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  • (upbeat music)

  • - [Narrator] Her eyes command a warm confidence,

  • her hair ripples as an ocean wave that laps provocatively

  • over her chest.

  • As the face of Starbucks since 2011 the siren logo

  • is alluring by design.

  • Beckoning you into the store to grab a latte or

  • a pastry.

  • Her face is so perfect it's its own mirror,

  • with the left and right sides copied to match up like

  • a Rorschach test.

  • She's beautiful and of course she's beautiful because

  • her face looks like its' a piece of perfect symmetry.

  • And we've long studied symmetry as the defining trait

  • of beauty.

  • But the secret you've probably never noticed about the

  • sire is that while her features look symmetrical,

  • they're actually asymmetrical.

  • Look at the right side of her nose and you'll see a shadow

  • that sort of dips a little bit lower.

  • I talked to Lippincott who actually developed this

  • logo for Starbucks in 2011 and it's a pretty

  • funny story.

  • Lippincott's job was to rethink this logo and they

  • decided, along with Starbucks, to break the siren out

  • and to make her the focal point.

  • When they were doing that they decided they had to

  • also make her more perfect.

  • If she was going to be zoomed in in her big close up

  • on the cover of packaging, on the front of stores,

  • they wanted her to be perfect.

  • So they slowly started refining her face to be perfect.

  • They made it a little bit skinnier,

  • a little more model like, and eventually they really did

  • succeed in making her perfect and they had her up

  • on the wall alongside many different iterations

  • and they couldn't figure out why her face just sort of

  • looked like a dead mask.

  • She didn't look friendly, she looked a little bit creepy.

  • She looked a little bit like a pseudo person.

  • What the designers realized was they'd made a mistake,

  • they'd made her too symmetrical.

  • So what they did was they went back to the drawing board,

  • they added a little bit more curve to the entire design,

  • but they really focused on the shadow of the face

  • and adding just a little bit of asymmetry.

  • Honestly it's just a few pixels in a logo,

  • but look at it and it makes all the difference

  • in the world.

  • (upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

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The Secret Story Behind The Starbucks Logo

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