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morning gamers!
It's another bEaUtIfUl day in Minecraft
isn't that right, everyone?
ow. dammit I didn-
Why are you near my meatball??? (
Go away!
I love you, meatball, but mAN,
you seem to attract a lot of bad people-
what is it with meat balls and bad people? (laughs in swedish)
Ikea Tower looking beautiful of course.
Moo Cow- are you trying to Escape?
Boat Cow? Please.
anyway, today
we have a lot of things to do *rings bell* (btw if you ring the bell during a raid it helps you out)(bro tip)
(Throws Watermelon at Joergen's golden grave)
We have a lot of missions to complete.
isn't dat RighT, svEn (bruh sound effect)
Basiclly I wanna
build a little house
for my little horse
Yes, I feel like he's not getting the love and attention that he deserves.
He's sitting in here with these... Other disgusting... Things.
Joergen (the second) deserves a *brain cells die*,
his own house!
Right Sven?? (yes pewds)
Just like you got your own house.
Joergen at least, at least,
deserves a stable.
Oh my God, get out of my house.
Alright, don't escape, Jorgen.
Don't escape.
I need to make it safer,
so that Joergen never disappears again.
Because my heart can not handle it,
Isn't that right Sven?
Don't worry Sven, it wont be as fancy as your house it will just be a stable.
How tall does it have to be for me to ride out of it?
Oh my God this is the most annoying place
to build! You guys are in my face!
You smell.
No wonder Joergen doesn't like it with you guys...
Oh my God Joergen noooooo!
I'm tryna bUilD hERe!
Its gonna be the best stable
you have EVER seen in your LIFe.
I couldn't even finish that sentence without
laughing *laughs at his own sentence*
Oh God..
Sven and...
His perverted ways.
Do I have fence? I do have fence.
There we go.
I mean, already looking low-key kind of cute.
That's AdOrAbLe (^∇^)
No, YOU'RE breathtaking, Joergen.
You're brea- *Laughs at his own joke AGAIN*
Oh! We should lit up with a lantern!
That would be so cute.
Right I don't need that many.
Uhhhhhhh can I make these back???
It's for a good cause.
It's for a good cause and it hurts my soul.
It's for Joergen, okay? It's for Joergen.
Buy a T-Shirt so I can afford this.
Cow what the frickie dude.
That's adorable!!! (✿◠‿◠)
*laughs then sighs loudly* Yes..
Are you kidding me? I'm one short.
It's for Joergen.
It's for Joergen. Do it for Joergen.
Smurgan Purgan.
OH MY GOD I'M ONE SHOR- oh never mind *laughs*
Oh my god I- oh there's the gate.
Oh you know what would be cute?
Having like a little C A UL D R O N
Cauldron. Are they expensive?
AHHHH I'm not making that- Oh it's for Joergen though.
I have these stones. *laughs*
*groans* Guys.
I can't enter now :/
Like wouldn't it be cute...
If he had this littl- oh there's already water in it.
Look, so he can make a drinky drink :)
So he can make slurp slurp!
Can I ride the Llamas? I can't. (you can)
We're gonna have to
Alright I'll push you then. Geez.
No cows can en- oh god this is an- oh god
Joergen has already escaped *whEEZE*
This is for Joergen only!
Joergen Smurgen o- What is this?
This is why we can't have nice things in Minecraft!
Get out.
Oh NOW it works!
Let's go there
You too
Dinnerbone, you can stay.
Oh look! Look how cute.
Joergen has a little friend in here.
Don't EVER speak to Joergen again! *woof*
That's right Maya.
Look he has a cute little- you can drink water now.
Okay that's freaking adorbs!
I don't care what anyone says!
Okay so you may wonder 'why do I have this ugly wall here?'
Well I wanted to try out
If I could build like a... hidden door.
The thing is like...
'Cause now,
When I
Now when I ride out with Joergen Smurgen
It doesn't work!
