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Hi guys! Donal here. Drinks Tube has invited me to make you a delicious little drink. It
is my favourite- home made ginger beer. Really easy to make it packs a punch and lots of
great flavour in there; heat from the ginger, nice citrus punch- really, really tasty. It
starts off by grating down a whole hunk of ginger, this is about how much you're looking
for- about 140 grams once you've taken the skin off. So chop up, get the peel off and
then grate it. The thing about grating up ginger is that it does take little bit of
work. The 'grate' thing is you have a refreshing drink to look forward to at the end, so stick
with it. This is pretty much what you're looking for, this wonderful pulp. See that juice,
that's where all the flavour comes from so make sure you get that all into a pestle and
mortar, like I'm going to do right now. So what we've got right now is a wonderful ginger
paste and we're gonna up the anti with a nice citrus hit. Don't skimp on your lemon zest
because the lemon zest has wonderful essential oils that are full of flavour. Now where is...
oh here's my peeler, here we go. So just take nice big generous bits of that peel, even
though you've got those big chunky bits don't worry so much about it because it's gonna
get strained off. So that's the zest of two lemons going into the pestle and mortar. In
on top of that we have some muscovado sugar and you can use whatever sugar you like here
but actually the muscovado sugar has this wonderful kind of toffee caramel taste and
it'll really infuse this wonderful mixture with lots of great flavour. It's 4 table spoons
into your pestle and mortar, so that gets straight in there- and now just give it all
a good bash up. So get those flavour involved, get it all mixed through and you'll just start
to bring out the wonderful oils in the lemons. Oh my God, that smells, so, so good. Once
you have this wonderful mix together what you need to do is plonk in to a jug like this.
So just scoop that mixture straight in, getting all the juice and liquid that's in it straight
in. It's a bit of a messy job but you know what it'll be worth it. So in on top of this
mixture is the juice of three lemons, so just split the lemons in half and squeeze in that
juice and you don't have to worry about getting pips in here because remember you're gonna
strain it out. Look at that so, so juicy, so, so tasty. Mmm, mmm, mmm. This is a magic
little concoction and now what I'm gonna do is pour in some soda water or some sparkling
water, and essentially what we're gonna do is let this liquid infuse for about 10 minutes,
and then I'm gonna strain it out and then serve it up. Really, really simple and home
made ginger beer! It doesn't get much better than this.
After 10 minutes you kind of get
a mixture that doesn't look so pretty, but I promise you that when put this over ice,
it is going to be so, so tasty. So! Strain it into the glass jug you are going to serve
it in. If you could smell what I am smelling right now. You've got this wonderful ginger
hit, lovely citrus freshness and the sweetness in there is going to be really, really good.
Little last shake and you're done. What we need to do is whack in some ice cubes to make
this really nice, fresh, and refreshing and cold. So lots of lovely ice, get that in there.
You want it to be really cold when you serve this up. Ok, ok. And the last thing that I
need to do before I serve this up, is just take a few sprigs of mint and just shove them
down the side. And looks just very pretty, it looks like a little garden in a jug and
I like that. Serve it up in a glass full of ice, just pour that liquid out. How good does
this look? And now just to finish it off, grab a last little sprig of mint place it
in around on the side there. Get a straw in there. And ladies and gentlemen, home made
Ginger beer! How good does that look? I want you to give this a go, I'm gonna have a slurp
now. Ah! It is so good, so refreshing and it's got to be good for you, all that ginger in there? You can't beat it,
lovely heat in there. If you want more recipes like this of course subscribe to Drinks Tube
it is a fantastic place to be. I like being here. If you wanna check my channel out you
can check right here, lots of delicious food recipes and we've even done a little recipe
for drinks as well. So click subscribe, see you soon. I'm gonna drink my ginger beer,
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How to make Ginger Beer | Donal Skehan

210 Folder Collection
tiger published on December 26, 2019
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