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Brothers and sisters, God is always new and never old.
He is an all-inclusive God.
No single name of God can represent all of God.
So as the ages pass, God changes His name.
What? God's name cannot represent all of God?
Jehovah is the perfect representation of all of God.
And Jesus is an even more perfect expression of God.
These are the facts acknowledged by Christianity for millennia.
This is the foundation of our belief, and no one can deny it! (Right!)
The names Jehovah and Jesus both can represent God in His entirety.
No one can deny that.
Jesus Christ is the proof that man can be saved through faith in God.
If you deny God's name, then what right do you have to preach?
Sister Li, Sister Wang, just wait a moment—
Be quiet, He Ping! You've betrayed the Lord.
We don't want to listen to you anymore!
Sister Li, calm down. Please let them finish speaking first.
Yes! Calm yourself! Sister, let's hear some more.
Brothers and sisters,
whether God's names can represent God in His entirety
cannot be decided by man.
Let us look at what Almighty God says about it.
Please turn to page 925.
Oh, so that's it.
There are a lot of mysteries to the changes in God's name!
Yes, that passage speaks the truth!
No one would dare say this except God Himself!
Right. The disposition of our God is so rich.
No single name can fully represent Him.
Yes, that's right.
God's disposition is so rich,
and one name indeed can't fully represent God.
God has so much wisdom in His words and deeds.
These words are so stern.
I've never heard anyone say these things before.
Brothers and sisters, God is a wise and almighty Ruler.
He is so great, bountiful and infinite.
No single name could possibly represent God in all His entirety.
In each age,
God only does a part of His work and expresses part of His disposition.
God has not expressed all that He has and all that He is.
So, for each stage of God's work,
He must use a specific name with age significance,
which represents the work of that age and the disposition He expresses.
This is the principle of God's work
and the primary reason God changes His name.
Since you say God's name in each age doesn't represent God in His entirety,
then can you tell me what does God's name in each age mean?
Sister Wang, the question you asked is important.
It's very helpful for us to understand God.
Today Almighty God has given us the answer to this question.
Everybody, please turn to page 1202.
Those words are like a bright light!
Is that really the word of God?
Yes, I think so!
Look, we've never seen anything in the Bible
like God's six-thousand-year management plan.
The Bible tells us that God's names are Jehovah and Jesus.
That passage makes it clear that
there are mysteries hidden in God's name.
I've been reading the Bible for years, and I've searched for God's name,
but I never understood the mysteries of God's name.
Now, they're here saying all this.
Lord, what is the truth of it?
Brothers and sisters, the words of Almighty God
explain to us the meaning of God's names that He takes in each age.
In the Age of Law, God's name was Jehovah.
This name represents the disposition God expressed to the people of that age,
the disposition of majesty, wrath, curse and mercy.
At that time, in the name of Jehovah,
God started His work in the Age of Law.
He issued laws and commandments,
and formally led His new-born mankind to live on earth.
He demanded they strictly obey the law
and learn how to worship and magnify Him.
God's blessing and grace would lie upon whoever followed the law of Jehovah.
Those who broke the law would be stoned to death or burned by heavenly fire.
So the Israelites under the law
kept it faithfully and honored Jehovah's name as sacred,
and lived thousands of years under Jehovah's guidance
till the end of the Age of Law.
By the end of the Age of Law,
people had become increasingly corrupt and sinful
and were unable to obey the law.
Everyone was in constant danger of punishment for breaking it.
Therefore, with the name of Jesus, God began a new stage of work of redemption.
He ended the Age of Law and initiated the Age of Grace,
and He expressed the disposition of love and mercy.
He laid His boundless grace upon man,
and finally was crucified to redeem man from sin.
After that, man began to pray in Jesus' name, to worship Jesus' name as sacred,
and to enjoy the forgiveness of God and His boundless grace.
The name of Jesus
exists to allow the people of the Age of Grace to be reborn and saved.
Its meaning is the sin offering full of love and mercy that redeems people.
The name Jesus represents God's redemptive work,
and also God's disposition of love and mercy.
Brothers and sisters,
in the previous two stages of God's work, we can see that
the name God takes in each age holds representative significance.
Each represents the work and the disposition which God expresses in that age.
In the Age of Grace,
if the Lord had been called Jehovah when He came, rather than Jesus,
then God's work would have been stopped in the Age of Law.
And corrupt mankind would never have gained God's redemption.
In the end, they would've been condemned and punished for breaking God's law.
When God comes in the last days,
if He still had the name Jesus, then corrupt mankind
would only receive salvation and forgiveness for their sins.
They would never achieve holiness, and enter God's kingdom.
This is because the sins of men have been forgiven through Jesus' redemption,
but their sinful nature still remains.
They still often sin and have not been fully gained by God.
Therefore, in order to save men out of sin completely,
God is now doing a new work of completely purifying and saving men
based on Jesus' work.
And so God's name must change.
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Gospel Movie Clip "God's Name Has Changed?!" (3) - The Significance of God's Name

27 Folder Collection
flyin published on December 17, 2019
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