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- Hello.
That video was so embarrassing, Jesus!
It's really weird to be woman of the year at 17.
That's like the first thing I can say.
The second thing I wanna say is, ya'lls speeches
were long as fuck!
Oh my God!
Fuck, long as hell!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, they've been beautiful, honestly.
Nikki's speech was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard.
She looked fine as hell too, as always.
What Taylor said earlier was beautiful,
what Alicia said, I love Alicia.
Everybody's already left who's spoken all ready
so it's okay.
All I wanna say is, last year, Ariana Grande
got the award that I'm getting right now a year ago,
and she gave a speech that I thought
was the most touching thing I'd ever seen,
and two weeks ago I realized that's the award I'm getting
and that really freaked me out and it still is.
I wanna thank all the women in the past
who have been the reason that I can be the way that I am
and do what I want, and paved the way for me
and an entire generation of young women
who in the past have done what they weren't supposed to do,
has made my life a lot easier and made me
able to do what I want and be what I want,
so thank you to those women in the past, thank you.
I wanna thank my mom, who's right there, I love you.
And my dad and my big brother, Finneas is also right there.
I wanna thank the women on my team,
Chelsea, Laura, Michelle, wherever she's at.
Alex Baker, my PR, Sarah Bullwinkle, Jodie, Rebecca, Hannah,
everybody on my touring team, thank you!
I love you.
That Mohawk is fire!
And I know she already said this, Taylor's speech earlier,
she stole half of what I was gonna say
which was that in 2014 she won this award
and her speech was, she basically said, "Right now,"
I'm gonna quote this wrong but she said basically like,
"Right now your future woman of the year
"is somewhere in a piano lesson, in a choir,
"and we need to take care of her."
And I was 11 at the time, and I was in the choir
and I was learning to play piano and you took care of me,
so thank you, thank you, Billboard,
thank you everybody, I love you
(audience cheering)
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Billie Eilish Accepts The Woman of the Year Award | Women In Music

140 Folder Collection
Jill Lin published on December 14, 2019
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