It doesn't work
I could make a door with like
No, they're too sm- They're too small for Joergen.
So I want to make like a...
Like a...
A piston door, I think.
Because pistons are fun.
So- So when me and Joergen go out on adventure,
We hit button,
Door open, and we go out and it's epic fun time.
Okay let's do that.
I don't know how to do that.
Let's figure it out, right Sven?
Let's use our pee-pee poo-poo brain
Okay. Okay so first what we have to do is we have to cook a steak.
I need-
I know I have-
Okay I have three sticky pistons.
I think I might need more.
I need these, and I need lever.
Probably a new axe.
I don't know how my anvil broke and I'm so low on steel!
Fine. Y'know what? Fine this is-
I have a lotta diamonds, okay?
I think- I think I can spare to make an axe.
What level am I? 27??? I'm freaking rich'a'fricky
Alright, enchantment time!
What did we get?
What did we get? What did we get?
Efficiency 3!! Okay I guess I'll take it.
Dude, can we talk about how I'm fully diamond?
Can we talk about that? You guys wanna talk about that?
You wanna talk how rich I am?
I have so much diamond but no steel?
How will this work?
Let's test it out on neutral ground.
I don't know how sticky piston work.
But I think what they can do is they hol-
They hold the-
The block that it's...
Listen I'm a Minecraft veteran, I think I know better than you.
So don't even... Steven Smeden.
How does this work?
Does it come ba- IT COMES BACK! That's epic!
So, the idea...
Then, Joergen if could just stay over here.
Oh god this is gonna be annoying.
Why can't you leave us alone?
You cannot enter, you shall not pass.
God I hate you all.
Leave us al- leave us.
Oh you're asking for it. You're asking for it. You're asking!
Don't come near you'll get fricked.
Okay. One, two, three. NO!!
AHH! I'll kill all of you.
Oh my god, you frick.
Already extremely annoyed.
Wait a minute, can we even go through this?
*groan* Joergan is too fat.
Sorry Joergan.
Yeah, you bette- aw.
You're just showing off now, you're just showing off.
So that means we need three more sticky pistons.
Dammit! I'm poor.
Don't worry about the yelling, Sven. It's literally Pappy has a tough day at work.
Oh my god!
Pistons, yes. It's only one steel so we actually can afford it.
I think I have slime. Yes I do.
With a squeeze of lemon and lime.
Okay, slime- no! Piston.
Sticky piston. One.
Okay, then one, two.
This better be cool!
This better flippin' dippin',
skinny dippin',
ball pippin'...
Get away from him Joergen!
He's evil.
Okay, so... This will go here...
I realised this whole contraption needs to come further back.
God you're annoying!!!
If it wasn't for Water Sheep, I would get rid of all of you.
All of you would go bye bye.
Just so you know.
Just so you know.
Ahhh... I think I fricked up again.
For the third time.
It's my frick day.
Birthday I mean. Today...
Thanks for all the birthday wishes.
Why did I said that, that's a lie.
Did I frick up again?
I cannot frick up three times.
I've never fricked up three times.
One, two, three.
And then.. It will go here.
And then... One,
two... Two...
Two, three.
You will pee in my... Skiis.
That sucks. We gotta get rid of lantern.
Okay so, This is how it looks like when the doors are open.
Now I just need to wire it somehow.
I got your...
Thankyou. Thankyou.
Keep telling them to leave.
Hopefully I can make it as clean as possible.
I don't really get how...
Redstone works.
I'm still like, I don't know.
Should I make it go under or above?
Or both?
That does not activate it.
Maybe it's better if I go under.
He just hit me with a gate?
He can't hit me with a gate!
Gosh, okay. I'm almost done.
I'm almost done!
If you just leave me alone.
Let me think.
How is that connected?
Is there like an-
This game makes zero sense.
Look how much space there is.
You're all- Oh my God!
The gate is back!
Are you kidding me?
