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- We're breakin' down the big twist
of The Mandalorian Episode five.
Folks, another week has come and gone,
and with it arrived a brand new chapter
of The Mandalorian.
And while every episode so far has had the occasional
nod or wink to a previous Star Wars film,
it's this latest outing, the Gun Slinger,
that pretty much looks exactly right into the camera
and says, "Yup, this one's for the fans."
So it should come as no surprise that there's some division
forming online over this episode,
with many die-hard saying that it's too fan service-y,
while others are going all in on it screaming,
"Give me more! Put it in my veins!"
But despite all of that, there's one thing
that everyone seems to be in agreement about,
it's how the twist at the end of chapter five,
straight up confirmed a huge fan theory
about the end of the season.
Now, before we break all of this down,
we gotta throw up a dewback-sized spoiler warning
for the fifth episode of The Mandalorian.
Now of course, if you don't care,
or if already seen this episode,
please feel free to take this time to like,
subscribe, or both if you're nasty.
And I know you're nasty.
So first off, what happened in this episode?
Well, after the Razor Crest takes damage
during a space battle with another bounty hunter,
who explodes like he lost a game of Asteroids,
Mando and the wee-baby Yoda are forced
to set down for repairs at the nearest planet,
Specifically that wretched hive of scum and villainy,
known as the Mos Eisley spaceport.
However, with Mando running pretty low
on the funds needed to get his ship back in working order,
he locks up baby Yoda on the ship,
and sets off to find work at the local Cantina,
where Luke and Obi Wan enjoyed a glass of blue milk,
and found Han and Chewbacca and Maclunkey.
- Maclunkey.
(gun firing)
- And it looks like things have changed
since the last time we set foot on Tattoine.
Apparently the owners have loosened their restrictions
on Droids since we see them both in front
and behind the bar.
Which is suspicious, considering the previous bartender.
- We don't serve their kind here.
- What?
- [Dan] But after learning that the bounty hunter's Guild
doesn't operate there anymore,
Mando stumbles on a young up-starred Gunslinger,
doing his best Han Solo sitting cosplay
by the name of Toro Calican,
who's looking to make a name for himself within the Guild.
He is a bounty puck, and he's willing to give up
the entirety of his reward, in exchange for Mando's help
and taking out his extremely high level target.
The Mandalorian reluctantly agrees,
and the two set off on their speeder bikes
towards the Dune Sea, to find the sniper assassin
Fennec Shand.
Now after negotiating with some Tuscan Raiders
to cross their land, the two find a dewback
dragging a dead bounty hunter clearly murdered by Fennec,
and they're forced to wait until nightfall
to make their attack.
Using a combo of a high speed approach,
as well as blinding flash bangs,
Toro and Mando are able to capture Fennec,
played by the incomparable Ming-Na Wen.
But they lose one of their speeders in the process.
With no other options, the Mando sets off
to track down the dewback from earlier,
as you know, like a chunkier ride back,
while Toro keeps an eye on Fennec.
Of course, these things go as they always do,
Fennec temps the rookie bounty hunter
with promises of an even greater reward,
more glory and a massive, legendary reputation,
if he betrays the Mando and turns him into the Guild.
Toro agrees to this proposition,
but then turn and kills Fennec,
shooting her point-blank.
Because he knows that if he set her free,
she would just do the same thing to him.
After all, she already kicked his ass six ways from Sunday.
And then he sets off back to Mos Eisley
to ambush Mando at his ship.
Finding the dead Fennec, Mando has no other choice
but to return to his ship,
where he's confronted by Toro,
who's now captured the wee-baby Yoda, and lest we forget,
Amy Sedaris doing her best Ellen Ripley cosplay.
Luckily, the Mandalorian's able to use one of his flare guns
to blind Toro and merk him.
He then takes Toro's cash, pays off Amy Sedaris,
and he and the sweet baby Yod's
fly off into the twin sunset.
The end.
Just kidding!
We're then teased with a short snippet
of some person with a tracking fob,
as they walk up on Fennec's dead body
and just as they kneel down to reveal who they are,
the camera cuts to black.
(intense booming)
So wait, who could this person be?
Well, we have an answer,
and it's something that we theorized about
earlier this week on Nerdist News.
It's, dun dun dun!
Boba Fett.
Pshaw! You may be saying.
This is just more wish-fulfillment.
(intense music)
- Maybe.
- But let's run down the evident, shall we?
Why would the worst bounty hunter in the galaxy
be on Tattooine?
Well, as we reported earlier this week,
we know the finale's gonna focus on
an unexpected enemy per the episode description.
While we ran down the odds of all the characters
that could be expectedly unexpected,
we eventually settled on Boba Fett
due to the narrative and thematic ties
of the Mandalorian's, the bounty hunters,
and the fact that Fett's reputation
as one of the most feared bounty hunters in the business,
has been tarnished by the fact
that he straight up sucks ass at his job,
and fell into a sarlacc presumably for all eternity.
- So what's the new evidence that we have here,
you may be wondering.
Well besides all this episode's call-backs
to a new hope in Tattooine,
there is one specific nod to old Robert Fett himself.
- [Robert Fett] She's no good to us dead.
- It's basically the same line Boba says to Darth Vader
in Empire Strikes Back.
- [Boba Fett] He's no good to me dead.
- Now while Star Wars has always had a fondness
for reusing lines from film's past,
this seems more clear-cut,
as if it were to jog our memories of Boba Fett himself.
But that's not all,
let's zero in on that sound at the very end.
Roll that beautiful Fett footage!
(intense music) (boots clanging)
- Hear that?
(intense music) (boots clanging)
Do you hear that metal, spur-like sound?
(intense music) (boots clanging)
Where else have we heard that before, I wonder?
(boots clanging) (heavy breathing, growling)
(intense music) (boots clanging)
Where could this be from?
(boots clanging) (heavy breathing)
I mean, come on people!
Look, of course it's possible
this just happens to be some other bounty hunter,
who just happens to have a tracking fob,
who just happens to wear similar sounding armor and boots,
and this all just happens to take place
on the same planet where we last saw Boba Fett.
It could all be one big old coincidence.
But let's be realistic.
It's Boba Fett. (dinging)
Unless of course, it's not.
Unless, but maybe.
Unless, but what if?
Anyway, no matter what happens,
this little twist seems to confirm
that we're gonna get some sort of major showdown
when the finale of The Mandalorian
drops on Disney Plus, December 27th.
But tell me, what do you folks think?
Is Boba Fett back from beyond the grave,
or whatever you call the inside of a sarlacc's stom?
Who else could that mysterious figure be?
And, you think that Boba Fett deserves
the reputation that he has?
Well, we have a video all about that.
Let's discuss.
Thank you so much for watching.
If you enjoyed what you saw,
why not give us a like, and subscribe while you're at it?
And if you wanna get notified every time we go live
with a new show, or drop a new video,
please feel free to mash that little bell.
That way, you can stay up to date
on all the latest theories, news and rumors
in the pop culture world.
(futuristic music)
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The Mandalorian’s Episode 5 Twist Explained! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on January 6, 2020
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