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- How are you sir? - Hi, how are you?
Good to see you! -Good to see you again.
I apologize in the canessel we have no control ***
Just like ours.
And the part of it, oh well.
It's very good to see you.
Thank you very much - Again.
And to see all of you. Welcome.
And please.
First trip as a foreign minister to Israel although this is my fourth trip to Israel.
And thanks to your excellent *** to visit Japan, I think bilateral relationship is expanding specially the number of the Japanese company in Israel has doubled in the last three years.
And the investment, Japanese investment into Israel has increased 20 times in last three years.
So, I think the relationship bilateral is going very well and we would like to continue this momentum.
And thank you very much for your support for the sixty-fifth anniversary over the bilateral relationship this year.
And next year's gonna be celebrating seventieth year of the foundation of Israel.
And I hope we could take this opportunity to strengthen our bilateral relationship into the next level.
So, thank you very much.
Thank you sir, for once it's a pleasure seeing you again.
I have to say that when I was elected over twenty years ago for the first time, the first country that I visited in Asia was Japan.
And I said that we have a complimentary capabilities that could make for a wonderful partnership.
It took us for a while, but I think the visit of the Prime Minister Abe here, my visit to Japan, and our subsequent contacts your visit here.
And marks the discovery of that potential.
I think there is a future belongs to those of ***.
Japan has tremendous capabilities, scientific, engineering, marketing industrial.
Israel has developed a unique capabilities in innovation in every field.
And I believe that the fact that Japanese companies are coming to Israel, I think it expresses that unique partnership, which I think as unlimited capabilities.
We both live in challenging regions but we are committed to the pursue of prosperity, security, peace, and I think it's easier for any one of us to achieve it with the help of the other.
So in this *** I will welcome you again.
And please send my best wishes also to Prime Minister Abe.
Thank you very much. -Thank you.
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PM Netanyahu Meets Japanese FM Tarō Kōno

34 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on December 26, 2019
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