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It's about 6:30, and we are off to niigata again. Let's go
Little [Old] right now. I need a miracle hurry up now. [I] need a miracle
Reaching now. I'll call you I say mainly
So two hours later. We [finally] made it to
Yahiko Village here in Niigata Prefecture
[and] we're going [to] go explore a little bit [arounds]. We have a video. We have to make later in about two [weeks]
[so] we're gonna look around on what kind of spots. We can actually take here in this area
So we're gonna show you guys around this village, and I hope you guys enjoy
So right now. We are at the inside the bicycle race
[stadium] I think you would say which is really cool
It's kind of like horseback riding stadium or car racing one and you can basically bet for your favorite
[cyclist] I guess and they go around this like track thing over here
Which is really cool?
I've never actually seen it before and I'm seeing I just I just took a look at it, and they go so [fast] and supposedly
Like the normal cyclist cannot actually go in here because the bank it. It's how do you say it's like
Planted a lot like really slanted, so I think typically if you're not used to it
You [just] like tip over because you use the bicycle wheels [they're] little thin ones, right?
[so] I'm going to show you guys what it looks like and yahiko village [behaved] just actually made this beautiful beautiful stadium
So they're really trying [to]
Promote the stadium to foreigners as well as [japanese] people. Which is why we're here to check it out
So let's show [it] to you guys
So that's what it looks like how big is that how cool is that they go so fast around here?
So basically there's a lot of rules with this
Game or sport I guess
So basically you're supposed to stay in the green if you go in the red
It's kind of like the zone you're not supposed to be going in blue you
Definitely can't go in and if you see on the green there's actually a yellow line
And it's also a white line so in between the two white lines is calling called the safety Zone so basically
If someone pushes you actually [this] sport you can push each other which is kind of interesting
It's kind of I feel kind of dangerous, but you know I'm not a professional bicyclists or cyclists
But I'm in a safety zone you can push the person
But say I'm in the in between the white lines
And some guy pushes me and I go into the red and I fall damage the guy who pushed me is automatically out
He is disqualified
So in between [a] white lines. It's very difficult to push someone and get away with [it]
[so] typically [people] know in between the white lines are not pushed
The yellow Line is like a safety Zone
So if someone pushes you outside the yellow, then that person is automatically out so it's really dangerous to to go up
but above the yellow line simply because it's slanted so much after the yellow line, so
basically people stay in the green in between the yellow and the white lines is a
basically the rule
So they have like many of these stadiums actually all across Japan
But yahiko this one like really really new so she doesn't check it out in [Geico] Village
You know that's a professional cyclist right there, whoa. He's so strong
[alright], so we just saw that race that [rose] absence a these guys come so fast around that course like I'd be like like I
Redid the go-kart one time and I felt like I was going crazy and out like you know patting at least there's no padding like
They wear a helmet, but if you fall down that must hurt but um I got a little ticket right here
Let's go only 100 yen, so only hundred yen. Don't gamble though
Not good for you
But it's really fun. I if I I bet this thing where there's many ways to win
It's kind of cool actually it's Kinda like a strategy game
So if my people get it correct
I've got number six racer number four racer number a tracer so it's being that order for a second third place
I put 100 yen one dollar I can get out
So this is kind of like
not a typical day, but something that I would do part of my job basically just look around different areas of Japan and
See kind of make a video idea to promote the area so that's why we're checking out this
cycling stadium so to speak
we're going to try to check out a little bit more around the area so that we can get some kind of idea [of]
a cool video create a video that we can do which would be
will be going back here on september 17 and 18 with a bunch of cool youtubers so stay tuned for that and
Yeah, so I think we'll take you guys around here
And I'll show you guys what else this area has to offer so right now. We are just walking through yahuveh village
We are scouting out some more areas as you can see. It's place is really really nature if you like nature
Definitely come here. It's really really peaceful quiet away from the city
Very different from talk. It's kind of weird that I was just until here this morning. [yeah], I'm going back to tokyo tonight
Kind of [weird] good because I mean Ii got [that's] pretty far from tokyo actually and I'm walking my buddy guilty' hey
So we're colleagues
because of my other yahiko village video
Called the best unknown Village in Japan. He was like one of the main guys that was in the video. [he's] the interviewer
interviewing all the farmers yeah, so
Yeah, so [I] guess follows around
So if you guys didn't know niigata prefecture famous for [its] rice especially Koshihikari. Which is a famous branded rice here, and this is Koshihikari
Soft cream though I got more soft cream a knife down the odigo47 stove
But I start in soft cream and all these different prefecture Sophie it has rice
in the ice cream
It looks like this looks pretty normal
They're like little
Grains of rice gum as if you guys saw one of my other videos in Athens [Kagawa]
Yo, who don't prefecture he had like little boxes?
