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Ling Ling 40 hours!
(If you can play something slowly, you can play it quickly.)
( A M A Z I N G ! ! ! )
Mass evac—
Why me?!
- That's really funny. *chuckles* - I mean...I guess I...
- Ohh... - I guess track record wise,
I've forgotten mine more times than you,
but you've forgotten it once too, man.
Dude, that's insane...mass evacuation, that's—
- Wow. - Dude!
- Apparently... - Ling Ling typhoon.
Dude, Ling Ling typhoon.
Everyone's evacuating [from the] typhoon, and it's like,
the one person that found out it's Ling Ling.
- He's like, "I wanna be Ling Ling!" - Ah, yeah! *laughs*
"My only chance! Woo!"
I don't get this meme.
I don't get it either.
Can we read the comments?
Well, I'm still—
We're still trying to understand this!
One is always jerky...
Uh, janky.
Yes, I get it now.
- Thank you guys, for the clarification. - *chuckles*
Alright guys, it's...let's...
- ...be nice here. - Yeah...yeah.
- *chuckles* - All about love and respect.
Mom: Hurry up and eat your food, it's not that hot.
This is so dumb.
I remember reading a comment for that skit,
someone's like,
"Guys, come on, can't you find one real girl to be in your skit?"
We're too busy making videos and practicing.
We don't really have a social life, do we, huh?
(Both) Ohhhhh!!!!!!
Oh, man.
- Well, I'd argue he didn't even get to the level of intonation... - Yeah...
- He's not even making sounds properly. - Yeah.
You can't even consider him for the intonation category.
- Yeah. It's like... - *chuckles*
Few levels below that, right? *chuckles*
I mean, guys, we—
There's already some flex videos. What else do you want?
I got nothing to flex. But!
If Brett!
Not, hey.
When we hit two million subs,
- Uh oh... - Brett will drop...
...his recording of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto!
Come on guys. 2 mil subs.
You guys want it.
Everyone says, "We want Brett's Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto!"
2 mil subs.
When we hit 1 mil, it was a livestream.
This time two mil we'll do a livestream,
- Brett's Tchaikovsky! - *groans*
Gonna drop it guys!
- Yeah! - Oof!
- Feel like I've seen this meme before. - I know...
Keeps showing up.
Obviously you guys love this joke.
You guys love jazz, dissing jazz guys.
I mean, there's some skills in jazz.
Guys, come on, come on.
To be fair, like...
Have you seen like, the fear on a classical musician's face,
when you ask them to improvise? Typically...
I know, it's like...
"Uh oh."
- It doesn't— - It's like we don't know what it's like to play wrong notes.
- Yeah! - *laughs*
Wow. Guys...
You gotta practice, but finish this video first before you practice.
We're here, as a motivation!
- The orchestra [like], "Yeah!" - "Yeah!"
- "Let's get a real cannon!" - *chuckle*
Can you buy a cannon? Is that a thing?
Dunno. Should we Google?
(both) Nah.
I wanna buy a cannon.
I mean, we don't...we don't condone that behaviour.
But! Have you seen our sight reading challenges?
But it's so true though, sometimes you're just like...
- "I'm so sorry." - Yeah.
Sometimes you just...
Don't have time, you know.
"We don't do that here..."
Did you actually practice scales?
Like back then?
A little bit.
I think I practiced thinking it'll help.
I mean it does help, to be honest...
- I've seen this. Have you seen this? - "Can't stop laughing while editing this."
- *laughs* I love the end...! - Dude, that's the dumbest thing ever...!
- Dude, our dancing's so bad...! - Who made this...?
- Wow...! - It's...
- Masterpiece. - TikTok. That's amazing.
Dude, that's nasty...!
Damn, double bassists, guys.
Ooh, man.
The strings are thicker, so that's... *wince*
...Ooh, painful.
Gotta press...
- Play F for respect. - Yes.
*plays F on violin*
- Thank you Ling Ling Insurance, for looking out for us. - Yes.
Keep a lookout.
- Keep an eye out. We never know. - For Ling Ling Insurance.
Yeah, Ling Ling Insurance might come—
May not come.
H M M ! ! !
The key change.
- Dude— - 5 flats to 5 sharps.
Oh my God...!
- Dude that's— - That was—that G flat major to B major.
B major?
B major's okay, actually, as a scale.
- It's alright, on violin. But... - But...
It's like from...
- That change is too much. - ...G flat.
You gotta practice, but finish this video first before you practice.
Wait a minute!
Come on guys, you should be practicing
- Ohh... - Wow...!
Alright, guys...!
- To be fair, we never touched the swords. - *chuckles* Yeah.
It was like stunt fighting, you know, when you go like...
...and then you add like a sound effect.
I remember doing that!
- Yeah. - It took us so many shots!
But this was also back in our foetus days
of video content making.
- Yeah, we didn't hit our bows. - Yeah.
- No way. - It was just...it was hard to make it look like we hit our bows.
- Yeah, well, that's true. I do remember just like— - Yeah.
I remember we're like,
- Like, filming us many times like, stop right there... - Yeah...
We stopped, and then this was like a space where we just
touched the hair.
- Yeah. - We're not really whacking the stick—
I mean...
No way. Come on guys.
- *chuckles* - Yeah.
Okay, fair enough.
- Wow. - Holy moly.
Can I just say you'll never get this in like,
an Australian high school,
- or primary school. - It's so, orderly!
Yeah, it's so orderly. It'll just be out of control here.
That's amazing.
- Well, I mean... - Hey.
- It's... - We're all for freedom of expression.
- Yeah guys, say whatever you want. - *chuckles*
Oh, this is so true.
"A friend drew this in the band room."
Triplets versus two dotted quavers and a quaver,
is not the same!
And that's a fact!
- The first one's duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh... - Yeah. The first one's more consistent when you put it together.
Doesn't match.
And then... duh, duh-duh, duh, duh-duh...
It's very...very close though.
So many pop songs that use the second one, I swear.
- Duh, duh-duh, duh, duh-duh. - Yeah.
It's like, it's the most overused rhythm in pop songs, I swear.
"E sharp."
Oh my God.
- Oh, when will people get it? - Ohh.
I mean, that is kind of impressive, the black keys, and white keys...
- That's pretty cool. - But he can't really switch the pitch over as well though.
That's impossible.
But that's cool.
It's different, it's like night mode on.
- Yeah, dark mode. - Yeah.
Piano dark mode activated.
- Oh, that's cool! - Whoa!!!
That is amazing. Who is it?
I lover your name. "What the fugue?"
What the fugue, that's so cool.
I'm glad we saw this, what a great way to end this episode.
Thank you, u/what-the-fugue.
Alright guys.
Thank you so much.
Check out our merch, as always.
- Um... - Thank you for the support.
We love checking out your memes,
me-mes, meh-mehs.
We love checking on your memes, and uh...
- Alright, guys. - Yeah.
- If we hit 2 mil subs... - Oh no.
Livestream, and uh...
...Brett's Tchaikovsky.
Gotta drop my Tchaikovsky track.
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Brett Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Drop at 2 Mil Subs

50 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on January 8, 2020
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