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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:00,000 Hello.
It's so nice to see you.
Good to see you.
This is your first time here.
I know.
We have met-- haven't we met?
We've met.
We have.
Yeah, I don't remember where or when, but we have.
I think we've met at sort of-- well,
my grandmother has been on your show a few times.
Well, your dad, of course.
So I hear about you.
Steve Tyler is her dad, and then--
Steven Tyler.
And then your grandmother is an etiquette expert.
She was on, getting me ready for the Oscars.
She loves you.
She always talks about you.
Hi, Gigi.
Hi, Gigi.
Good morning.
Hi, Gigi.
I don't know that I've done Gigi proud.
I don't know that I'm the best--
Oh, there she is.
What is it like to have a grandmother who's
an etiquette expert?
Do you have to--
did she correct you if you were doing something wrong?
She still does, yes.
It's amazing.
I mean, I actually grew--
I lived with her when I was a kid as well.
My mom and my aunt and my grandma all raised me.
And I learned a lot from her, which now, later on in life,
it really shows up, and you really appreciate.
But she still tells me that I need
to get my teeth straightened, and don't need any salt,
and not--
Well, that's not etiquette.
That's judgment.
Wear gloves.
I mean, that's--
I think we had her on, like, obviously, as a joke,
like I was going really learn anything.
And clearly, I didn't.
But she's lovely.
You have amazing manners.
Do I?
Well, I'm a polite host.
As far as a dinner table, I'm like a wild animal.
I really-- it's horrible.
You're living in London now, right?
I-- well, yeah-- I-- yes.
But shooting here.
I'm filming here.
But I live in London with my family.
My fiance, David, is English.
And we moved to London to be with him.
We have four children together.
We're like the Brady Bunch.
And do they have accents now?
Do the kids?
So I have-- Lulu's three.
Sailor's four.
We call them the babies.
They have full English accents, which is really funny.
They call me Mummy.
And I'm like, no, it's mommy.
But they're really aware of all the different--
I love that they're correcting you too.
You've got your grandmother and your children
all ganging up on you on how to do things.
And Steven Tyler is a grandfather.
How is he as a grandfather?
It's interesting.
He's a different kind of grandfather.
The normal grandfather is--
well, Granddad wears nail polish, but--
And lots of scarves.
And more makeup than me, yeah.
He's very sweet.
Have they seen him perform?
They must see what he does.
I'm trying to think.
Milo has been a few times.
He's very shy.
He doesn't-- like, he's my 15-year-old son,
who's 6 foot 2 now.
And he'll hate that I'm talking about him on television
because he's very shy.
But he will have nothing to do with me as an actor,
or my dad as a performer, or his dad as a performer.
But he-- if my dad's performing, he will stand in the corner
with his back to the stage and just--
it's like torture for him.
All right, so it's--
Rob Lowe has been telling me-- and he's a friend of mine.
He's been telling me about this.
So it's "9-1-1, Lone Star."
Lone Star.
It takes place in Texas.
But you shoot here.
We shoot here, yeah.
Pretend like it's Texas.
I love Austin.
I wish we got to spend more time there.
I love Austin too.
But it does take place there.
And you play--
You have the bluest eyes ever.
Thank you.
There's so beautiful.
Well, thank you.
They're crazy blue.
They're aqua blue, not just blue-blue.
Thank you.
You have blue eyes, too.
Yeah, but not like that.
Well-- anyway, um--
So you and Rob have-- there's a dancing scene
that I understand that he didn't quite rehearse for.
Yeah, we have to do a honky-tonk kind of dance.
And well, that was the first time
the whole cast had ever met.
We were meeting at a rehearsal, which was a great way
to break the ice.
Very embarrassing.
But funny.
But he didn't come.
But he was great in the actual, final thing.
Yeah, that was--
Because he's a good dancer.
He's got good rhythm.
Well, what I've seen anyway.
Maybe he's-- all right, it is called "9-1-1, Lone Star."
It premieres January 19th after the NFC Championship
game on Fox.
We'll be right back.
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Liv Tyler's Grandma and Kids Correct Her Etiquette and Vocabulary

40 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on January 10, 2020
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