[adorning] inside a soft cream
and it made it like a crunch it made a nice crunchy [philips] with like you're eating like a cookie kind of
frozen cookie this smells [like] little grains of rice
So it's a nice little crunch to whenever you bite into it actually feels like [a] little rice cookie
We're eating again at the train station. It's
with a chicken
cutlets curry with rice looks amazing
dudes, [it's]
5:45 right now. It's 550. We have some filming to do
That's why I'm up so early, but I want to show you guys what I do in the morning, usually oh
Yeah, all right. It's six o'clock. [I'm] gonna head to the train and dip in the office by 6:45 to start filming and
Today's your lucky day. We're going to be filming inside of my office. It's Gonna be like an office [uh]
what I do in the office on a normal day um
Yesterday was a little bit unnormal we went to a [different] was it me at the prefecture to check out
Some places in areas of some spots for a sponsored
Promoted thing that we should do later in September
So that's kind of not a special book more like happens once every other week possibly once every month maybe
So this is more of a normal day. I have a lot [of] meetings today actually so
Yeah, not looking for that
Yeah, so we made it to the office it is about
I wasn't around [seven] look no one's here. We're trying [to] take a video company video kind of thing
where [we] show the
Like people coming in just be pretty cool. So look at that. Look how big it is look
How big the offices so what's cool about this office? Is that we share it with our parent company and
All of the these tables with no desktop computers on it
So there's desktop over there so any place with no desktop computer is free space you can go work wherever you want
Any of these [brown] tables?
are basically
The Lounge area is kind of cool
It's like a stadium seating [like] [up] also that looks
there's women over there helping any film and now yeah, here's just your lunch nice view outside some toyosu so
Choice is kind of a cool hip area
Think it's in like a [diaper] kind of place of course we have these
very Japanese, so
Got your drinks drinks drinks
More drinks of course you got a separate your trash here over here. We have
Meeting [rooms] and this is the hallway
It's kind of cool. Oh
Whoa open this way?
Nice meeting room right here this water right here suppose like expensive
Water or decorate [closer]
Yes, [generally] pretty busy. [I] think I'm like five or four meetings
On the marketing side and then I have to do some editing on some videos
New Lee's coming in this morning
So stay tuned [famiglia] should be here soon. There's women at work. This is nice. Sony camera go in
Go in there. Yeah, did you have your banana? [oh]?
So right now. We are waiting for
[Tom] [lap] to finish. I'm gonna check some emails and write Samia was back to my balls [women's] right next to me
I'll lucky's win, but he gets us it. Thanks to me
this one [oh]
most people have like a
Desktop computer, [I] just have my laptop right here
Yeah, yeah, this is Darren right here. He is our developer
How you doing big boy for the engineer? So look who came with a surprise visit?
The mill stirrer is in the office today
She made a ceramic a video series about learning Japanese, so interesting that check it out
It's pretty good [right] those greetings greetings Japanese greetings
Okay, there's my camera on top of women skateboard when I shoot some more stuff. Just finished two meetings
Can you imagine [I] got [so] [next] to women all day?
Every day. He swims lucky. There's one been right there trying to took a manual time lapse
And see how he does so all meetings finished. It's about 6 p.m.. You've been up for 12 hours now
I'm tiring it at the office luckily
We are still filling for the video. I've got to edit some videos, and yeah, I think I've already heading home soon
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103 Folder Collection
Mayu Okuuchi published on January 7, 2020
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