to come outside with me and see the house?
Its colors?
Let's celebrate.
And she's like, no.
I'm watching [MIMICKING].
00:02:09,910 --> 00:02:13,120 I went to Malia's room, and I said, come on, go with me.
And she says, OK.
I'm down.
So it's me and Malia.
And we're trying to get out of the White House.
And realize that it's not that easy to get out
of the White House when you're in it, but we were determined.
And I said, we are not listening to anyone.
We are going to walk out that door, you and me.
So you come out of the residence and there's an elevator.
And there's usually an agent right there.
And when you come out, they whisper our code names,
they're moving.
And I'm like, dang.
They know we're moving.
Let's not take the elevator.
Come on, you and me.
Go down the stairs.
So we rush down the stairs.
And you can see the agent thinking, why are they running?
And he doesn't quite know what to do,
so he starts following us.
And I'm like, run faster, run faster.
And we go down the steps and we go
to the front door, the north portico door, which
faces Pennsylvania Avenue.
And I'm just thinking, I'm going to walk out.
So we go to the door and the door's locked.
So now there are many people behind us.
The uniformed policemen, the usher
who's in charge of the house, and they
don't know what to do, right?
And they're like, uh, ma'am?
Where are you going?
I said, I'm going out.
We're going out.
We're going outside.
And they're watching because-- and they're
calling in more people, she's trying to get out.
She's trying to get out.
And Malia's like-- she's pumped up.
She's like, we're going to do this, mom.
You get out.
You get out.
But the door is locked.
And then the usher says, ma'am, um, if you walk out there,
you will be on camera in front of the nation.
Now I'm in ripped up shorts and a t-shirt.
No shoes on, no makeup.
And I thought, hmm.
You have a point.
00:03:54,090 --> 00:03:56,890 I don't want to be on that clip looking like this.
But eventually, the happy news was that we got out.
Malia and I walked outside.
It took 15 minutes to get outside.
And we stood along with all the cheering crowd.
Off to the side, mind you, so no one would see us,
with security surrounding us.
And we tried to have our tender mother-daughter moment.
But we just took it in.
I held her tight and my feeling was, we are moving forward.
Change is happening.
That's beautiful.
That's so good.
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Michelle Obama Tried to Escape the White House to Celebrate the Legalization of Gay Marriage

18 Folder Collection
tangttt1 published on January 11, 2020
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