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Okay. Let's talk about this book.
>> No more funny stuff.
>> No more funny stuff.
Only heartbreaking and funny stuff.
The book really is.
I texted you.
I was on page two,
and I texted you saying- >> I can't read.
>> [LAUGH] >> When is it coming out on audio book?
>> More pictures.
>> It's really so well written.
I mean that doesn't surprise me, you're a writer and you're a brilliant writer.
It's so well written and in case people don't know your life, 2012, right?
Was the year that everything kind of happened if you'll just explain.
>> Yes. In 2012, I had pneumonia and then I contracted this potentially
deadly illness called C. Diff., where bacteria just eats your insides.
And then my mother died suddenly, accidentally, and
then I went through a break up and then I was diagnosed with invasive cancer.
This was all in four months.
And so the book just is raking through all those moments,
because I put out an album and there's also a documentary about that time period.
But I felt like both of those were just skeletons of that time.
And this book really goes through every beat and it also updates where I am now,
and it fills you in on where I came from, what my mother was like, and all of that.
>> Yeah, boy. And we learn a lot about your mother.
She was quite something.
>> [LAUGH] She was.
>> Yeah.
>> She was very wild and very uninhibited and she was pretty crazy.
>> Yeah.
And, well, you should read the book, obviously.
>> There she is.
>> But it's heartbreaking and brilliant and funny and everything that you are.
So I can't recommend it-
I was handing it to Portia when I would go take a shower and she'd read it and
I'd- we were back and forth with it and-
But, it's fantastic.
>> Well, thank you. >> Congratulations.
>> Thank you. >> And now life is good.
You're married.
You have twins on the way.
So that's exciting.
>> Yeah, it's so exciting.
>> Yeah. >> Yeah, we got married in Pass Christian,
Which is, you have family and friends there.
>> Yes, my aunt lived in Pass Christian.
So we have all these connections together.
So you got married in Mississippi.
>> Yeah.
>> And you have twins on the way.
>> Yes, due any day now.
>> Is it really any day?
>> Yeah. >> That soon?
>> [LAUGH] >> Do you have names for them yet?
>> No, we're not naming them.
>> No? >> [LAUGH]
>> Good idea.
>> Yeah. >> Let them name themselves.
It's rude.
Why are we named by our parents?
>> It is. >> Let them name themselves.
>> Yeah, we're not gonna be rude parents.
Stephanie and I have named each other cuz we couldn't figure out what we should be called.
And I suggested the funny one and the pretty one.
>> I see.
>> And I'm gonna be the pretty one.
>> [LAUGH] >> Cuz I love the idea of
the kids going up and being like, the funny one said we could go out and play.
Well, you tell the funny one that the pretty one said.
>> [LAUGH] >> And
actually, their names are, we do have names.
>> What are they? >> It was Max and Finn.
>> You did name them?
>> Yeah. >> Max and Finn.
>> Yeah. >> Adorable.
>> Thank you. >> That's adorable.
Cuz I had some suggestions.
But now, nevermind.
>> [LAUGH] >> We don't have middle names.
>> No. >> [LAUGH]
>> Tig's book is called I'm Just a Person.
It's in stores now.
You should read it.
It's fantastic.
We'll be right back.
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Tig Notaro Talks Becoming a Mom

25 Folder Collection
wonderfulguy published on January 11, 2020
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