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Typical rainy, windy day here in London.
Is it weird I love weather like this?
Anyway, my first full day here and I thought I start off with some street food
at one of the oldest markets in the world
Let's go
I'm here at the Borough Market which is some shape or form has been around for over a 1,000 years
I know this place is a little tourist-y but I also feel like is one of those places where you gotta visit
when you're in London and
right now i'm starving, it's got food, let's go eat.
there are a ton of food stalls here
the first thing i want since i'm in London
let's get a meat pie!
there's steak pie, bacon pie, chicken pie, ve-vegan pie
we'll stay away from that
pipin' hot gravy over mash potatoes
and this pie
my first meat pie in the UK
this thing apparently has everything in here
beef, bacon and pork
wonderful flaky crust
man, i'm in
oh this pie is ridiculously crusty
oh my gosh
that is a lot of filling
a lot of meat inside that pie crust
this is gonna get really messy
because i'm tryna do this with one hand
but let's try this out
i totally just ruined the crust but let me just take a big o' bite here
that first bite
that is exactly what i needed on a day like this
crust, crunchy and flaky
this pie
is just so
immensely meaty
mash potato is wonderfully creamy
maybe i shouldn't have started with this
because this is a really substantial meal
this is such a rustic dish
meat and potatoes and pie crust
but if you want a hearty, meaty, make you feel good
kind of dish especially on a cold, rainy day
don't have to look further than this
i don't typically do this but i got the vegan version as well
because this is the one that they won a bunch of awards for
and i got it without the gravy so i can really taste the crust
it's carrots, tomatoes, onions and all sorts of other veggies
and it's cooked in a red wine sauce
i think what make this so good
and it's a big part of it
is the buttery crust
and without the gravy dripping all over it
you can really tell how flaky and crispy and buttery the crust is
i don't know if you guys can hear the crunch but
you can put most things inside this crust and it would taste good
the filling
very tomato-y
very robust flavours
i think in terms of just pure flavours
this is better than the meat pie
can't believe i'm saying that right now
and it has lots to do with the gravy and sauce these veggies are cooked in
just so thick and flavourful and fragrant
that wrapped in a crispy pie crust
i can see why this is a winner
still wish there's some meat in here though
oh my god
check it out
roast hog
that is a whole roast hog
i can smell the spices cooking on this thing from here
this looks amazing
what i love about the market is there so much free samples too
you get to try the food and they're cooking up sausages here
wow, thank you
thank you
that be great
it's so charred on the outside, mm
this is the pork wrap and
wow, there's a lot of spices in this
i see a bunch of cumin coriander
and the pork is just ridiculously juicy and tender
i can tell just by squeezing on my hands!
and as you saw they put a lot of pork in this wrap
let's get a big o' bite
i adore this
oh man
this is perfect in every single way
where you been all my life?
extremely, extremely tender
and so so juicy
i mean usually when you see whole roast pig
what your biggest fear is that it's dry
not this
i mean this pork is moist as this country's weather
and what's so incredibly genius of them is that
they wrap some grains around the meat which not only prevented it from making the wrap all soggy
it provides that needed crunch
that sweet veggie relief from all the fat from the pork
my mouth is just filled
with juice from the pork
also there's some sort of apple sauce in here as well
that gives a little sweet, slightly tingy flavour
this thing is seemingly like a
like a
simple pork wrap but there's so much going on
and that's all on top on the deliciously roasted juicy pork
oh my gosh
speaking of uh
wet and moist
uh let's get out of here
ooh jeez
i'm not scared of the rain
i was just really tryna save this sandwich
next thing i got. scorched egg
this thing got cold really quickly
made with chorizo sausages on the outside
little salt and pepper
nice colouring in the egg. it's just
a little dry
it's actually pretty good
spicy, egg yolk's creamy
i think it would be much better if it was pipin' hot
love this spicy chorizo
love the crunch on the outside
also don't sleep on the baker's market
and this place suppose to have amazing donuts
ahh this is going to be awesome
uh homemade jam
and then the caramel please
i don't think i've been this excited about a donut for a long time
honey comb on this one
this is a jam
this is the caramel
and this is the combo
i'm starting with the combo
just from holding this in my hand, i know this is going to be a really airy doughnut
it feels so light
the cream inside tastes absolutely gorgeous
this one
can taste the different types of spices
the cream is soo cool
and not overly milky
and not overwhelming at all
it's almost like it's almost refreshing
the doughnut
you can see how airy this is
and i didn't even know there still was something inside this
the whole thing feels so incredibly light
and that goes to show how light the cream is
it's like angels made this and they floated down from heaven
there's rum raisin inside this as well
this is filled with homemade jam and this one feels like it has a little weight to it
none of that angelic cream inside of this doughnut
sweet and tangy and fresh raspberry jam
but i gotta say
definitely not as good as the cream
the caramel
these are probably the only doughnuts in the world that
the more you eat,
the lighter you become
the caramel cream inside
i just want someone to IV me up and pump this thing directly into my blood stream
that's my favourite
so obviously guys, if you're over here, this is the donut shop that you do not want to miss
get it?