I don't understand redstone.
How does th-
Okay, I don't understand redblock clearly.
But, It works.
My wiring!
Oh my God.. Yahaaha.
But why does....
This not kill?
You know what?
Let's just try it out now.
Oh yeah, let's just try and hide the ugly...
Okay Joergen... We are riding off.
I guess I need it to close aswell.
I just.
Oh my God, peace and quiet.
I've been listening to the sheeps for so long.
I mean, I did loose a little bit of the aesthetic.
Maybe I should...
Spend some time.
Oh my god!!!
Get down from there!!!
I hate you!!!
They're escaping!
You're so annoying.
Cool, literally one cow is left.
Not you too!
So it will work like this:
Boom, we're out.
And that's it. That was- That was what I built.
And then we come back.
Hit the switch.
Joergan is safe and sound and he has water.
It's perfect.
Do you like it Joergen?
He loves it. He said he loved it. I heard him.
Oh no, Boat Cow!
I was trying to get rid f the boat.
My God!!!
Please don't make a big deal out of boat cow.
Please just-
That's right Sven we're actually heading out on adventure.
Because when I went all across the f-
Uh, I discovered a jungle.
And I never went like,
Inside it.
But it's time to go. I think I know...
Where to go- Find it. Okay, let's go.
Come on Sven and Joergen, it's adventure.
As always, I forgot a leash.
I need to bring a leash.
There's so many things you need to think about in Minecraft.
At least, if you care about your animals it becomes a whole different aspect of the game.
'Cause you can't go without- ah.
I'm really glad I spent half the episode trying to build a frickn' redstone...
It's fun! I like it.
Look, it's cool.
I think it's cool.
I wish I was better at hiring the- At hiding the wiring.
If you guys have any tips, like let me know.
Sven is with us.
I wish Sven could on the horse.
On Joergan, that would be so cute.
Alright well this is a good time for me to shoutout
We now have Minecraft merch.
That's right.
Support the series, support Sven,
support Joergen.
Get- Will look epically cool at the same time.
Alright? What else could you want in life?
So the jungle's like really far north this way.
Gotta make sure Sven is still there.
Bucket of pufferfish is doing great today.
You look really good today bucket of pufferfish.
Sven doesn't like pu- pa-
*Laughs* Sven doesn't like pufferfish.
It reminds him of when he was in a bucket.
A lot of people have been saying that you can actuallly put the Ender Dragon in a bucket.
And a lot of people are also a bunch of lying sssssnevils.
Alright, where's this fickin' jungle.
I don't like water.
360 over the water.
Ah, never works with 360s
Alright fine, here, come here.
Cippin chomg, chim chin chomg.
Chim chim chim chomg.
Come on.
Come on Joergen, Sven, we have adventures.
We looking for jungles.
What are we going to find in the jungle?
I don't know? That's the fun of Minecraft.
I haven't even been in snow places yet.
Are there like yetis?
*Gasp* Is bigfoot in Minecraft Sven?
I remember I saw a fox for like, half a second.
And I was like-
There's water. *Groans*
I don't remember- i just remmber North.
Uh. Can we do it? No we can't.
Is that the jungle? *Gasp*
We found the jungle Sven.
There it is.
*Gasp* And turtles.
Are they virgin?
Hello turtles.
Where are your children?
I will not harm them, I just want to their scutes.
Alright, we're gonna have to put the leash on Joergen.
Let's go. I think you can find like,
parrots, and like other animals.
*Singing* It's a whole new world.
Joergen and Sven is having epic times.
Sven, we have to be extra careful.
This is unexhibited...
What is this?
What is this? There's-
Woah, woah, woah. Bamboo?
Frick yeah, I can make shampoo now,
Oh my god. There's shampoo in Mine-
Can I climb these?
Oh, my, God.
Oh my God, I can climb.
Blip, blip, blip.
I got to go ontop man.
I got- ah.
