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Xu Xin, can you bring over the bowl of water?
Xu Xin!
- Sister Xu! - Huh?
- Goodness! - Oh my!
- Come on, are you watering the plants or the ground? - Sorry.
- The water bowl. - OK.
What's bothering you?
Whenever I think about how our meeting location was shut down by the government,
and that now we can't meet,
I get depressed.
Things just seem to be getting worse.
I really hope the Lord will return soon.
Disasters these days are worse than before,
and all the omens of the Lord's return have come to pass.
Hey … do you think the Lord has already returned?
Already returned?
Oh, I remember.
Eastern Lightning testifies that the Lord has already returned,
and is called Almighty God.
- Do you think that's possible? - No, not possible.
Why would the Lord return under the name "Almighty God"?
He'll definitely still be called Jesus.
Look, it says so in the Bible.
Then why do so many sincere people of faith believe in Eastern Lightning?
Are they really unaware that we can't stray from His name
in our belief in the Lord?
I think there may very well be truth in what they preach.
Hey, do you think we should investigate this more?
Aunt Xu, Uncle Liu.
Hey Jing! You're back.
Hi dear!
I brought you some fruit.
Jing …
judging from your smile,
it looks like you gained a lot from your meeting with your co-workers!
Oh yes, did I ever!
It was so incredible!
- Look at you! - Get a load of her.
I received the Lord!
You received the Lord?
Sure did!
Tell me about it! What happened?
Dear, have a seat!
At the meeting,
a brother testified that the Lord Jesus has already returned as incarnate!
Wait, the Lord has returned?
Well, where is He?
He is Almighty God.
Almighty God?
Almighty God expresses the truth
and does the work of judgment beginning with God's house—
Jing, you went to hear Eastern Lightning sermons?
Yes, I did.
Oh my! How could you—
Hey, calm down dear.
Just calm down. Let's hear her out.
How can I not be upset over something this serious?
Just relax.
Jing, you just said that you believe in Eastern Lightning.
Have you really thought this through?
Now, don't be angry. I've investigated thoroughly.
I've read a lot of Almighty God's word, and I've realized it's all truth.
Almighty God's word reveals many of the mysteries of the Bible,
and resolves many of the questions I had about my faith and other religious notions.
Listen, I'm sure that Almighty God's word is the voice of God.
Now Jing, Eastern Lightning testifies
that the Lord has returned and is called Almighty God,
but that's impossible!
What does it say in Acts 4:12? Recite it!
- Almighty God's word is truly— - Now!
What does that tell us?
That the Lord Jesus' name will never change.
When He returns, He'll be called Jesus.
How could He go by the name Almighty God?
Hold up Xu Xin, we can't jump to conclusions.
- I mean, what if … - There are no "what ifs."
We have to keep the Lord's name.
And another thing, Jing,
aren't you betraying the Lord Jesus by leaving His name
and putting your faith in Almighty God?
- Oh, Xu Xin, let's talk. - What is it?
Can't you keep more of an open mind?
Jing is a thoughtful person.
She must have her reasons for accepting Almighty God.
Let's listen to what they are.
- Please, calm down. - Yes.
Here, let's sit down and talk about it.
You really just …
- Sit. Calm down. - Let's have a seat.
So … you believe that God's name will never change, right?
Well then,
do you remember that quote from Exodus 3:15?
Oh, now she's testing me!
What about in Isaiah 43:11?
These two verses do clearly tell us
that Jehovah is the only Savior, and that God's name will always be Jehovah.
That's right!
God's name was "Jehovah" in the Old Testament and "Jesus" in the New Testament,
so hey, didn't God's name change?
Yes, God's name did change.
Then let me ask you,
when the Lord Jesus came to do His work,
why did the people of that time call Him the Savior?
Why didn't they continue praying in Jehovah God's name?
That's right, in these two verses,
it says that God's name will be Jehovah forever,
but then in Acts it says
there is no other given name for God besides the Lord Jesus.
It seems a little contradictory.
Hey, Sister Xu, you know the Bible well,
can you help clear this up for us?
Yeah, please, go ahead, tell us.
What's the rush?
I can't just give you a careless answer.
I've got to think this through.
Alright, think it over. Go ahead.
Hey, what are you two looking at?
Will you let me think for a second?
Hah, look at her!
It's not like we're the ones acting like angry mules.
What do you mean?
You're being stubborn!
Alright, alright, let's hear Jing out. Go ahead Jing.
Aunt Xu, actually, when God spoke of "for ever" and "to all generations,"
what He meant is that God's name would not change within that age.
What? "For ever" means "forever within that age"?
That's right.
Let's think about it.
