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What is the difference
between normal humanity that God's incarnation is possessed of
and that of a corrupt person? (Yes.)
If you don't mind, could you tell us more on this?
Only the wise virgins can hear the voice of God. (Yes.)
Mr. Peng! Mr. Peng!
Oh, it's the neighborhood committee!
Quick, my brothers, hide out in the balcony!
Open the door!
Oh, Mr. Chen!
Mr. Chen, who are these two?
Oh, they are the household registrars.
You weren't at home yesterday.
We've inspected the whole building and you're the last family. (Oh, I see.)
Please get your IDs and household register, we have to check them.
Okay, I'll go get them.
This census is being conducted all over the city.
We're mostly concerned with identifying out-of-province population.
Just three people in your family? (Yes!)
Have you had any visitors recently?
Hey! Are you here to search the whole house?
Is anyone staying with you from out of town?
What was that sound? (Hey!)
Oh, our daughter's sick. She was just taking her medicine. She's resting now.
Oh, your daughter's at home? (Yes.)
So when did she return?
Oh, two days ago. (I see.)
That should be it. You're all registered.
Okay. Good.
Well then, you're registered. We'll head out.
You see yourselves out then.
Oh! Mr. Peng, it's well-known that you believe in the Lord.
I hope you remember the regulations,
you can't hold private meetings in your home.
And don't forget it's against the law!
Okay, I'm leaving.
Alright, have a nice day.
Brother Peng, what do we do now?
The household registrars are gone now.
I think they were here for a different reason.
I'm guessing they were scouts sent by the CCP to monitor us.
It seems it's no longer safe to meet here. (Yes.)
Brother Guo, can we reconvene in your food cellar?
It might be safer there. (Of course, we can.)
We should go to my food cellar. We'll be safe there.
Okay, great, then we should hurry over there. (Right.)
Come on, brothers. You can follow me. (Alright! Okay.)
Dad, is everyone here?
Yes, we're all here.
I'll close the door.
There you are!
Ah, you are here.
Brother, have a seat.
Amen! Thanks be to God!
Thanks be to God! I think we'll certainly be safe here.
Well then, we should begin. (Okay, let's get started.)
So, my brothers,
you testify that God's incarnation on the outside looks like an ordinary man.
Just like the Lord Jesus,
He has both a normal humanity and divinity.
This much we know for certain.
But still I have a question for you.
What is the difference
between normal humanity that God's incarnation is possessed of
and that of a corrupt person?
If you don't mind, could you tell us more on this?
Yes, please! Tell us more!
Sure, Brother Guo has raised a very important question.
It's a question that's key to understanding God's incarnation.
When God becomes flesh, He is called Christ.
Man would plainly see the normal humanity in Christ.
Christ could express the truth and do His work
while living in the normal humanity.
Even when He performs signs and wonders,
He does so within normal humanity.
He was not supernatural.
This allows us to see the normalcy of Christ's humanity.
Because of this reason,
it is still very difficult for many to believe
that Christ is in fact the real God incarnate. (Yes!)
So during the Age of Grace, those who followed the Lord
referred to Him as Christ, deemed Him the Son of God,
but still almost no one obeyed, revered,
and worshiped the Lord Jesus as God Himself. (Yes!)
And why didn't they?
I think this was mainly because
Christ's humanity appeared to be very normal and not supernatural.
In their eyes, Christ was just an ordinary person.
So no matter how the Holy Spirit testified,
man still had a hard time seeing the Lord as God Himself.
Also, in that time,
men had experienced too little of the word of the Lord Jesus.
So it was difficult for them to understand the truth
and know the divine substance of Christ.
Christ has a normal humanity,
but very few of us have come to understand thoroughly of this humanity.
Christ is without sin.
And His normal humanity is holy.
He is without impurities,
without corruption, arrogance or a rebellious disposition,
and He certainly has no selfishness.
This is a vastly different humanity from that of mankind,
the two are simply incomparable.
We should read from Almighty God's word to get a clear picture. (Okay!)
Now let's turn to page 1391.
Let's stop here for the moment.
From Almighty God's words, we can plainly see
that because God's incarnation has the divine substance
and God's Spirit is realized and dwelling in Him,
Satan is thus incapable of corrupting Him.
This is certainly because Christ is the truth, the way, and the life.
He's wholly resistant to Satan's corruption.
Just like we experience until one day
when we acquire the truth in its entirety;
that day, Satan won't be able to corrupt us anymore.
When that day comes,
we will finally belong to God.
Yes, sounds wonderful.
With that in mind, we can see clearly now
that our corrupt humanity is worlds away,
and something completely different from Christ's humanity!
Within Christ's normal humanity,
there is a conscience and rationality,
there's true love in His heart for God,
and there is true obedience toward God.
When Christ works and speaks in His normal humanity,
no matter how the forces of Satan may slander, condemn, or blaspheme Him,
no matter what difficulties He may face,
He obeys God completely,
and He's willing to pay any price in order to carry out God's will.
Amen! Yes!
Like when the Lord Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days
to be tempted by Satan,
He overcame the temptation of vast worldly riches and power beyond imagining
and thoroughly defeated Satan.