Oh fine.
Oh okay, I see, I see. It doesn't go-
Oh God.
Thankyou, thankyou.
Damn this is cool.
I could decorate my Japanese house with these bamboo.
Prrrrr. That's so satisfying.
My God, it's thick in here dude.
I can't even see myself.
Ah! What was that?
Don't be scared Joergen.
I nearly chocked myself.
I don't know like what's in the jungle?
Like, this doesn't look very jungley.
I assume- oh, there's melons in-
I mean cactuses.
Why am I lagging so much?
Awww. You want some?
Fine, we take a little cactus break.
Here you go Sven.
Here you go Joergen.
Alright, we're gonna have to-
Do the old technique.
I know you don't love this Joergen.
Here, you can stay with Pufferfish.
Oh, gosh, it's getting dark soon.
Oh no.
Should have- I should have broght a-
Are you okay there Joergen?
I should have brought a bed.
Now we're gonna be in the jungle at night.
Oh, I hear them.
Get em Joergen!
That's my boy.
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Yeah, that's right.
Bone Gang!
Good Job Sven.
Is that what I think it is?
Do you see this Sven?
No, not the melon.
*Gasp* The parrot!
And a temple at the same time!
Sven look.
It's a bloop, it's a blue one.
It's a blue one.
Sven. sven, sven.
*Whispering* Come here.
Hello, I am your friend.
We're bringing you home.
How do I- How do I tame a parrot?
Oh my God, it's so cute.
I love you.
Oh my God.
*Sights* Oh my God.
It will sit on your shoulder!?!?!?!
Oh my God.
i'm frick- I have some seeds.
Here, I'll give you my seed. Oh.
You like that?
Okay, he likes it.
What's your name then?
Okay Klaus.
Okay, luckily there's like melons here.
Which makes... bling, blang, bling, bling, blong.
Melon seeds, you like melon seeds?
Sven meet Klaus
You're making creepy noises.
Oh, he loves me.
Does that mean I did it?
Or that you just like it?
*Gasp* He's sitting!
Sven, he's closes with us! (?)
My god, I'm lagging like crazy.
Frick off.
Is he sitting on my fickin'- Is he sitting-
Is he sitting? *Gasp*
He's blue too.
Yess. That's so awesome.
We win at games Sven.
Listen, I'm too laggy for a jungle.
I have like a beast computer but...
Minecraft is just too much.
Look at this, Sven.
Look at this, Klaus I mean.
You crazy, he's crazy. Here.
Have a little meo- No.
Where's the entrance?
Doesn't that look scary?
There's gotta be an-
Woah, found it.
Okay gamers,
Sven you sit here.
Klaus, you uh... You keep looking sexy.
Woah, I got the green.
Oh this is awesome.I could farm this.
Okay, this could be a trap, I don't like this.
yeah, yeah, yeah, you sit there. You sit there.
Everyone, just sit.
Don't die Felix. That's all you gotta do here.
Don't die.
I really want this mossy stuff. I can make like cool stuff.
Alright, there's definetly traps in here.
I know how this game works.
Hello. Oh, slenderman.
Hello slender. Sorry is this your house?
*Speaking Japanese*
Okay, I'm gonna have to sheiba leiba him.
Alright cool, nice knowing- oh, god, there's another one.
Like what are you guys-
Where did he go?
Oh God, there's levers?
*Demonic Noise*
Where is he?
Oh God, he's agnry.
You mad.
You fricking *Speaks Japanese*
Stop, I'm lagging!
Listen, I need your pearls.
We talked about this.
Dude, you suck.
Oh, nice.
Woah, woah, woah.
They all get stuck in the bamboo.
Are you making-
Is he making Sven noises?
That's so cute.
Alright, we gotta be careful here,
practice caution.
There's levers.
Okay, I really feel like this has to be something.
Or is this like a random generated...
It is? Maybe?
Then there's definetly something...
Why are there three levers?