In the Age of Law, God's name was Jehovah,
the Israelites honored the name Jehovah as holy,
and all prayed using the name Jehovah.
As long as God's work in the Age of Law persisted,
man had to use the name of Jehovah.
Only when God came with the name Jesus to do the work of redemption,
initiating the Age of Grace and concluding the Age of Law,
did the name of Jehovah stop being used.
Only then, by accepting God's new work and praying in God's new name
could we receive God's salvation.
Isn't that right?
Yes, that's right.
Aunt Xu, would you really say that people who accepted the Lord Jesus
betrayed Jehovah God?
Well …
- Well, isn't it obvious? Of course they did not, Jing! - Right.
That's common knowledge.
You don't need to race to answer first.
- Hey! Can you believe her, Jing? - Uncle Liu …
Aunt Xu, the Lord Jesus has returned in the last days
under the name Almighty God to express the truth,
do the work of judgment starting from the house of God,
conclude the Age of Grace, and initiate the Age of Kingdom.
So then, by welcoming God's new name
and accepting Almighty God's appearance and work,
we receive the Lord and are lifted up before the throne.
How could this be construed as betraying the Lord?
- That's right, it really couldn't be meant that way! - That's right.
- Jing, - Yes?
you just said that God's name changes as His work changes.
The name of Jehovah changed to Jesus.
That's a fact and I accept it,
but I just can't understand why the Lord would change His name to Almighty God
when He returns in the last days.
Because it says in the Bible,
Tell me. How do you explain that?
Almighty God's word has a very clear explanation for this.
Almighty God's word …
- Let's read a passage of God's word together. - Alright, let's have a listen.
"Immutable" does not refer to God's name,
it means God's substance and disposition.
This is certainly the first time I've heard that!
God is always new and never old,
and His work is always progressing and moving forward.
God's name changes as His work changes,
but God's disposition and His substance are immutable.
How about I give you an example?
Huh, what example?
Let's take Aunt Xu,
back when you used to be a school teacher,
what was your title?
A teacher.
Then later, when you started running the factory,
what was your job title?
- Factory director. - Right.
And now that you're working in the church,
what is your new title?
- A co-worker. - Yes. Indeed.
That's right.
So, you see,
Aunt Xu, your title changed with your job, but you're still you.
You haven't changed.
Am I right?
So are you starting to get what I am saying?
Do we get what she's saying?
I get it!
Oh my!
Jing's example makes everything clear to me.
In the Old Testament, when God did the work of issuing the law,
His name was Jehovah…
…and in the New Testament, when He did the work of redemption,
His name was Jesus.
No matter how God's work and name may change,
God is still the same God!
Thanks be to God!
Uncle Liu, you hit the nail right on the head!
In the last days, the Lord Jesus has returned
and has again changed His name to Almighty God,
to express the truth, do the work of judgment,
initiate the Age of Kingdom and conclude the Age of Grace.
So, if we deny Almighty God, Christ of the last days,
just because God's name and work have changed,
aren't we making the same mistake as the Pharisees when they resisted God?
Yeah, sure!
When the Lord Jesus appeared to do His work,
wasn't it the Pharisees that clung to Jehovah's name,
and wildly resisted and accused the Lord Jesus?
In the end, they crucified the Lord Jesus and were punished by God.
Shouldn't this be a lesson for us?
The Pharisees' biggest failure
was that they didn't keep pace with God's work in the new age,
that they didn't accept His new name…
That's right.
…so they lost God's salvation.
This is an important lesson!
- So Jing, - Yes?
I understand now.
God's name changes as His work changes,
but no matter how God's work or name changes,
He is still the same God.
That's right, Aunt Xu.
But I still have one question.
Go ahead.
You say the returned Lord Jesus of the last days
has changed His name to "Almighty God,"
is there evidence to support this in the Bible?
Of course there is. There are many places.
Aunt Xu, do you remember Revelation 3:12?
… and My new name.
My new name?
Hey! The returned Lord Jesus really does have a new name!
Yes, that's right.
Revelation 1:8 states,
So "the Almighty" is referring to Almighty God?
That's right.
There's also Revelation 4:8, 11:17, 15:3, 16:7—
Wait, wait, hold on a second please.
We can't keep up!
Alright, I'll slow down.
There's also Revelation 16:14 and 19:6.
These verses all prophesize that
God's new name in the last days will be "the Almighty,"
which is to say, "Almighty God."
I've often read these passages in the Bible.
- Why didn't I realize what they mean before? - Exactly!
I guess the returned Lord Jesus of the last days really is called Almighty God.
Hey, but why does God change His name
every time He starts a new stage of His work?