And when the Lord Jesus was nailed to the cross,
despite the weakness of His humanity, despite the torment deep in His heart,
He still placed fulfilling the will of God the Father above everything else,
choosing to sacrifice His own life and have nails driven through His body
rather than abandon God the Father's will. (Yes!)
No corrupt human being could have accomplished this feat.
What do you say?
Don't you think this true?
Yes, what you say is true!
Only Christ could do these things.
Corrupt mankind is too incapable! (Yes!)
The Lord Jesus doesn't have an ounce of arrogance or self-importance in Him.
Although He is God Himself, living in the company of men,
the Lord Jesus still never puts Himself in the position of God.
He humbly hid Himself among men to speak with them
and complete His work serving and supplying man.
He healed man's illness, drove out demons, relieved them of their worries,
and even sat amongst sinners.
Yes. Indeed! Amen! God is truly lovely!
And because of the incarnate Lord Jesus,
we see how Christ's humanity is holy and purely good.
Christ has all aspects of what a normal humanity truly should be like.
Christ truly obeys and loves God immensely and has a love for others.
So, Christ is able to undertake God's commission,
complete God's work and carry out God's will.
So this is what normal humanity means.
In days before, we used to think we should practice humility and forbearance,
having love for others, committing no sins against the law,
and thus we have normal humanity.
It seems as though
our prior understanding of normal humanity was so far off!
We didn't have the slightest understanding of what it really meant!
Yes! Yeah!
That's so true.
Through this communion,
we have all seen how Christ's humanity is normal humanity.
We know Christ alone can fulfill God's commission,
complete His own work and carry out His will.
If our humanity could be just as pure and holy as Christ's,
we could carry out the will of the heavenly Father!
Unfortunately, we have all been deeply corrupted by Satan.
Our own humanity is full of satanic disposition,
our words and actions are manipulated by the satanic nature—
arrogant, treacherous, greedy, selfish, repulsed by the truth,
a servant to the forces of evil,
we really live like demons and our humanity isn't normal!
Though we believe in the Lord, we have never truly obeyed Him.
When God's work doesn't conform to our own personal conceptions,
we rebel against Him, resist Him, and even betray Him.
Even those who work for Him only do so to be rewarded,
to enter into the kingdom of heaven.
They do it for their own benefit,
not out of consideration of God's will,
not even thinking about completing God's will.
Think about it, isn't this the true state of corrupted humankind?
He's hit the nail on the head, that's exactly what we humans are like! (Right!)
It's clear the true substance of corrupt man is satanic,
and it's treacherous and resistant to God.
All humans manifest a satanic disposition, one without humanity.
But the incarnate Christ is completely different.
Because Christ has the divine substance and can't be corrupted by Satan,
He has no sinful nature.
Christ does not have any rebellion or resistance.
Neither does He have any arrogance, selfishness, or treachery.
Christ is able to obey God absolutely and carry out God's will.
Only Christ's humanity is a normal humanity. (Amen!)
So, between the normal humanity of God incarnate
and the corrupted humanity of man,
this is the substantive difference. (Amen!)
Thanks be to God!
Now I finally understand!
There are many who don't understand Christ's normal humanity,
they form misconceptions against and judge Christ.
What's the real problem?
It's because mankind is far too arrogant and obsessed with evil!
They worship Satan in their hearts,
and choose to follow Satan without even knowing it.
They resist and condemn Christ with a passion.
This is unspeakably evil!
It's downright degenerate!
God has appeared in the flesh, works within normal humanity,
yet humans, in their blindness, failed to see it or recognize Him.
How do they still expect God to approve of them?
How do they expect to be raptured up into the kingdom of heaven?
Can you see how this is true?
Yes! It is! It is true!
Everything you've said is completely true!
Now I finally see it,
only Christ's humanity is normal humanity. (Amen!)
Before this,
I had always thought the disposition shown by the famous,
those who I looked up to was a normal humanity,
and that any regular or what you'd call unexceptional
or even just average humanity
didn't count as normal.
Yes. That's true.
But now I see
how absurd and ridiculous my conceptions and illusions really were!
Thanks be to the Lord!
I think this communion was wonderful! (Amen!)
Your communion helped us have an understanding of Christ's humanity.
From the outside, Christ's humanity seems quite normal.
Yet the substance of His humanity is fully obedient to the will of God.
He loves us more than Himself, sacrificing His life for humankind.
Only such humanity is truly normal humanity.
It's the kindest and noblest humanity, (Amen!)
and the greatest form of humanity. (Amen! That's right!)
Through the ages,
saints have called Christ the beloved and the most lovely One.
Yes! Amen!
Now it's a shame we're so corrupt
that we can't even see the beauty and greatness of Christ's normal humanity.
We can't even magnify Christ!
It's so clear we owe God so much!
Thank Almighty God
for revealing the mysteries and the truths to us! (Thanks be to God!)
Now, I trust that after this fellowship, everyone is clear on the difference
between man's corrupt humanity and Christ's normal humanity.
Yes! That's right!
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(3) - The Difference Between the Normal Humanity of Christ and the Humanity of Corrupt Mankind

104 Folder Collection
flyin published on December 17, 2019
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