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  • Have you ever thought about what happens in your brain

  • when you're moving around working up a sweat?

  • Most people know that exercise protects

  • against diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

  • And if you've ever opened a celebrity magazine,

  • you know that exercise helps you with weight control

  • and building stronger muscles.

  • But what happens inside your body is much more interesting:

  • moving your body will actually help you get out of depression!

  • When you exercise, chemicals that contribute to happiness

  • and pleasure are released in the brain.

  • This means that someone who has just finished a power walk

  • feels happier immediately!

  • This part of the brain is called the prefrontal cortex.

  • It has many important responsibilities,

  • and you activate it when you exercise.

  • The prefrontal cortex acts as an emotional brake

  • that helps you handle strong emotions,

  • which can be important when you're going through depression.

  • It's also in charge of concentration.

  • Perhaps you have noticed that it's harder to concentrate?

  • When you exercise, your prefrontal cortex gets busier,

  • and your ability to concentrate and react quickly

  • will improve immediately.

  • A good idea is to do some light jogging

  • an hour before an exam or an important meeting.

  • Now you know a bit about what happens in your brain

  • immediately after working up a sweat.

  • But what happens in the long run if you make exercise a regular thing?

  • Moving your body a few times a week

  • means new brain cells are born inside your head,

  • both in the prefrontal cortex

  • and in this other neat brain area called the Hippocampus.

  • These areas of the brain get bigger.

  • The hippocampus is a part of your body

  • that you really want to keep as big as possible.

  • Among other things it's responsible for long-term memory.

  • So, what happens inside your body when you take a sweaty walk

  • is much more important than what happens on the outside!

  • You will become better at handling emotions,

  • and be able to concentrate and remember things.

  • Perhaps most importantly,

  • it will affect your mood in a positive way.

Have you ever thought about what happens in your brain

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