Oh God, i'm scared.
That's a dispenser.
Thery're gonna shoot.
What is that?
That's a trap!
Oh my God.
How do I get past the trap?
What is this?
Hello? Did I do something?
Where did that go?
Question mark.
Sounded like over here.
Alright, let's keep it.
How do I?
How do I do the trap?
Oh ho.
Okay, be careful.
Oh, I- I think I deactivated it.
Ah, no!
And steel, I really need steel.
And bones for Sven.
Happy day.
I thought I deactivation!
Yeah, you can shoot me now, you can shoot me now.
But you can't shoot me nee. No.
It's IKEA Bird.
It's IKEA Bird, Sven.
I want to explore a little bit more.
See what we can find.
Is the bird like- How fast is the bird?
Not very fast.
Oh, what is that?
*Gasp* That's the cocoa beans.
The cocoa pococs.
How many of these frickers are gonnna...
I thought it was the bird that made the frickin' noise.
Thought it was like dude, he trolls me.
Okay, I got, I gotta give seeds away aswell.
How do I know the health of Mr......
Melon Man.
Okay, he seems fine.
Frickin' melons dude.
you could, uh, yeah. You could build like-
Tree houses and stuff.
Don't hit- Don't hurt him.
So I think with uh, cocoa beans, you can actually make, uh...
Brown dye.
It's like an actual jungle.
You, sit.
Oh God, I thought IKEA Bird died.
He's a good sport, I gotta say.
Frickin' creepers, why are there creepers in the jungle?
Answer me now.
Is that the same temple or another temple?
Are there villages in the Jungle?
Maybe. That'd be cool.
Finding like a town in here.
Oh my God, I'm an actual child.
Wouldn't it be cool if there was like villagers in the jungle?
Whouldn't that be awesome Sven?
And IKEA Sven.
Klaus. His name is Klaus. Get it right Gamers.
Cani stand on the b-
Ow. Ow.
You snake!
Gid, it's annoying navigating.
Oh my God.
They're- Oh my God, two of them.
Don't think so.
Ooooo. That shot though.
That shot though. Come on.
What if creeper is just like us?
I'm walking in the wrong direction?
Why does Klaus sound like- No.
He makes creeper noises!
Or does he warn me for it?
It confused me so much the first time.
I think he does it to warn me.
That's so awesome. Klaus is awesome.
Alright, we just gotta find Joergen and bounce.
Panda pee pee.
What do you want? Feathers? No?
What does he like? What do pands like?
Bamboo? They like bamboo.
You like bamboo?
Ahhh ha ha ha ha.
We're making new friends guys, this is awesome.
Dang. You really chugged that down huh.
Can I even tame a panda?
It makes so sense.
Alright, just finish it.
Oh my God.
You're really chugging that down aren't ya?
Wait, panda's have different personalities.
They can be lazy, worried, playful and agressive, weak, or brown.
That's so cool.
So I don't think we can actually tame it.
So, I'm just gonna go a head and do this.
Does he follow me? Is he like a cow that follows if I have bamboo?
How do I make him follow me?
Here, have another one.
So, I definetly got the lazy version of the panda.
My God.
You are not moving are you?
So I can't put the leash on hiim.
How do I make him come.
Can you move?
At all? Or is he stuck?
Maybe he's stuck in the bamboo.
I'll push you all the way back home buddy.
Is he following me now?
Or is he just actually moving now?
Here, I got Bamboo.
You want this?
Can I ride him?
What can I do- What can I do with you?
Alright, I guess i can't tame them, whatever.
We have a real panda at home okay. We don't need fake pandas.
Just gotta find Joergen now. He's in a hole somewhere.
Oh God.
Where did I put him?
Oh, look at the bird.
There he is!!!
Hello Joergen.
Here, here's a treat.
Oh, nevermind, he doesn't want it. Okay.
Now, how do I get out of here?
This is probably...