do-not, donut
i'm sorry, it's all the sugar
this store is serving duck confit
this is my duck sandwich and it's just overflowing
never had a duck sandwich before but look how massive this thing is
there's a lot of bones in here!
the flavour is really good
but it's a bit on the dry side
let me try to bite from the middle
it's better
i like the chunni
again the overall flavour is on point
maybe if i got it in the beginning of the day would have been better
but right now, a lil dry
kind of disappointing
i had really really high hopes for this
i mean it looked really really good and i was really hoping for a greasy fatty bite of duck and
it just didn't happen here
i'm smelling something super cheesy
and look what i found
is that not the most beautiful bubbles you have ever seen
gotta eat this quick
this is far more cheese than the little club place that i went to in Paris
cheese with the rind over potatoes, salt and pepper, some pickles
that is creamy
potatoes seems to have a slightly grilled flavour
i just want to be hugged by that cheese
perfectly paired with the pickles
that just gets your mouth ready for another cheesy bite
quality of this cheese too
really fragrant, incredibly milky
perfect amount of saltiness
with these potatoes
this is actually a great balance plate of food
just when you think it's getting a little too cheesy,
even though it's not possible
the pickles brings you right back
there's some bites where the cheese a little toasty
god, i love burnt cheese
there are also a lot of stalls here obviously for the famous salsa beef sandwich
but i already got a place somewhere to go to for that so
im not going to have it here
i've been here about 2 hours now
and i feel like i've been pretty much eating non-stop
but how come i still feel so hungry
feel like i haven't been eating anything
i mean normally this is a good problem to have
but i spent a lot on food already
i love this market
there's ton of food stalls like fresh produce
and get that compared to other markets
it's pretty pricey but the food
most of what i had
extremely delicious
especially that pork sandwich and that doughnut
and i love the whole food vibe here
it seems like everybody's coming here for the sole purpose of eating
and everyone i met from the people eating here to the vendors are super super nice
it's almost like having a big meal with extended family
and that's the thing with food
it just makes you feel better, happier, is a great uniter of people
and guys, i'll list all the food stalls i went to in my description box below
thank you all so much for watching
until we eat again, see ya later
hi. it's 3.30 in the morning
and extremely jet lagged
and also
i-i can't help but feel like today is just incomplete
because i need that soft beef sandwich and
i know exactly where to go for it.
yeah, even at 3.30 in the morning
and here it is, beigel shop
over a 100 years old
open 24 hours a day
serving hot salt beef
this country definitely doesn't skimp on the meat in any of their sandwiches
here it is, beigel on a mountain of salted beef in the middle
couple pieces of pickles, some mustard
this is better than i thought
ridiculously juicy pastrami
not overly salty at all, perfectly seasoned
the pickles a little sweet and the crunchy texture really stand out
when you're biting into this tender, juicy piece of beef
this is the perfect combination of sweet, savoury and a little bite from the mustard
when i have a pastrami sandwich in the states, it's a little
too salty for me.
the beef like i said, chewy, tender and juicy.
also there bits of fats mixed inside there as well to give that nice satisfying greasy bite
you gotta get pickles and mustard.
it's like the beautiful decoration on top of already majestic christmas tree.
right now i'm really really thankful for one thing
i got a second one.
i like how this beef is a mix of lean and fatty meat
and the fatty part? that's where the magic happens
hence, the essence of the sandwich
now i get to relive this beefy dream all over again
this is my beefy lullaby right here
see ya later
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1,000 YEAR OLD FOOD MARKET! British Food Tour of Borough Market in LONDON

199 Folder Collection
Mayu Okuuchi published on December 13, 2019
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