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I love American optimism.
They have a pretty nice flag.
Are you joking?
That is actually shocking.
That's nothing you would ever see in Britain.
That would cause, you know, riots.
In the U.S., a large drink in McDonald's is 77% bigger
than in Europe.
That's disgusting.
It's diabetes to go.
Many common U.S. food ingredients
are banned in the E.U.
Adzo — what.
Azodicar —
— bonamide?
Banned in Europe because it may cause cancer.
Mm, cancer brownies.
It's so cute.
We have a baby.
How long do you get for parental leave
in your country?
The mother gets 410 days.
The fathers as well.
There's a paternal leave that is, I think,
it's about nine weeks.
O.K., the number of paid days of maternity
leave guaranteed by law in the U.S.
Let's see.
It's nothing.
Oh, my.
Like, I was right.
It's literally like, you want to have a kid?
Well, you're on your own now.
Well, you de-incentivize people
from having kids like that.
You de-incentivize poor people from having kids,
because if you're rich, you can obviously —
afford it.
You are graduated.
Oh, thank you.
These are the annual fees at major U.S. universities.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, M.I.T., $51,832.
For a year?
A year?
I mean, honestly, that is a bit
disgusting from a first-world nation.
I mean, I pay 18 euros per semester.
In Denmark, it's free.
A woman's leg got stuck in the gap between the train
and the platform.
She begged no one call an ambulance.
It's $3,000, she wailed.
I can't afford that.
Coming from the Bulgaria, which
is the poorest E.U. member state,
I've never heard about this.
In 2015, medical bills led to 1 million adults
declaring bankruptcy.
My dad is diabetic.
And he gets really good care in Belgium.
And we don't pay a penny to it.
It's completely free.
But what surprises me is that people are not rioting
on the streets, to be honest.
I know.
Oh, my god.
That conversation.
This is a toy AR-15.
An AR-15-style rifle was used in the San Bernardino
shooting that killed 14 people.
The Orlando nightclub shooting that
killed 49 people.
In the 2017 Las Vegas shooting
that killed 58 people.
Washington, D.C., actually banned handguns.
But the ban was overturned in 2008
by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Whoa, overturned.
So somebody had the —
Somebody thought, yes —
— common sense to ban this.
And then they were like, do you know what?
No, we need guns.
Americans are incredibly friendly and hospitable.
I wish we could be that sort of happy and optimistic
about the future.
And the influence has been huge, like, and still today.
Whether it's food, or music, or fashion, or art, film.
The younger generation in America
has definitely given me hope about —
— the future of America.
And everyone secretly has an American dream.
I mean, you know, we can still all resubscribe
to that.
In Germany, we don't wave flags.
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What Do Europeans Think About American Life? | NYT Opinion

78 Folder Collection
Helena published on January 9, 2020    Alisa translated    Evangeline reviewed
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