The easiest way.
Can they teleport this far?
Oh God.
Oh my gosh.
I think... Not.
Oh, he's warning me again. Oh my God.
Don't go in there Joergen.
I think not!
He's using an axe.
Oh my gosh.
It's a trident guy, We're going for it.
We'r going for it.
They're dangerous as frick.
Sven, I need you in the hole right now.
Oh, sorry.
Oh my God.
I'm a little-
Sven. Damn, savage.
Feed Joergen.
I hit him like a million-
Woah, he's on land.
That's good though.
Did he drop it?
Get 'em Sven.
Get 'em Sven.
Kill 'em.
Kill 'em.
Kill 'em Sven.
Show 'em what you got Sven.
Frick 'em up real good Sven.
Good job Sven.
Cool, so it's raining here,
but not here.
Minecraft makes no sense.
Can the sun come up please?
There's a village guys.
Klaus, were you flying backwards? I saw that.
High Jump.
Oh yeah.
*Gasp* Kitty.
Damnit. I don't have- I don't have fish.
One day I will take a kitty. Urgh.
I will take Keanu Reeves.
26 potatoes, you're cray.
Get out of my face.
Give me this. I want this.
I think we're gonna have to start preparing for the endgame.
Like getting arrows and stuff like that.
Because i think we're getting pretty close.
Not gonna lie.
Knock on wood.
How do you make terracotta stuff?
Can I just steal an Iron Golem?
Question mark.
I mean, this village kinda sucks, let's get real here.
Oh, sorry Sven.
What in the world happened here. Can I steal- *Gasp*
Cou're coming with me.
Oo, we got a lot of new friends today.
Why make an Iron Golem, they're expensive, you can just steal them.
I can't tell if this is bad or good but-
We're bring you home. You're gonna live nice and stuff.
We have like, we have stuff.
Listen, I built two of you. Two of you are out there so okay.
I didn't know you had to put a leash on them.
This time, we're gonna have to...
We're gonna have to build a bridge.
"Cause I don't think he goes in water.
Joergen Smergen.
How fast can the Iron Golem go?
I want to see that.
That's right. You better run boy.
You better run. Me and the boy.
Oh, where'd he go?
Oh my God. Come- Oh no.
Oh you've done it now, get back from there.
Where's- Where's your leash?
Dude, I need- Oh, there it is.
Come here. Come back here.
You're in the Pewdiepie gang. You're in the bro gang.
What? Did you not frickin' hear me dude.
I don't care you don't have a say.
This is not a democracy.
You don't matter.
Is what I'm saying.
You will pay for the crimes...
Of Water Sheep.
Someone has to.
Me and the boys storming Area 51.
Could I bring... Klaus?
Could I bring him with me when I fight bosses and stuff like that?
Did I tell you to stop running?
Ah, glorious meatbll.
Where's my IKEA tower?
There she is.
And we...
We ride in...
And we close up.
That was awesome.
Oh, yeah.
Where did the leash go? no one knows.
Hey Water Sheep?
There's something I want you to see.
This is your new- Ay!.
You stay here.
Protect Water Sheep.
That is your duty.
You can't hear me? I said PROTECT WATER SHEEP!
Who's Water Sheep? Oh my God.
*Speaks Japanese*
Alright Gamers,
Thanks for watching another episode of Minecraft Let'sPlay
Hope you guys had fun. We made some new friends today,
that's awesome.
Thanks for all the love and support.
If you want yo check out the merch, link is in the description.
And that's it from me for now. Smash like,
and subscribe.
Oh yeah.
*Cat Plays*
What? You've never played Tuber Simulator?
You know it's fun, right?
I'm not supposed to give my opinion,
but give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not.
Not convinced yet? Okay.
I'll cut you a deal?
The game's available for free.
And that's a great price.
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I found an Ikea Bird in Minecraft! - Part 17

76 Folder Collection
published on December 21, 2019
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