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It's so easy to place people in boxes.
Drawing lines.
Creating sides.
There's us.
And there's them.
Those we feel comfortable around,
And those we don't.
There are those of us with many chapters.
And those just starting their own story.
There's the will to do.
And those doing what they can.
There are those who we share something with.
And those we don't seem to share anything with.
Welcome and thank you for coming today guys. Today I'm gonna be conducting an experiment.
Where I'll ask you a series of questions.
Now these questions will be very personal questions.
And for us to get a true result I need you to be completely honest
with how you respond.
The first question I have is who in here was the class clown?
Who is never on time?
And then.
There's us.
We who have tattoos.
We who feel lonely.
We who have been bullied.
We who have bullied others.
We who are madly in love.
We who have overcome great adversity.
And there's the lucky ones. Who's team won the championship this year.
We who beat cancer.
And then...
There's all of us.
Who are created in the image of God.
And as one body, we stand together.
United as one.
United as one. Under his grace.
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Don't Put People in Boxes

21 Folder Collection
Helena published on January 2, 2020    Jade Weng translated    Evangeline reviewed
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