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There's nothing more that can wake us up from misery than a cup of coffee.
But what if I told you that this brown liquid can literally save the entire world! don't believe me?
well, It's probably because you're still not fully awake, and I'm here to show ya how!
hi I'm Joe, And I'm here to teach you: how to save the world with coffee.
The first and most important thing you should do is to make your coffee hot. REALLY HOT. now you're probably thinking:
But Joe, why should I make my coffee hot?
well, mr. Puppet, you can do this to create your own weapon! you can use this to protect yourself from by criminal!
So we should look a little something like this:
umm, I'm sorry! all I have is this coffee!
wh... why...?!
uh, Okay...
yeah, give me the coffee right nAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
and don't worry. It shouldn't be too hot for anyone to drink!
And the second thing you need to know about coffee is that it's used to make things speed up faster!
use this to pour coffee on some plants and it will grow MUCH faster than normal!
And if you're lucky enough, it'll be better than never! so I'll just pour a bit of coffee on these and then my flowers are
certainly grow all big and strooAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Is there someone dying or need some blood to live? well try some coffee instead! all that caffeine should get the body more productive Than ever!
it should.
Please don't sue me. quick, someone give him a blood transfusion! PSHH, you don't need blood. USE THIS!
THIS IS JUST COFFEE! Well It will give him a boost! I'm sorry, but that is not gonna work. JUST GIVE HIM THE COFFEE.
oh, He's fine! he's just not awake...
Wait, I thought coffee was supposed to make him awake...
And how about a car that's not working? well, with the caffeine in coffee you can use it to wake up the car again!
Okay, how am I gonna get this car back on the road? here, just use some coffee! gives the car caffeine!
Wow, that actually worked! thanks mate!
And the last and final thing you can do with coffee is to give it all to the poor and weak animals.
But NEVER, EVER, give it to the most annoying animals. I gave it all to the seagulls!
Well that sucked!
Hey guys, I hope y'all enjoyed the cartoon! I would like to give a HUGE
Thanks to theAMaazing and Danny doodles for helping out voice the characters! these guys are AWESOME,
And you should go check out their channel if you have never heard of them before.
If you're new here, make sure to subscribe to the channel, and follow my Instagram and Twitter for the web comics that I post on There!
if you have some fan art or want it to be featured on my channel, send it to my social media accounts or just through Email!
anyways, thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time!
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How to Save the World With Coffee (Ft. TheAMazzing & Danny Doodles)

166 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on December 29, 2019
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