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- Hold on, hold on, wait. Are we gonna drink this?
- I've had butterbeer, not butter coffee.
- Ah! (laughs)
♪ (upbeat intro) ♪
- (FBE) How do you feel about breakfast?
- I love breakfast! The most important meal of the day!
- I love breakfast. It's my favorite.
Pancakes are my favorite.
- (FBE) Well, I hope you're hungry,
because today we're going to challenge you
with four different breakfast cooking hacks that the internet loves.
- I literally never cooked breakfast before!
I don't know how!
- I'm excited, I'm hungry.
But am I gonna have to be doing the cooking?
- (FBE) Yes. - Ugh!
- (FBE) The first hack is a way to make coffee
into a breakfast substitute. - Okay.
- I feel like coffee's already a breakfast substitute.
When I drink coffee, I'm like "I'm good!"
♪ (upbeat music) ♪
- My favorite part of coffee is the two tablespoons of butter.
- Big chunk of butter, but I mean, I love butter, so it's okay.
- Organic coconut oil, okay.
What are they making?
- Well now they're just making a cake.
♪ (upbeat music) ♪
This feels like more steps than coffee.
- Hold on, hold on, wait. Are we gonna drink this?
- Bam, breakfast coffee.
- Wait, that's it, like, I thought we were gonna bake something.
Just gonna eat a block of butter, yum.
- I feel like there's zero nutritional value.
How is that a breakfast substitute?
- (FBE) This bulletproof coffee is a staple breakfast substitution
in the Keto Diet, which essentially eliminates carbs
to boost the metabolism. But is it drinkable?
- We're gonna find out!
Butter apparently makes everything better.
- Hell yeah, let's get it.
I've had butterbeer, not butter coffee.
- Alright, well I remember two tablespoons of butter.
- Making butter coffee, two tablespoons of butter.
- Oop, that looks like it'll be good.
- Big strong arms, I got it.
How much coconut oil was it? - (FBE) About that much.
- (Michelle) That much, okay.
- I've never put coconut in anything in my life.
- And then the milk.
- Okay. (laughs) That's enough.
Sorry, good coffee.
I'm gonna have to ruin you.
- Aw yeah, if that doesn't look appetizing, I don't know what does.
- That looks yummy already.
(blender revs)
- This is terrifying.
Oh my God!
- Eh, that is... (blender revs)
- Whoa! (laughs) The power!
- Whoa! - Mmm.
Smells pretty good.
- Okay, maybe I should stop.
- Butter coffee, butter coffee.
- Ooh.
Call me a barista.
- (laughs) Good morning everyone, thanks for coming.
- That tastes exactly like coffee.
- Yeah, it just tastes like coffee.
- It needs like more vanilla and sugar.
- Oh no, that tastes disgusting. Oh God, that is awful.
What health benefits do you get out of it?
I don't understand.
- I don't really taste a difference between that
and just two dollar coffee that I put in my machine.
- I just gained probably like 10 pounds with that sip.
♪ (upbeat music) ♪
- Okay, oil, pan, easy.
- Oh, is that an onion?
- I love onions.
Oh my God, this is already gonna be so good.
- That looks delicious, I love eggs.
- Interesting.
- Salt and pepper, okay.
- Beautiful egg. Look at the beautiful.
- Yes.
This is probably gonna be my favorite one.
- Hell yeah. Nobody show that to McDonald's,
they could sell that for 99 cents.
- Anything with eggs and onions is a masterpiece to me,
so I will thoroughly be enjoying this.
- (FBE) So supposedly this method of frying an egg
guarantees a perfectly round, evenly cooked egg every time.
- Okay, because of the onion ring? Okay.
- Yeah!
Guess I'll go, just for like a big one 'cause it was kinda thick, wasn't it?
- Ugh, there you go.
- We're gonna make it happen like this.
- Now that's an onion. Not bad?
- Put this onion right in here. Get 'em going.
- Hopefully that stays. My eyes are already burning.
- Oh the egg is definitely gonna go through this onion.
- (Ary) No, stay!
(pan sizzles)
- Yes, he definitely went through.
- Alright. Aw, [bleep] I knew it!
I knew it! He's going over the side!
- Tss, nice! And then they just added
some salt and pepper on top?
- Let's put this up, oh my God, it was off!
- Some salt and pepper, then we're gonna cover this bad boy.
- That's a lot of pepper.
- I'm really looking forward to eating this one.
It looks good.
- (Michelle) Hurry up! Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!
- My onion's burning. This whole thing's gone to [bleep].
[Bleep] this one.
I'll drink my butter coffee.
- I'll take it off now!
Let's see, get the plate ready, and up!
Now that's breakfast.
- There, ooh, delicious.
- (gasps) She's so cute!
- Voila!
Not bad, a little burnt on the bottom, because I had it on high heat,
and I forgot about it. (laughs)
But it looks pretty good.
- Woo, it's not bad, honestly.
The onion adds a little bit of an extra kick to it.
- It's not bad.
