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(loud party music in background)
Ginger beer is the S-H-I-T.
I'm a cranberry juice sort of guy.
Cranberry juice is good for thrush.
You know?
It's a vaginal discharge.
So, I'm giving out free sex advice tonight
if anyone....
If you're going to do drugs tonight,
remember to buddy up.
And look after one another.
Rule number one,
enthusiasm is more important than technique.
Yeah, don't go too deep, that's awkward.
You can use a bit more pressure than you think, actually,
but no teeth, especially if you're packing metal,
Not too deep, Ruby, not too deep.
Just the tip.
Intercourse can be wonderful.
But it can also cause tremendous pain.
And if you're not careful, sex can destroy lives.
I know it feels like everyone's doing it,
and yeah, some people are.
But most of us aren't yet.
It's not a race.
You don't choose who you're attracted to.
You can't engineer a relationship.
You have to do what's right.
If you want to tackle Kate's issues surrounding self esteem
whilst respecting your desire for visual stimulation,
you need to establish a clear verbal intercourse.
Stop passively hearing, and start actively listening.
You know they've been doing some
interesting studies with cannabis.
However, it has been linked to early onset impotence.
Nothing conclusive yet,
but you have to be careful with how much you smoke.
Mom, mom.
I only bring it up because I have a number of clients
who were heavy drug users at your age,
and now they have trouble with sexual performance.
Sexual performance?
They have trouble finishing.
It is perfectly normal for a younger man
to be sexually attracted to a mature woman.
In fact, when you stigmatize his choice,
then you feed into an unhealthy narrative
on masculinity in middle age.
Women do tend to feel more shame
surrounding masturbation than men.
Feeling that it's sort of taboo, or dirty.
Which, it isn't.
You should probably figure out what works for you,
and your body.
So you're prescribing a wank?
Should get on Porn Hub, there's loads of stuff on there.
You could watch a CGI dame fuck a horse.
Everyone has body's, right?
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Whoever did this is intending to shame you,
but it won't work if you don't let them.
It shouldn't matter what anyone in the school thinks,
you are who you are.
Don't let anyone take that away from you.
Be proud of your penis.
And your heritage.
Because neither are going anywhere.
You should work with what you've got.
If you don't like yourself,
how are you supposed to believe that Sam does?
No means no.
Fuck fear.
I'm sorry?
Fuck the fear.
Tomorrow you could be driving along in your car happily,
and then smash,
you're head to head with an 18 wheeler truck,
and you're squished to the road, and you're dead.
Just a waste of time.
Love isn't about grand gestures,
or the moon and the stars,
it's just dumb luck.
And sometimes you meet someone who feels the same way,
and then sometimes you're unlucky.
But one day, you're going to meet someone
who appreciates you for who you are.
I mean, there's seven billion people on the planet,
I know one of them is gonna climb up on the moon for you.
Yeah, you're brilliant.
You're very dedicated.
You're gonna make someone really happy one day.
But it will not be me.
Not Lizzy.
Definitely not Lizzy.
But someone.
And it won't happen if you fall off that moon and die.
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The Best Sex Advice In Sex Education | Netflix

159 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on January 6, 2020
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