Almighty God's word has a clear explanation for this.
Let's read another passage of God's word.
Great, alright, let's have a look.
- Aunt Xu, why don't you read this passage. - No problem.
Here, it's this passage.
God is the Lord of creation and originally had no name.
He only took a name because He had to do the work of saving mankind.
He uses His name to change the age,
and to represent the work He does
and the disposition He expresses in that age.
God uses His name to represent His work and the age in which He does that work?
That's right, Aunt Xu, you see,
God took the name of Jehovah in the Age of Law
and Jesus in the Age of Grace,
and in the last days, when God returns to initiate the Age of Kingdom,
He takes the name of Almighty God.
In these three ages,
God has done three different stages of His work and taken three different names.
One name can only represent one stage of God's work
and one aspect of His disposition,
it can't represent God fully.
Oh wow, who knew there was such great mystery in God's name!
That's right!
Yes. Hey, so tell us, Jing,
what are the meanings behind the names
"Jehovah," "Jesus," and "Almighty God" which God has taken?
Almighty God's word also provides us with an answer to this question.
- Then let's have a look right away. - Oh, yeah.
This time I'm not going to read the passage.
Huh? Why not?
I'm going to sing it!
Hey, what about "Jesus"?
- Jing, it all makes sense to me now! - Yes.
Thanks be to God!
When God took the name Jehovah in the Age of Law,
this name represented the work that God did in the Age of Law,
as well as His majestic, wrathful, cursing and merciful disposition.
Jehovah God proclaimed the laws and commandments
to guide the lives of newborn mankind on earth,
define sin for mankind, teach people how to revere Him,
and how to obey the laws and commandments
to receive God's blessing and protection.
Whoever violated the law or the commandments was cursed and punished by God.
The Israelites personally experienced God's majesty and wrath, and also His mercy.
Yes. Now I understand.
Jehovah is the name that God took
when He proclaimed laws to guide mankind in its early days on earth.
That's right.
- The name represents the Age of Law. - Yes.
From the Old Testament we can clearly see
that God's disposition was majestic, wrathful and unoffendable.
That's right.
Once the Age of Grace began,
God used the name Jesus to express the way for people to repent,
do the work of redemption, and forgive man's sins,
thus manifesting God's merciful and loving disposition.
So, the name "Jesus" represents the work of redemption
as well as God's merciful and loving disposition.
Oh yes, Jing.
- Everything you preach is so fresh and new. - Yes.
These are things we never would have grasped from the Bible.
Thanks to God!
Now, God of the last days has taken the name "Almighty God."
What does this name mean?
As for this question—
Almighty God's word
has a clear explanation!
You got it!
- Jing, I'll read this time. - Okay.
It's this passage.
- Amen! - Great!
- Hey, I'll read the next one. - OK.
- Amen! - Yes.
- Almighty God's word is incredible! - Yes.
It has authority and power, just like the words of the Lord Jesus.
It seems this really is God's voice.
Yes. Only God could speak from that position and with that kind of tone!
Thanks to God!
God's sheep hear His voice!
Thanks be to God!
Thanks to God!
In the last days,
God expresses the truth and does the work of judgment under the name of Almighty God.
He reveals man's satanic nature and disposition of resisting God,
thoroughly purifies mankind,
so that people can break free of Satan's corruption
and enter into God's kingdom.
- Yes. Great! - Thank God!
At the same time, God divides man according to his kind,
reveals to man His righteous and majestic disposition which brooks no offense,
and will ultimately destroy this old world,
thereby concluding God's 6,000-year management plan.
Thanks be to God!
The names God takes in every age really are meaningful!
That's right!
Without Almighty God to express the truth,
who could reveal the mystery of God's name?
Almighty God truly is the returned Lord Jesus!
Yes, the Lord has truly returned!
Yes, He's returned!
In all the years I've believed,
I always thought the Lord's name would never change,
and when He returns, His name will be Jesus.
Because I clung to my religious notions,
I never investigated Almighty God's work of the last days,
and I almost lost my opportunity to be lifted up into the kingdom of heaven.
- These religious notions really are dangerous! - You couldn't be more right.
It is by God's merciful grace
that we are able to accept Almighty God and be lifted up before the throne.
Well, we'd better hurry up and tell our brothers and sisters
the good news of the Lord's return…
- OK. - Yes.
…so that everyone can hear God's voice, and receive Him as soon as possible.
Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get moving!
- Come on! - Let's go!
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2019 Christian Video "God's New Name" | When the Lord Returns, Will He Still Be Called Jesus? (Skit)

37 Folder Collection
flyin published on December 17, 2019
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