It tastes the exact same.
- Wow! She is perfect.
I'm like in awe, I thought I was gonna do terrible.
- Good, but needs more salt.
- I like it, it's more flavorful than you would expect
with just a typical egg.
I think this is a fun new way.
- This is good, I just think it's an extra step
for the same tasting egg.
All you need to do really if you want to cook the top,
just put a lid on it.
What does the onion have to do with anything?
I wouldn't do this, I don't think you guys should do this.
- (FBE) Next, we've got a hack for making hash browns
without an oven or griddle.
- A microwave? Toaster Oven?
A toaster!
♪ (upbeat music) ♪
- (gasps) My favorite!
- There they go, what a high tech toaster too!
Damn, man.
- This is blowing my mind right now.
- Look at them just rising out of the toaster!
That's kinda badass!
- I've seen people do this.
- They probably turn out great.
I'm really excited for this one.
This is practical.
- I'm such a fan of any recipe that just involves pushing something down
and then waiting for it to pop back up.
- Alright, if this works,
this man was on another level.
- This is interesting.
This is something I'd probably do at home.
- They're looking good, they're getting crisp!
They're sweatin', they're sweatin' in there.
- The only problem I could see is like it's kind of starting to melt,
'cause as it gets hotter, it gets softer,
so it might just like squish down into your toaster.
- Oh, I can see it sizzling already. It looks good.
Looks ready to me.
- Ah! (laughs)
- Oh that was sad. That was a very sad little jump.
- Ooh, okay.
I'm gonna have to be skillful with this,
'cause it's hot as [bleep].
- It's hot!
- Alright, let's try this.
Oh, it's cold on the inside.
- Mmm, that's good.
Little hot, very hot!
It's also not really cooked evenly all the way through,
there's like a cold bit in the middle.
- It's good, I need that like egg yolk right now.
- I think it's worse, mainly 'cause it's just
so soggy on the inside.
Whereas if you just put it on a pan, it's crunchy and good.
So, but I'll still eat it.
- Maybe I didn't have it on the highest setting.
I think it could work.
It's [bleep] hot now. (laughs)
Now we're [bleep] talking.
- I'm a fan.
Make this, get an onion around my egg,
put some butter in some coffee, and we got ourselves a breakfast.
- (FBE) We've got one more hack. - Sick, okay.
- (FBE) Are you ready for some pancakes?
- Yeah! - Yes, yes I am!
♪ (upbeat music) ♪
- Oh, I've seen this.
Just using like the squirt bottle for the pancake mix?
- Oh, this is stupid.
- Interesting, okay! (gasps) Baby pancakes, my favorite!
- Is she making the buffering symbol?
- We can make some pancake art! (laughs)
- That's just extra steps that are unnecessary.
Just grab a ladle, scoop it, and put it in the pan.
- (FBE) Not only does this hack promote recycling,
it also makes pancakes way less messy.
- It's fun, I think anybody that can innovate pancakes,
they're doing good for humanity.
- Bam!
- We're like the national office of pancakes.
Alright, papa wants some pancakes!
- Aw, this is pretty cool!
- I still have a lot to make.
(bottle squelches)
Okay, that's it.
- I just don't want it expanding on me.
Is that even? No.
(Tom laughs)
- I like it 'cause it's fun, and you can make little shapes.
That's cute.
I just still think it's a little bit too time consuming.
- Okay, that's a little golden brown.
- Okay, the mouth looks like it's almost time to flip.
We could do this! (grunts)
Not bad!
- That does not look like a pancake.
- Now we're gonna do a little cute plating.
- Okay, [bleep] it, [bleep] it, [bleep] it.
You think I'm gonna plate it all nice, no way!
- This is a good idea. I like this, I didn't make a mess.
- It tastes like a pancake.
It's more the utility aspect of it is really cool.
And also pancakes are delicious.
I'm always open to more suggestions about pancakes.
- Having a squeeze bottle,
especially if you're gonna do art with it,
I think it'll help out.
Don't look here right now, but if you're good at pancake mix,
if you wanna make art, totally do it.
- (FBE) You just learned four new breakfast hacks.
- Okay.
- (FBE) Which was your favorite and why?
- The hash brown one, obviously,
'cause that's my favorite thing to eat.
- That onion egg. So good, so cute, I love it.
- The pancake one is really smart, and the onion egg is just
a good new way to eat eggs, like I'm excited to try that again.
- (FBE) And finally, would you say any of these hacks
are better than the way that you were
cooking these breakfast items before?
- You know, I think I'm gonna stick to cereal.
This is a lot of work for not that much.
- Thanks for watching us try breakfast hacks
on the REACT Channel.
- Subscribe for new shows every single week.
- Which hack was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
- Bye!
- Hey guys, React Producer Mary here.
Be sure to subscribe to FBE's newsletter
to stay up to date on all the things happening with FBE.
Thanks for watching guys, bye!
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4 Breakfast Hacks You Need To Know

26 Folder Collection
jasie published on January 7, 2020
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