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Alright, why don't you open your eyes?
[Kids try]
[Every part of a chicken]
Jaylin, welcome to Kids Try.
Thank you!
Instead of telling you what the episode is about, I am going to show you.
Close your eyes.
Alright, open your eyes.
Alright, open.
Today, Fletcher, you're trying every part of the chicken!
We're gonna eat that?!
[Grilled chicken helmet, Philippines.]
They cut off your chicken head!
You know chicken has feelings too?
Do you think about that when you eat chicken nuggets?
Because they don't really look like chicken.
Okay, I'm just gonna get...
White puss!
This white stuff just came out!
That doesn't taste bad.
Tastes like normal chicken.
I saw his eyes.
The terror in his face.
It's like one of those pony things but with a chicken.
[Chicken iver Pâté, France.]
Where's the chicken?
Ugh, it's slimy.
Ugh. Oh my God.
It's really good.
Have I had this?
I feel like I have.
It's called pâté.
Maybe stomach or...
You're on the right track.
It's like bloody.
This is the liver.
That's disgusting.
For every chicken wing you have, there's a liver, a head, a neck.
I guess we should find uses for them.
[Chicken Neck Sishebo, South Africa.]
What is this?
Is this the neck?
It is the neck.
Can I see the raw thing of this?
Poor chicken!
[Chicken Foot Souse, Trinidad and Tobago.]
Chicken hand?
Ah, feet!
Nice to meet ya!
Ew, gosh.
Ugh, it's cold.
What do I bite? The fingers?
Ooh, I just heard a crunch.
Doesn't taste that bad.
It tastes sour.
This is spicy pickle served cool called Chicken Foot Sous.
That's wrong!
[Deep fried gizzard, Southern United States.]
Oh, this looks like a fast food restaurant.
Chicken wings?
They look like wings.
This is the gizzard.
The gizzard?!
What's the gizzard?
The gizzard is part of the digestive tract.
Ew, why's it so curvy.
When they deep-fry it, it gets twisted.
Oh, why did I sign up for this?
[Chicken Bone Broth]
Chicken milk?
It's warm.
Oh, I see pieces on the bottom.
Why do they even make bone broth?!
'Cause they don't want to waste the bones.
People these days.
[Deep fried chicken butt, Taiwan]
Is this the tail or something?
You're on the right track.
I think I know what it is.
Is this where the part where the poop comes out?
The butthole?
It is not the butthole.
Oh, thank you Jesus!
Tastes a lot like squid.
It's so good.
This is not the butthole, but it sits right above it.
It's called the parson's nose.
It's kind of like the tail.
I don't even care anymore.
Can you bring out the chicken please?
Hello Chicken Little!
What are you doing Chicken Little?
Chicken Little, say "don't forget to subscribe!"
Chicken Little, say it.
I think she said it.
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Kids Try Every Part of a Chicken | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

757 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on December 30, 2019    Mackenzie translated    adam reviewed
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